IC Mafia 59: The uprising


When they came no-one knew what had happened. One day earth was free for all humans, the next it was under the control of “The Authority”. The people of Newcastle thought they were safe, but suddenly the town hall was in flames and The Authority were in charge, rolling down the streets in heavy armoured tanks. The military had been targeted first, none were left alive. The level of knowledge held by The Authority was incredible, they must have been studying humanity for centuries.

Over time The Authority established the Home Force, human volunteers enforcing their laws. No-one was permitted to be armed, anyone caught out at night was summarily executed and humans were picking on their own. Eventually they’d had enough of it. The humans called the Home Force collaborators, they were as bad as The Authority, worse even given they were subjecting their own kind to brutal treatment. It was time to fight back.

Primo led a raid on the warehouse of The Authority, hoping to steal some of their weapons to use in the uprising. As he entered the warehouse he let out a gasp. It was completely empty. He looked around and found a staircase leading down. He followed the stairs, coming across a room full of servers. This wasn’t what he’d expected to find in the warehouse. As he went into the next room he spied a computer terminal.

Primo started to read what was written on the screen. It was a plan to infiltrate and destroy the uprising. Home Force were sending in collaborators under cover, trying to weed out the leaders of the uprising. Primo fled as quickly as he could. Just as he entered the shadows it happened, one of The Authority grabbed him. He looked up into it’s alien eyes, there was no escaping it.

The next morning when curfew was lifted the humans went about their business. Slowly people started to gather around the square in front of the husk of town hall. Some were throwing up, others just starting in shock. Primo’ s had was sitting on a spit - written in his blood and guts was a message from The Authority, “Fight and you’ll meet the same fate”.

Members of the uprising were hardened by the death. It was time to take back Newcastle and save humanity. But curfew sounded and there were no firm plans yet. Saving humanity would have to wait for tomorrow.



1 x Godfather (Harold Smith)
1 x Mob Assasin (Matthias Bartholomew)
6 x Collaborators
2 x Cops
1 x Doctor
1 x Backup cop
1 x Backup doctor
1 x Serial Killer
1 x Suicider
1 x Survivor
10 x Townies



Harold Smith chooses who to kill each night phase, and which member of the Home Force will complete the kill. If investigated his affiliation will be discovered (not immune). If targetted to be killed at night he will survive the hit.

Mob Assassin

Matthias Bartholomew is a member of the Home Force with a shady past. He has a one time ability to kill someone in any phase, able to kill anyone other than the serial killer.

Mafia members

The Home Force members (Collaborators) will work to take down the uprising, killing of humanity’s last hope.


A couple of members of the uprising were cops before the invasion. Each night phase the cops will choose one person to investigate. If they investigate the SK then this role wil appear as a townie.


The doctor believes that all life is sacred. Each night the doctor will head out and attempt to save someone’s life. The doctor cannot heal the same person two nights in a row. The doctor CAN heal themselves. If the doctor heals a serial killer they will become a townie but retain their ability to kill.

Serial Killer

The Serial Killer is a returned veteran suffering a psychotic break. Each night the SK will target one person in an attempt to kill them. If the SK targets Harold Smith he will survive this attack. If investigated the SK will appear to be a town member, and if the target of a mafia hit the SK will survive. During the day the SK will lynch people appearing as a normal member of the uprising.


The suicider is mentally unstable but hasn’t broken yet. If a collaborator tries to kill them (Excluding mob special kill) they will take their killer down too. If targeted by the serial killer they will become one too. If they are lynched they’ll take the last person voting for them with them. Once a serial killer they will be able to be healed back to townie by doctor. Until this role is activated they are just a regular member of the uprising (townie) and can win as such if not activated.


If targeted for kill at night this player will survive the first attempt (Excluding mob special kill) and will learn who tried to kill them. Other than this ability they are just a regular member of the uprising (townie).

The Uprising (Town Members)

Each night the town members will be hoping that they aren’t targeted by the collaborators. During each day phase the town members will attempt to root out the collaborators and save the human race.

