Infinitum relaxing galaxy gone wrong


Am I the only one getting really fed up with a galaxy where by definition can’t be won as it never ends, it was kinda billed as mathano mark 2, yet we have small pairings treating this like MW or SN?

I was hoping for an infra and chill time as this is what I thought this galaxy was for, yet I have spent the last 4 days jumping fleet to stop ops and stoping keen people popping portals at will.

Have I miss-understood the purpose of this galaxy or are people feeling the same?

Bring back Marhano :+1:



Where did you even get that idea?🤷



I wanted a chill round…

Until someone started OH and kill science all day and night on me…

So my turn? 🤷

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Yeah I think it’s need to about much larger, maybe 10 times current size and/or limited in other ways like can only build 1 e-ship a day, fleets travel at quarter speed, ops cost more to cast etc.

Then eventually it will still need some sorta reset/balancing mechanic.
Current trajectory doesn’t feel that different from a standard size galaxy.

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From the topics that lead up to start date, like not even being able to get attacked until a certain size.

It’s a Galaxy that you can’t win by definition, so why wouldn’t it be a chill round?

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Agreed… I just wanna be ally to everyone! Lol



Really we just should make it cost more morale for everything



whos hurting poor hoity :open_mouth:

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You guys should go make a game called Imperial Economy. Then you can sit back and “eco” the entire round and those of us who play Imperial Conflict don’t have to deal with your whiney asses.



Lol hydro…i thought thats what sn was for? U know attacking for 100 planets a day and what not lol

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Well i been pretty happy with test gal haha i get to test everything out…ive learned a lot from my account in there :slight_smile:

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Here’s an idea to keep the balance in an endless galaxy. Randomly set a time every 1000 ticks or so when the top few empires implode and most of their planets become explorable, leaving only their home system and any others they have a DS in. Keep all stockpiled resources and main fleet. The same basic game mechanics would still work, but have an incentive to not be the biggest all the time. This could give active players a chance to make it to the top at least once. The imploded empires would have a fighting chance to regain some losses if they have a pile of explo ships on hand and good allies to help out.

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lol Hydrop, just chill, I am sure airwing will post shortly and you can whine about him posting again in your forums or you can go on and say how powerful you are or good you are and better than everyone else. If that’s what you need to do to function then crack on.

Your kinda missing the point I was making. I have no issue loosing planets in a competitive galaxy where a winner can be determined and awarded. Yet we have super keen beans teaming to a point where it is just sad lol

I may have miss understood the point of the galaxy, but it will just end up being the sad kean beans on their own in a never ending galaxy :+1::joy::joy:



Yeah I thought the same thing. Until some jerk decided to take half of my planets, I decided to delete and not bother going back in.

Oh well. :man_shrugging:

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@Vegnarok who took half your planets?

Name and shame :+1:

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i was going to until i looked at ranking, i dont remmy who it was.



Maybe merge both topics because we’re talking about the same stuff in there.



I demand no market and Galaxy is fixed.

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Top empire implosion

UA Is a thing, why is it not ok to work together?

There is nothing that states you must play SS, and even if you do play SS - you should be given the opportunity to make resources and sell on the market, or make GC and buy resources from the market - if you so wish.

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Market aiding is what removes the whole separate family idea. And If you’re not doing it you’re setting yourself I’m not talking about another player buying your resources, but funneling cash to each other by buying low and reselling the same resources to each other almost feels like cheating. It’s very effective if you’re doing it compared to those who don’t.

T-613: Market update
You have sold 519400 octarine on the market.
T-613: Market update
You have bought 530000 octarine on the market.
T-613: Market update
You have sold 333200 octarine on the market.
T-613: Market update
You have bought 320000 octarine on the market.
T-613: Market update
You have bought 20000 octarine on the market.
T-613: Market update
You have sold 196000 octarine on the market.
T-613: Market update
You have bought 200000 octarine on the market.
T-613: Market update
You have sold 155820 octarine on the market.

When you see this in an Infiltrate report you get the idea.

Anyway, I’m a returning player, this is my unbiased view of what is one of the problems in the current PiP vs Moo situation. Another major issue is that some players in PiP had a different mindset in how to approach Infinitum. I’m not familiar with all the hardcore MW tactics and strategies that are currently used, but as far as I know they intended to not play MW for this reason. Seeing Moo go all out, the towels are thrown pretty fast here.

The whole exploding planet idea for me is a no-go.

Opp’s and spells seem to be too powerful at this moment. Adding system in the void as Pie mentioned before is maybe a better idea. And the planet count per system is maybe too high.

About the little guys and new people who join:

  • The 35% rule is good and working as intended.
  • Myself and most of the people in PiP aren’t blowing small players.
  • Some sort of protection mode for x amount of day or specific size / networth could be handy. (broken if they engage with military or opps against a bigger player (x2.86 : reversing the 35%)
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