Imperial Happy Hour January

Happy 2021 everybody!

We did a game night last April that was pretty fun, and I’d say we’re due for another one. :ic_smile:
I would like to do these more frequently actually, if we can find a reasonable schedule.

This is less about IC dev talk and such, more about just hanging out for the sake of hanging out. There’s vid chat for those who want to, drinks and munchies, that kinda thing.

Timing is TBD, but suggestions are welcome. Suggestions for group games are welcome as well. :+1:

More info coming soon.


Very cool! I’m in. Missed last April’s but like to join this time :smiley:

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Sounds great! If I’m available I will definitely join.

This coming Saturday (Jan 09) is looking good.

I’m pretty gumby, so lemme know if any times work well in particular for your timezone. If there are no suggestions I’ll plan sometime in the evening PST.

As for games, Among Us is a solid choice and free. We could also do poker via Pokerrrr 2.

I’ll be cooking (baking) again too. Here’s my latest:

You’re welcome to come drink/hang while I try not to burn stuff.

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21:00 Tuesday, Pacific Time (PT) is 06:00 Central European Time (CET)
So I guess that could work if we make it like, 23:00 PST; or a lot earlier on the day…

Among Us is fun!

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Is there an ideal window? I’m planning on going for at least 4 hours as I’ll be waiting for the pie dough to set.

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It’s a 9 hour difference to central Europe… So it’s either your morning, or late evening if you want Europeans to join :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m gonna go with 0900 Pacific, which will catch Eastern peeps at 1200 and CET peeps at 1800. That’s not too bad of a spread.,5,100,12&h=100&date=2021-1-9&sln=17-23&hf=0

Will post some more info soon.

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I posted in FB too. Spread the word!

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Poker sounds fun