IC Mafia 59: The uprising

Day 9

Lurker had been going around the barracks talking about how if he was in charge this situation never would’ve happened and how he knew who the collaborators were from day 1. But everyone knew better than to listen to his drivel and decided it was time for him to die. They tied Luker to the winches on 4 different vehicles then started winding them in. As Luker’s arms and legs were torn from his torso and he was lying in a pool of his own blood the other townies realised as annoying as he was he’s innocent.

Luker the townie is dead.

It is now night phase. All roles have until 0800hrs GMT 30 June to get me their decisions.

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Final phase

It was time. TU, Zeraph and Rizzy went to raid the headquarters of the invasion. This was the last chance for humanity. TU, never particularly cautious, went in first. As they came through the door TU was vaporized in an instant. Zeraph ducked through the red mist of TU, sliding into a side corridor straight away. He ran as if the hounds of hell were after him. He looked around and he’d lost Rizzy. Zeraph ducked into another room and found a computer console. He’d always been a geek and he very quickly hacked the software, building a virus rendering the aliens of the invasion unable to move, their suits now tombs. Zeraph came back out of the room proudly, he’d saved humanity. When he got back to the door he found Rizzy there seeming to try and save one of the aliens. Rizzy charged at Zeraph, pulling a knife out and trying to stab him. Zeraph ducked and weaved as Rizzy tried to end the job. As the fight continued Rizzy got overconfident. He had this thing in the bag. As Rizzy over reached Zeraph spun Rizzy’s arm around, causing him to stab himself in the neck. A couple of pumps and Rizzy had bled to death.

TU townie killed night phase, Rizzy mob killed day phase. Zeraph sole survivor. Townies win and humanity survives.