IC Game Night: Video Chat and Drinking optional

Are you busy this coming Saturday? You are now! :ic_happy: We keep talking about it, it’s time to actually do it.

This Saturday, we’ll be hosting a virtual game night. Given timezone differences, we’ll be starting at 1700 GMT Sat and running 24 hours until 1700 GMT Sun. That way, everybody has a chance to join in on the fun.



Party Games!

Video Chat!

We’ll be giving Zoom a go for those who are interested. This will be a private room, so please post here if you’re interested and I’ll send you the details.

For those who aren’t familiar, you can disable your camera in the program if you’re camera shy. :ic_smile:

We also have a Discord channel set up to help coordinate.

Food and Drink!

Let’s trade some recipes, including drink recipes. Mocktails (Non-alcoholic cocktails) are welcome and encouraged. :+1:

See ya there!

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For food, I’ll be cooking Mexican rice on video chat if anybody wants to follow along:

I’ll also be having at least 1 Flaming Dr. Pepper.

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I’m in. Ooo Mexican.

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Im up for getting pissed at 6pm. Count me in.

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Im down :slight_smile:

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I’m in as well

What about games with some cross play action for people who are on phone?

Looking at a cheaper laptop just for discord and browseibg stuff, ATM

At the least I’ll join in chat and dronks

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Can I play any of it through my phone?

Skribbl.io works on mobile:

Any recommendations for other mobile games good for groups?

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Thanks! Maybe I’ll stop by and play that

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Looks awesome! I’d be down for some jackbox if I have time to join.

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Holy crap! Zoom! I cant hear yall on discord voice channel but everyone can see each other. Lol

Thats fun idea! Maybe ill pop in and waves hey. Maybe teach you some signs? :open_mouth: lol

Lets see…


Sign me up haha

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The weekend’s almost here. :slight_smile:

We have an event on our FB page too, so if you guys are still in contact with other IC peeps, feel free to invite them.



On that note, feel free to come on with friends and family too. We’re all stuck inside anyway so why not haha. Depending on who shows up and when, we may be breaking up into sub-groups to try out different games and such.

We have a few games planned, but more suggestions are welcome. :+1:

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See you guys in an hour. :ic_smile: :ic_angry_party: :ic_winky:

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We’re playing skribble:

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puzzle time for the downtime:


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an hour left. last round of skribbl if anybody wants in:


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That wraps it up, thank you everybody who joined! :ic_happy:

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Sorry I missed it unfortunately my dad caught the Coronavirus so been distracted. Happy to join the next one. I’m sure lock down will last till the autumn

Sorry to hear that @Kratom. :frowning: I hope the best for you guys, stay safe. :crossed_fingers: