IC Mafia 57 : Avenging the EndGame

The universe was finally safe at last…or so everyone thought. The infinity stones had been returned to their rightful places, and the great titan Thanos thwarted from his desire to balance all life itself. It was a shame that they did not learn about how you cannot control time. You only create a new timeline in it’s place, and hope your outcome would be different this time…

The repeated use of the united infinity stones had caused a fracture upon the timeline of the universe itself. From this chasm, Death herself came forth and was displeased of being robbed over and over again of her rightly dues. Death demanded retribution, and though many came calling to heed her desires, one being stood out among the others. The great titan Thanos, unaware of the fracture and his repeated failures across the other timelines, came before death with power and determination. He desired great things, and what could be greater than to have the affection and blessing of Death herself?

“Come before me great titan, and offer me what you will.” Death beckoned.

The titan stood before Death, not in fear or worry, but in awe of such power. “I shall bring you destruction the likes you have never seen before!” he promised her, trying to woo her favor with the only gift he knew how.

“I’ve seen this before. Many times in fact. You succeed, only to fail, and fail yet again. If you’re going to give me what you promise, you must take a different path this time. A permanent path that there can be no other escape from. To assist you in your desires, I shall give you but one gift. The knowledge of your previous failings. Use it well, and you shall be rewarded with all that you wish.”

Death swiftly embraced Thanos, her dark and swirling form enveloping his. The knowledge of infinite timelines, and the events that transpired were implanted into the titan’s mind. A rush of information that would overpower and destroy a mere mortal man. Thanos was almost broken by the flow of energy, but came to, a few hours later.

“I see my mistakes and have learned from them. Their strength relies in their unity. This time, it shall be different. This time…they all shall die alone…”



Thanos - A great titan and all powerful being. Trying to woo death herself, his goal is cause as much death and destruction as possible. By searching and uniting the infinity stones and destroying any being that gets in his way, he shall finally be able accomplish that which he holds most dear.

Cannot be killed at night, investigation immune, role will pass to remaining mob members upon death until is the last remaining mob alive, also can use the power of the infinity stones upon acquiring one. If Thanos gains possession of all 6 infinity stones, game is over and all opposing players will die. Must be the one to give the night kill order to game moderators.

Ebony Maw - Trusted member of Thano’s Black Order, Ebony will do anything to please Thanos.

Using his abilities of persuasion, he will keep 1 target player from using their role ability during the night phase if they so possess one.

Proxima Midnight - She is sheer strength, determination, and power second to only Thanos in the Black Order.

Using her overwhelming abilities, Proxima can interrogate the most steadfast of beings. Each night phase she may target 1 player and learn if they posses any role abilities, or have possession of a infinity stone.


Nick Fury - Leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, he has a knack for always being in the right place at the right time. He doesn’t posses any superpowers, but has the tools and technology to contain the power of the infinity stones safely if they were to be gathered.

If Nick Fury can collect an infinity stone, it will safely be secured and locked away from the possession of Thanos or The Collector, and effectively removed from the game. Nick Fury, with the backing of his extensive S.H.I.E.L.D. resources, will learn the location of a single infinity stone at the end of every 2nd night phase.

Captain America - Everyone’s favorite golden boy of hope and goodness, Captain America is always fighting on the side of righteousness no matter the odds.

Each night phase, he can choose 1 target to investigate. If that person has a role and is not investigation immune, Captain America will learn of their abilities or know if they are in possession of an infinity stone.*

Thor Odinson - God of thunder and protector of Asgard and the realms of men, Thor wields mjolnir to ward off his enemies.

Each night phase, he can choose 1 target to investigate. If that person has a role and is not investigation immune, Thor will learn of their abilities or know if they are in possession of an infinity stone.

Iron Man - Billionaire and technological genius, Tony “Iron Man” Stark uses his wit and sharp tongue to aggravate and dumbfound even the most formidable enemies. If that doesn’t work, he’s always got a suit that can do the job.

Each night phase, he can choose 1 target to distract and will keep them from completing any role abilities they may possess. Cannot choose same target twice in a row.

Black Widow - Using her sheer beauty and extensive life long training, Natalia “Black Widow” Romanova is quite the formidable opponent if you find yourself against her.

