Infinitum: Looking for Testers

We will soon be opening a never-ending galaxy that, unlike Manthano, will allow attacking and be an otherwise “real” galaxy.

The current plan is for 1,000 spots (100 families of 10) on a 300x300 map, which is 9 times the size of our normal rounds, and allows for 9 unofficial sectors similar to the earliest incarnations of Imperial Conflict.

It will be sparser than we are used to, but with potential for each player and family to create a longer lasting legacy than ever before. This will be our first ever truly persistent competition.

Testing recently began for our @Team, but we are now opening it up to all @patrons who are interested as well.

If you want an invite, please respond to this thread and we will reach out once we place you. If you are not currently eligible, a Patreon subscription of any amount will get you in.



Totes interested.
Can we play with people we like?

I’m in

I’ll be a guinea pig

count me in

definitely interested

I’m in there like swim wear! (Count me in)

would be nice to get in there

I’m keen :slight_smile:

i``m in

Yes please. :slight_smile:


Interested just so I can teach AW some attacking skills :crazy_face:

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Yep, I’ll help test it out.

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Count me in @I_like_pie @moderators I’ll be happy t9 help you test out.

I would like to be apart of this

yey! In

Can I get in please???

The invites have gone out! :ic_happy: Please join here:

You will see the following:

If you are unable to join, please post in #support and I’ll take a look.

I’ve also set up #universal-news:infinitum for feedback on the test before we restart it for everybody.

Good luck and have fun!