The Rules

  • Your objective is to eliminate your opposing faction.
  • Home Force (the collaborators) are allowed 1 kill each night and can use the special one time kill of the assassin in any phase; they will win if they kill all townies and the serial killer
  • Town will win if they kill all Home Force members and kill or convert the serial killer
  • The serial killer is allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill everyone else and are the sole survivor or are converted and win with town
  • Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game
  • All votes are to be conducted in the designated voting channel on the chat
  • In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of dayphase, there will be an extended period of 1 hour for players to change their votes, should they wish to do so; if at the end of the extended period the tie still persists, the player that caused the tie to occur (whether by voting onto a tie or voting off someone leaving a tie) will die in their place; if a player missed the original voting deadline he will NOT be able to cast his vote during the extended period. During the extended voting period only those who were tied on can be voted on.
  • You cannot miss two votings in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.
  • The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 2000 GMT, this means that if you vote at 20:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed.
  • You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text.
  • Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do no talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

Order of events

  • Heal
  • Mafia special kill
  • SK Kill
  • Mafia Kill
  • Investigation


0800 GMT - 2000 GMT = Day phase
2000 GMT - 0800 GMT = Night phase
These times may be subject to change due to work schedule, however announcements will be made if there are any changes.


Chat is here: https://discord.gg/fdeKr3A


Player List

  1. Melvin
  2. Jetsica
  3. Daylight
  4. Ordos is my chew toy
  5. ZoZ
  6. MrBlonde
  7. Zeraph
  8. You Fool
  9. Thirdrock
  10. Nai
  11. TBO
  12. HydroP
  13. Genesis
  14. Goddess of the Dead
  15. TU
  16. Player1
  17. Kratom
  18. Melsfreefallin
  19. Dukey
  20. Torqez
  21. Lethal
  22. KT
  23. Tishxo
  24. Luker
  25. Rizzy
  26. Nolio

It is now night phase. All roles have until 0800 GMT 21/6 to get their decisions to me.


Night 1

John Dawson thought he knew everything medical. He went out for a walk after dark, running into the veteran. Dawson didn’t know what was coming. The veteran shot Dawson through the knee cap. This was not going to be fast. Dawson tried to drag himself away but the veteran staked him to the ground with a metal pipe. Mr Blonde reached out to the veteran, then flinched as he lost his hand. He watched in wonder as the blood spurted from the stump. It was just like the movies. The veteran took their time dismembering Dawson aka Mr Blonde, watching as he slowly bled to death. Mr blonde the reserve doctor was dead.

Meanwhile the collaborators had set their sights on Lethal. One of the collaborators invited Lethal out for a little bit of light petting and forced sodomy. Lethal was definitely up for that. When he arrived in the warehouse there were more men than he expected, but he still didn’t know to be concerned. Lethal stripped down and sat naked on the metal chair in the middle of the room. He flinched a little as the electrodes were attached to his testicles, but then the questions started. “Who leads the uprising, who recruited you”. Lethal realised this wasn’t his usual nocturnal activities. He started to scream but they just turned up the voltage on his testicles. Lethal came then gasped as a knife came out of his chest. The collaborators carved into his chest, “Give up, all insurgents will die.” Lethal’s body was left still chained to the metal seat with the battery attached and his chest hair matted with blood. Lethal the townie was dead.

Mr Blonde the reserve doc and Lethal the townie are dead

It’s now day phase. Everyone has until 2200 21/6 to cast their votes. Make sure you vote in the voting channel and don’t edit or delete posts in that channel.

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Day 1

Ordos had been a poor retarded kid before the uprising. He’d only ever wanted to help people out, but was always just a little too dumb. The Uprising knew that someone had been feeding information to The Authority, could it be Ordos? He was certainly stupid enough. As the sun set The Uprising went looking for Ordos, finding him in the barracks rooting a watermelon. They watched on aghast. That was meant to be dessert tonight. How many times had Ordos served watermelon and cream for dessert. Quickly they tied a rope aground his neck, choking the life from him. Ordos last act was cumming into the watermelon, running dessert. Ordos the townie was dead.

As they walked out of the barracks Dr Harry Cox started grabbing at his throat, choking. Everyone looked around but Player1 was the only Dr they had and they didn’t know what to do. As Dr Cox started coughing up blood Matthias Bartholomew smiled. Dr Cox fell to the floor and everyone saw the knife sticking out of his throat. Player1 had been assassinated by The Collaborators.

It is now night phase, all roles have until 0800 GMT 22 June to get their decisions to me.

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Night 2

Tishxo was sitting in the corner, thinking about her husband. He’d died in the initial invasion, he had been her everything. She shook her head, these thoughts weren’t helping anyone. Tishxo got up and went for a walk, not noticing someone slip out behind her. The collaborator waited until she was too far away for her screams to be heard then knocked her to the ground. The collaborator looked down, seeing the blood pooling from tishxo head. Harold Smith wouldn’t be happy, they were meant to quiz poor innocent townie tishxo about who recruited her. No point letting a warm body go to waste, the collaborator defiled tishxo corpse while it was still going cold.