Each night phase, she can choose 1 target to distract and will keep them from completing any role abilities they may possess. Cannot choose same target twice in a row.

Bruce Banner - Heralded scientist, and accidental creator of the Hulk, he is always conflicted with the rage inside and how to help others without causing more destruction and mayhem than those he would be against.

Each night phase, he can choose 1 target. During the night he will become the Hulk, and will use his strength and durability to prevent any death order upon his target without sacrificing himself in the process. He cannot choose himself as the target, or same target twice in a row.

Normal Citizens - Normal townies will not have abilities or powers. The 6 infinity stones will be distributed to 6 townies at random to start the game. They cannot use the stone abilities, and need to protect the stones with their lives, so they do not fall into the wrong hands.


Red Skull - Leader of HYDRA, sworn enemies of SHIELD and any force that prevents them of achieving world domination. He will stop at nothing to destroy anyone that gets in his way, even if it is a powerful titan.

Night kill immune, investigation immune. Each night phase, he can choose 1 target and kill that player. Can only win if last remaining player alive.

The Collector - No real abilities to speak of, except for the irresistible urge to posses items of great power and rarity. No greater such items exist in the universe than the infinity stones.

Night kill immune, investigation immune. If a player possessing an infinity stone is lynched during day phase, that stone will pass to The Collector. He cannot use the stones ability, but if he were to posses each stone himself, he will win the game.

The Infinity Stones

Soul - If Thanos gains possession of the soul stone, he will gain the ability to select another target to kill during the night phase by trapping their soul in the quantum realm, in addition to his team nightly kill target. Can be used each night phase.

Time - If Thanos gains possession of the time stone, he will lock his target into a time loop and prevent them from completing their intended ability during the night phase if they so have one. Can be used each night phase but cannot be used on same target 2 times in a row.

Space - If Thanos gains possession of the space stone, he can no longer be prevented from completing any tasks. Roleblock abilities will be useless against him. Can be used each night phase.

Mind - If Thanos gains possession of the mind stone, he will be able to influence the opinions and votes during 1 lynch phase. When activated, his target will be the one lynched no matter the votes at end of day phase. Can only be used 1 time.

Reality - If Thanos gains possession of the reality stone, he will be able to distort a target players surroundings enough to convert him to his cause. That player will then join the Black Order as a full member. Under the influence of the reality stone, that player will lose any abilities they may have previously had. Can only be used 1 time.

Power - If Thanos gains possession of the power stone, he will be able to use sheer power to destroy a target player during any phase. Death is delivered instantly upon activation of the stone. Can only be used 1 time.


The Rules

- Your objective is to eliminate your opposing faction and rule the universe

- The Black Order is allowed 1 kill each night; they will win if they kill all other players

- Citizens will win if they kill all Black Order and Special Roles

- Red Skull is allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill everyone else and are the sole survivor

- Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game

- In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, BOTH players will be lynched.

- You cannot miss two votes in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.

- The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 0300 GMT, this means that if you vote at 03:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed.

- You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text.

- Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

- If a player holding an infinity stone is killed at night, that stone will be transferred to Thanos. If Thanos is dead, it will go to the Collector. If both are dead, it will go to Nick Fury. If all are dead, it will be removed from the game.

- If a player holding an infinity stone is killed during the day, that stone will be transferred to the Collector. If the Collector is dead, it will go to Nick Fury. If both are dead, it will be redistributed 1 time to a random player not in the Black Order. After that, it will be removed from the game.

- Infinity stone abilities CANNOT be roleblocked when they are activated!

Order of events

- Infinity Stone Abilities
- Iron Man Roleblock
- Black Widow Roleblock
- Ebony Maw Roleblock
- Bruce Banner Heal
- Red Skull Kill
- Black Order Kill
- Captain America Investigation
- Thor Investigation
- Proxima Midnight Investigation


1500 GMT - 0300 GMT = Day phase
0300 GMT - 1500 GMT = Night phase

These times may be subject to change due to work schedule, however announcements will be made if there are any changes.


