Right now, Staff will manually change an empire’s race if the empire is less than 48 hours old. Players can now change their empires’ race within 48 hours of their empire’s creation.

Technically, this can be abused. It’s also something that should not require staff assistance.~ I suggest that we allow all empires a galaxy-specific race change allowance that they can perform on their own.

  • For most galaxies, this will be a one-time option. This will be the default setting.

  • For Manthano, we can allow unlimited race changes as it is training galaxy, to let new players experiment.

  • For Custom Galaxies, we can let galaxy creators choose their own number of allowed race changes. This will let them set up more experimental rounds.

I enjoy the idea but is it still gaped at 48hr? Id suggest yes or ppl will jist quan pop first week then switch to rev lol not a bad idea either way

48h after join could also be a rule thats variable:

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Both good points. We could call that part of this setting “Race-Change Cooldown”.

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I would give this a vote, but I ran out of my 10 votes already :stuck_out_tongue:

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I voted for you. <3

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Dont u think there still should be a possibility for a player to get his race changed after 48 passed?

48 hours seems long time, but if u take into consideration this MW round, where multi accounts got busted after 48 hours and many famsi lineups might have got screwed because of it.

Should a player still got a race-change for reasonable explanation???

As a rule no.

Sadly I don’t think we should bend in the rules at all here.

48 hours is plenty of time, yes multi accounts messed up this round, please feel free to take that up with BG somewhere… Nothing we can do to help with another player purposely destroying a round after it’s happened.

As staff, we did the only thing possible at the time, but we are also restructuring and making it so this doesn’t happen again…

If we start bending the rules, when would it stop? That is the main question that we don’t want to be on. We get “favoritism” all the time, we get he did she did I did and it’s different stuff all the time.

It’s easier to just say No.

I’m sorry this happened to you, and I hope you can use your current race to be the best you can be in your MW family.

okay i agree

I like the race-change cool down as a way to limit too many changes. Like a 12-hour cool down.

Or just limit it to two changes within 48 hours.

Soo… next round, you get drafted in tick one.

Depending on starting resources, change to Quantum, and stick a load of cash into research.

Wait to get until you see the benefit of Quantum research bonus, then switch to your preferred race.

Sounds like fun…

Lots of fams did that this round

I’m always late to the party

It goes off join time… So if you join early it gets a little tricky or not possible at all

Which is why he said “you get drafted tick one”.
So you have untill tick 48 exactly.

You forgot to change to Pax to cast SA with little wizzies, then change to Camaar to send eships, and then change to Revalons for a few tick to max your income… Then tick 47 you change to your final race.

I think everyone should get a race change allowence of 2 times a round. This way new joiners can still change race, but very late joiners can’t benefit from 20 race changes in first 48h.

Also a fam can compensate for players going inactive or blocked later in the round.



Can we please not have it allowed to abuse the system and repeatedly change your race throughout the first few days of the round? It encourages people to random in right before the round starts, which throws off coordination of starting strategies. Also, not everyone is sure whether abusing this “feature” to the maximum is allowed or not.


Yep, that’s exactly what this feature will prevent.