Meanwhile KT was smiling. Her fellow members of Home Force had a great start, they knew there was no-one left in the uprising with medical knowledge. It was home strait from here. KT was celebrating with a fellow cat enthusiast. She drank her drink, noticing that it was a bit bitter but thinking nothing of it. As the paralysis set in KT started to regret her choice of drinking companions. How was she to know the veteran had poisoned her. The veteran waited until KT was fully paralysed then forced her mouth open, cutting her tongue out. The veteran smiled as KT choked on her own blood. KT the collaborator was no more.

Tishxo the townie was killed by mafia and KT the collaborator was murdered by the veteran.

It is now day phase. You have until 2200 GMT 22 June to vote.

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Day 2

The voting had been swaying back and forth for most of the day. It looked like the uprising were wanting to get rid of You Fool but at the last minute someone called out, “I saw Dukey fucking the corpse of tishxo.” The town went looking for Dukey and found him in his bunk with a butt plug in and pegs on his balls. He was wanking hard to some pictures he’d taken of tishxo after he killed her. A member of the uprising walked up and shot Dukey between the eyes before he could finish. Dukey the collaborator would forever have blue balls.

It is now night phase, all roles have until 0800hrs GMT to get me their decisions.

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Night 3

Constable Sam Perkins was slinking around the camp, looking for any collaborators that might be up to no good. He walked into a shed, gasping as he saw all The Authority paraphernalia. He’d hit the motherload. Melvin quickly ducked under the table, planning you listen in when the collaborators came back. As the members of Home Force walked in they were discussing who they were going to kill. They’d decided on Melvin to die. As he overheard this Melvin yelled out, “Hey, that’s me!” He’d never been particularly sharp. One of the collaborators reached under the table, dragging Melvin out. They tied Melvin to the table face down. “Who’s your fellow cop?” One of the collaborators said as he got his blue wings. Melvin yelled out, “More lube, more lube,” but in standard Melvin fashion no-one could understand him. The collaborators gave up, slitting Melvin’ s throat. Melvin the cop was no more.

The survivor had always been hard to kill, but when the veteran found him alone they thought they’d give it a crack. The veteran hit the survivor over the head with a chair, smashing it to pieces. The survivor got up, punching the veteran in the crotch. The survivor had always fought dirty. The veteran gasped, kicking the survivor in the head. The survivor fell to the ground unconscious. The veteran pulled out a knife and was just about to gut the survivor when they heard footsteps. The veteran bolted. The survivor woke up alone. The survivor would live this time but might not be strong enough to pull it off again.

Melvin the cop is dead and the survivor knows the identity of the veteran.

It is now day phase. Voting closes at 2000GMT 23 June


Day 3

Nai thought he’d been very smart about the way he’d been operating. He had a core group eating out of the palm of his hand. But now they were starting to turn on him. It reminded him of the days he was the patrol supervisor, those other cops had hated him too. Before the invasion he’d been a highly decorated cop. He was most surprised when the other two cops didn’t recognise him, he thought his cover for Home Force was blown when he was first tasked with clearing the uprising. He was glad he’d not been made, it gave him a chance to take revenge on that little shit Perkins. Nai tried hard to convince his group to trust him but he’d blown it. They tied him to two trucks, then drove in opposite directions, ripping Nai into pieces. “Leave now collaborators, this is what waits for you!”

Nai the collaborator was dead.

It is now night phase. All roles have until 0800GMT 24 June to get their actions to me.

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Night 4

Sergeant Franklin Hall couldn’t believe he hadn’t recognised his old boss. Nai had been a prick to work for, of course he’d wanted poor Melvin dead. Sergeant Hall went out for a walk to clear his head. Unfortunately for Jets the veteran had set their sights on him. The veteran followed Jets into a warehouse, working out a plan on the fly. Jets looked around and started talking to the veteran. What he hadn’t seen was the cage behind him. As the cage opened up the veteran kicked Jets into the hermaphroditic monster that was emerging, slamming the door shut with Jets inside. The veteran watched on in morbid fascination as the monster raped Jets from the front, forcing it’s way inside his penis and thrusting itself into him. Jets screamed in pain, begging the veteran to help him. As blood started pumping out of Jets cock and arse the veteran took pity on him, shooting him between the eyes and putting him out of his misery. The monster continued the rape, using the new hole in Jets skull to skull fuck him. Talk about a mind fuck. Jets the cop was dead.