Living Player List :

  1. Missy - Citizen Heroine we didn’t deserve
  2. Dukey - Citizen Hero we didn’t deserve

Night 1:
TR - Nick Fury, Killed by Thanos
Kratom - Citizen in possession of the Space stone, Killed by Red Skull
Day 1:
Jets - Ebony Maw, lynched

Night 2:
MrBlonde - Citizen killed by Thanos
Torqez - Citizen killed by Red Skull
Day 2:
SupCom - Citizen, lynched
Sushi - Citizen in possession of the Soul stone, lynched

Night 3:
TBO - Tony “Iron Man” Stark, killed by Red Skull and Thanos
Metrex - Citizen in possession of the Time stone, killed by Red Skull
Day 3:
Undeath - The Collector, lynched

Night 4:
Lethal - Captain America, possessor of the Soul stone, killed by Red Skull
Luker - Black Widow, killed by Red Skull
Hydrop - Citizen in possession of the Mind stone, killed by Thanos
Day 4:
Genesis, possessor of the Power stone, lynched by Soul stone

Night 5:
Melvin - Citizen, killed by Thanos
Gwynedd - Proxima Midnight, killed by Red Skull
Tishxo - Citizen, killed by Red Skull
Sextans - Healed by Bruce Banner
Day 5:
Nai - Citizen in possession of the Power stone, lynched
TU - Red Skull, lynched

Night 6:
Sextans - Citizen in possession of the Reality Stone, killed by Thanos
Player1 - Bruce Banner, killed by Thanos
Day 6:
Rizzy - Thor Odinson, tainted by the Reality stone, lynched

Night 7:
Goddess - Citizen, killed by Thanos
Ordos234 - Citizen, killed by Thanos
Day 7:
You_Fool - Thanos, lynched like a bitch


They came. Transported across the cosmos, their arrival brought a metallic tinge to the air. Thanos and his Black Order had finally come to Earth. Using the knowledge bestowed by Death herself, Thanos knew this time had to be different. Instead of the grandiose style of chaos and destruction that defined him, he would have to be silent. He knew that if he were to just overwhelm the public with no sense of discretion, it would unite the Avengers and this world against him. This time, he would work from the shadows. This time he would let his Order reap chaos from within the realm of men and watch them tear each other apart one by one from his influence while finally uniting the infinity stones without resistance…

The Avengers, once a strongly bonded team, had been separated for quite some time now. Life was peaceful, and their joint efforts were no longer needed. Every one of them felt a sudden shift one evening. They weren’t sure what it was, but they knew something wasn’t right with their world. They all started journeying towards New York City. Unknown to them, the Titan Thanos had arrived in search for the infinity stones. They had been all moved to the planet Earth for safe keeping. With such a strong team of heroes to protect this planet, the Cosmic Entities decided against their better judgement of hiding them as far apart as possible. No matter where they were hidden, Thanos was always there to find them…

As the sun set below the horizon, Thanos just chuckled to himself.

“Go forth my trusted fiends, and bring me what is mine. Do what you wish to accomplish this, but know that we do this from the shadows this time. For in the darkness, their greatest fears will come alive.”



21:20 Hours. S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Phil Coulson is flying on a Quinjet, leading a specialized strike team against a HYDRA Base where intel revealed that HYDRA was holding an Azgardian hostage. Satellite imaging revealed the Azgardian’s ship at its crash site and evidence of HYDRA forces taking the alien back to base.

Agent Coulson: “Director, come in.”

Nick Fury: “This is Fury.”

Agent Coulson: “Our ground team is closing in on the Hydra base.

Nick Fury: “Copy that. The prisoner?”

Agent Coulson: “No word on that yet.”

Nick Fury: “I’m on my way. Fury Out.”

21:45 Hours. Thanos’s Ship. Somewhere in Space…

Ebony Maw: “Good news my Lord. We’ve tracked down one of the Stones on the planet that Loki was sent to invade.”

Thanos: “Excellent.”

22:30 Hours. Earth. Hydra Base.

Nick Fury arrived to rendezvous with the S.H.I.E.L.D strike team and a massive firefight breaks out between S.H.I.E.L.D agents and HYDRA’S forces. With the element of surprise on their hands, they manage to overrun HYDRA and secure the base.

Nick Fury: “Where’s the Azgardian?”

Agent Coulson: “The team is still searching the base, but there aren’t any signs that they’re holding him here sir.”

Nick Fury: “Find that alien! We need to know exactly why he came to this planet and most importantly, figure out what HYDRA knows.”

Agent Coulson: “Should we call in the Avengers?”

Nick Fury: “We’re not at that point yet. I’m leaving. Radio me as soon as you find something.”

Agent Coulson: “Yes sir.”

Fury leaves the HYDRA base and heads back to his own Quinjet. While walking, he begins texting someone on what appears to be a communication device. He steps into the Quinjet and tells the pilot to take off and go into stealth mode. While en route to S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters, the jet is hit by an unknown target. Part of the Jets is ripped open and the pilot and some of the agents are thrown out. Fury immediately grabs the controls and with everything he can muster, manages it to land what’s left of the flaming plane, blacking out in the process.

22:40 Hours HYDRA Base

Natasha Romanov, one of Director Fury’s most trusted agents arrives on the scene. She sees the aftermath of what looked like an intense battle, but what really has her attention is the strange ship hovering over the base. She sneaks in undetected and sees HYDRA soldiers dead, but more disconcerting, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on their knees as an Alien being speaks over them.

Ebony Maw: “The universal scales tip toward balance because of your sacrifice. Smile.

One by one, S.H.I.E.L.D agents are being killed by unknown alien forces. Their leader, Ebony Maw, tells them all that they are all now serving a greater purpose and that their savior, Thanos, is the architect of this design. One of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents who had been thought dead, manages to get up and run towards the exit. Ebony Maw turns and moves to kill him but he’s distracted by an explosion off in the other direction. Romanov fired a blast from her bracers towards a computer off in the distance. This gives the S.H.I.E.L.D agent time to get away. Romanov takes the time herself to escape so that she can go warn the avengers about the impending threat of Thanos.

22:50. Quinjet wreckage. Location unknown.

Nick fury begins to come to. The smell of smoldering flesh and fuel overpowers his senses. He can barely focus. His left arm is broken, blood from a gash on his forehead seeps into his good eye. A voice is just audible in the background.

Voice: “I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right. It’s frightening. Turns the legs to jelly.”

Fury: “Wh…cough who are you?”

Thanos: “The stone or your life.”

Fury: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Thanos grabs nick by the throat and lifts him into the air with one arm.

Thanos: “I don’t wish to prolong your suffering. I want one thing. Give me the stone or die.”

Fury: “We…we…”

Thanos drops Fury to the ground.

Fury: “We will defeat you.”

Thanos turns away and picks up a jagged shard of metal that once consisted of the Quinjet’s exterior. He walks to Fury and stabs him in the heart. Fury’s eye bulges. He chokes on blood, struggling to breathe. As Thanos walks away, Fury quickly descends into darkness. The device in his right pocket beeping repeatedly.

23:00 Hours. Hydra Underground Base. Location Unknown

A hooded figure is seen standing in a lab amongst scientists who appear to be torturing the Azgardian that crash landed on earth. He’s screaming and begging them to let him go. The scientists ignore him as if he’s not speaking English or has feelings whatsoever.

Azgardian: “Where is Thor? He will tell you that I’m a friend. I’m not your enemy.”

Hooded Figure: “What is your name?”

Azgardian: “ Kratom .”

Hooded Figure: “Kratom, there is no Thor here. This is not S.H.I.E.L.D. You are in the grasp of the beast with eight heads. When one head is cut off, another grows. Heil HYDRA!

Scientists: “Heil HYDRA!”

The man with the hood removes it revealing a crimson colored skull with no face. He walks to toward the Azgardian and smiles, if one could call it a smile.

Red Skull: “I thank you friend. For your unintentional, yet generous gift.” He turns to the lead scientist. “Dispose of him.”