Meanwhile Mavis Heather, an 85 year old crime novel enthusiast was in her bunk with a vibrator the size of a fire hydrant. Mavis was pumping away at herself like a dry oil well when the collaborators came for her. They dragged her still naked from the bed, gagging as they saw the butt plug in her. The collaborators took her to an abandoned factory where there was a vat of boiling gold bubbling away. You Fool looked around at the collaborators, “Come on big boys, you’ll all fit. Choose a hole and have at.” One of the collaborators threw up all over You Fool but she wasn’t deterred, “Use it as lube, hurry up before it dries because it’s like a desert down there.” One of the collaborators grabbed Mavis head, tilting it back. Mavis opened her mouth, thinking her requests were about to be fulfilled. The collaborator grabbed the boiling gold and poured it down You Fool’s throat and all over her face. She didn’t even let out a gasp as she died with the vibrator and butt plug still hanging out of her. You Fool aka Mavis Heather the backup cop is dead.

Jets aka Sergeant Franklin Harris the cop was killed by the veteran (sk), You Fool aka Mavis Heather the backup cop was killed by the collaborators.

It is now day phase, everyone has until 2000GMT 24 June to vote.


Day 4

Goddess of the Dead was wandering around, trying to digest what had happened to Jets. Her brain couldn’t cope with it anymore, it was too like what she’d seen in World War 3 with Iran and their genetic experiments. She hardly even noticed there was a vote on. When the town came for her she had a calm demeanor, dressed in her old military uniform with all her medals pinned on. “I just need to go to the bathroom before you kill me.” She said stoically. She walked into the bathroom and a townie went to follow her. “Alone please, just to tidy myself up.” The door closed and Goddess of the Dead stood looking into the mirror. She was going to die a warriors death. You live by the sword you die by the sword. She pulled a gun out she had taped under the faucet and put the cold metal barrier in her mouth. Her last wry thought as she pulled the trigger was she’d rather something warmer in her mouth.

Goddess of the Dead the veteran (sk) is dead.

It is now night phase, all roles have until 0800 GMT to get me their decisions.

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Night 5

Thirdrock the survivor had always been hard to kill, but he’d never really recovered from the attack by the veteran. As he went to sleep he wasn’t expecting a visit from the collaborators. No one else was in the barracks when the collaborators dragged thirdrock out of bed. The collaborators demanded thirdrock tell them who recruited him, but he refused to answer. One of the collaborators pulled out a wine bottle opener, slowly screwing it into Thirdrock’s ear. He whimpered as the screw hit his brain, but didn’t scream. The collaborator kept going, slowly killing thirdrock.

Thirdrock the survivor is dead.

It is now day phase. Everyone has until 2000hrs gmt 25 June to vote.

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Day 5

Everyone had left ZoZ to his own devices for most of the day. He’d been mumbling random phrases in Latin and pissing everyone off. The town voted, overwhelmingly identifying ZoZ as the collaborator he was. They went to locate him, eventually finding him in the toilets masturbating to a picture of Russell Crowe dressed as a gladiator. They dragged ZoZ out to a beam in a nearby factory, throwing a rope over the beam and around ZoZ’ s neck. ZoZ was asked if he had any last words. “Memento Mori.” ZoZ was hoisted up, kicking his legs until his life drained away.

ZoZ the collaborator is dead.

It is now night phase. All roles have until 0800hrs GMT to get me their decisions.

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Night 6

Before the invasion Melsfreefallin had just been a good god fearing Texan. But since coming to the uprising she’d become a bad arse take no prisoners killing machine. She’d even started enjoying taking down the collaborators, determined that humanity would be saved. That was her undoing, she’d become too much trouble for the collaborators. They dragged her from her bed, they didn’t need to be as subtle anymore. It was nearly over. The collaborators didn’t ask Melsfreefallin any questions, they just pulled out a knife and started cutting bits off. They started by cutting off all of her fingers and toes, then moved on to her feet and hands. The screaming was getting too much, no-one could hear it but it was annoying. The collaborators forced open Melsfreefallin’s mouth and cut out her tongue, knocking out some teeth in the process. They shaved her head with a knife and carved into her skull a warning, “Resist and die.” As Melsfreefallin slowly bled to death one of the collaborators finally slit her throat, putting her out of her misery.

Melsfreefallin the townie is dead.

It is now day phase. Everyone has until 2000hrs gmt 26 June to vote.

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Day 6

HydroP was prowling around the barracks. He’d fallen so deep into this persona he could hardly remember his roots. He had been a hated internal affairs investigator before the invasion. Getting rid of good people was in his black soul. Harold Smith was who he was in his heart. It was time to remember that. He put on his finest suit and wandered out amongst the people, his badge showing on his belt. It was a good display but everyone knew not to trust anyone from internal affairs. One of the uprising grabbed a metal pipe, swinging it and breaking HydroP’s knee cap. The pain was unimaginable, then bang the other knee cap was shattered. The uprising surrounded HydroP, all taking it in turns to hit him with the metal pole until there was nothing left of him except a bloody pile.

HydroP aka Harold Smith the godfather is dead.

It is now night phase, all roles have until 0800hrs GMT to get me their decisions.

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Night 7

The collaborators had decided it was time, they’d had enough of daylight and his shenanigans, he was going to die. They dragged him off into a factory and started beating him with sacks of door knobs. Daylight mumbled something. Matthias Bartholomew (TBO), the new gf, laughed, “Look at him, he can’t even talk properly! What did you say bitch?” TBO moved in closer to daylight when daylight looked up and smiled. “Catch,” Daylight yelled to TBO as he threw a grenade to him. The grenade blew up between them blowing daylights teeth into his brain. TBO turned to his fellow collaborators, “But I was in charge,” He slurred then fell over dead.

Daylight the suicider and TBO aka Matthias Bartholomew the collaborator (recently promoted to gf) are dead.

It is now day phase, everyone has until 2200 hrs gmt 27 June to vote

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Day 7

The town went backwards and forwards all day. Was it genesis or Torqez that had been killing them? Some couldn’t decide and voted both. It we confusion everywhere. Finally in the last minute TU stepped up. “I’m sure I saw Torqez hanging around with TBO, it might just be a ginger fetish but I’m sure he was up to no good.” Torqez ran from the crowd into a nearby factory. As he was running through the factory he tripped and fell through a meat grinder. They went back to his bunk and turned it over, finding a diary detailing how he’d taken over for Matthias Bartholomew.

Torqez the collaborator is dead.

It is now night phase. All roles have until 0800hrs GMT 28 June to get me their decisions.

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Night 8

It was getting very empty in the barracks now, only a few left to get rid of and the uprising would be put down once and for all. The last collaborator snuck up on Nolio who was alone in the barracks at the time. A hit to the temple and Nolio was unconscious. The collaborator dragged Nolio out of the barracks, no-one was going to find this body. Nolio woke up in chains in a metal coffin, only a spluttering candle for company. He knew he’d been buried, he could feel the coldness through the ground in which he was trapped. He called for help but all that did was use his air up faster. The candle went out and as it was snuffed so was the last of the life in Nolio’s body.

Nolio the townie is dead.

It is now day phase. Everyone has until 2200hrs gmt 28 June to vote.

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Day 8

Kratom had always been a hopeless stoner. He’d struggled since the invasion, never being able to find anything worth smoking. It’s like the aliens had been on an anti drugs kick. But as Kratom was wandering around the factories, he beheld a wondrous site, a fully grown pot plant. He cultivated it and today was the day he’d be able to smoke some bud for the first time in months. Kratom inhaled deeply, feeling the smoke fill his lungs, then started to giggle. As the rest of the town found him he was high as a kite. They took him to the top of the warehouse and convinced him he could fly. Kratom happily stepped off the warehouse, falling to his death on the ground below. A search of his property found nothing out of place.

Kratom the townie is dead

It is now night phase. All roles have until 0800hrs GMT 29 June to get me their decisions.

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Night 9

“I know who everyone is, I know who everyone is,” exclaimed Genesis just before the death of Kratom. But it turned out he was wrong. He wandered back to the barracks via the factory where Torqez had died. They’d been lovers, not that anyone had known. Genesis sat in the corner signing, “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.” Little did he know how much the last collaborator loved Phil Collins. The collaborator started clapping, startling Genesis and causing him to fall through the same meat grinder that had killed his lover Torqez. Ooh now you’ll never see, Ooh now you’ll never know, All the things I planned for you, Things for you and me.

Genesis the townie is dead.

It is now day phase. Everyone has until 2200hrs gmt 29 June to vote.

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