The scientist activates a button and a secret door opens up from behind a false computer panel. The doctors drag Kratom into the room and lock him inside. The Azgardian, unable to move due to being injected with a paralyzing agent previously is trapped. He looks around the metallic room and sees no way out. He knows he’s dead, although that’s not the thought that occupies his mind the most. He’s filled with regret and fear of what will happen to the Space Stone that he came to deliver to Thor. Those thoughts quickly dissipate as the room is soon filled with flames and Kratom’s body, bones and all, are completely burned into dust. He doesn’t even hear the scientists shouting, “Heil HYDRA” in the other room.

Nick Fury - Thirdrock was killed by Thanos
Kratom - Space Stone was killed by Red Skull
Ebony Maw was blocked by Black Widow (Natasha Romanov)



Final Votes:

Jets (21) - Luker, MrBlonde, Missy, Lethal, Dukey, Melvin, The_Unknown, Nai, SupCom, Genesis, Ordos234, Rizzy, Torqez, Player1, Tishxo
Metrex, You_Fool, Gwynedd, Goddess, Undeath, TBO
Gwynedd (1) - Sushi
MrBlonde (1) - Jets
Melving (1) - Sextans

No vote cast (1) - Hydrop

The first night had gone well for Thanos and the Black Order, barring a single setback. There was another menace at work, and they did not know it was yet, but it ended in their favor. Out of nowhere, an infinity stone had appeared directly in front of Thanos. Not one to waste time, he snatched it from the air and placed it securely in his gauntlet. The space stone would prove quite useful in securing the rest.

As Thanos grinned from sheer pleasure and Proxima cackled with glee, Ebony Maw was distraught. He wasn’t used to failure, let alone somebody else to so willingly and easily thwart his endeavors. A rage started building, creating a fog of emotion in his mind. He knew that Thanos had said to stay in the shadows, but he could not let this rest. He would not be known as the failed one among the Black Order, and he must do something to change this immediately.

The sun was still in the sky, when Ebony Maw set out to find a victim. He knew for Thanos to willingly call on him again this coming night, he would have to make up for his failings. As he set himself among the local population, he came across his first victim…

Scott Lang had come all the way to New York City. He got a tip that something had gone wrong, but nobody quite knew what it was. He was casually strolling along the avenue trying to get in contact with his fellow Avenger members, when a dark and shadow figure burst forth from the alleyway. All of a sudden his head was filled with pain and darkness, he felt his breathing get shallow, and his body weak. In a quick press of his suit activation button, he immediately shrunk down to the size of an ant. The figure lost sight of him and just stared around in a state of confusion.

“I’m not sure how this will work, but I’ve always wanted to try this!” Scott said to himself. He moved quickly and climbed up the robes this dark stranger wore.

“He doesn’t look human, but lets see if he’s built like one!”

Scott made his way closer and closer to the midsection and took a turn for the backside. Finding exactly what he thought he would, he entered the small duct on this shadows rear. With another quick press of his suit, he started to grow. The exponential growth rate was unmatched, and he grew to the size of the nearest building within seconds, completely shattering and smearing the dark figure across the sidewalk, alleyway, and road…

Ebony Maw (Jets), has been lynched.


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1900 Hours, Geneva Research Facility

Due to the immediate threat of the Thanos invasion, Doctor Bruce Banner, otherwise known as “The Hulk,” and Tony Stark, “Iron Man,” is researching the infinity stones that Thanos seems to be after. They have worked tirelessly in isolation to find out more information about the power the stones possess, hoping to figure out why they are of so much importance. Most importantly, they hope to create a way to defeat Thanos once and for all.

After hours of work with no real solution, Tony decides to take a break and check in with Captain America and the rest of the team to see the status on things. Banner continues to work.

Thanos, having acquired the space stone, now sets his eye on yet another stone. He uses the power of the space stone to travel to Avengers tower and confronts Bruce Banner.


Thanos: “Where is the Stone?”

Bruce: “It’s…not here.”

Thanos: “I’ll only ask you once more.”

Bruce: “It’s gone.”

Thanos: “Then you have no purpose.”

Thanos raises Bruce Banner (now in his human form after being easily defeated as the hulk) into the air and breaks him in half.

22:25 Hours, Hydra Facility

Red Skull is sitting in his office when one of his soldiers comes in.

Soldier: “Furor, I apologize for the interruption, but we have captured the enemy near our border.”

Red Skull: “Show me.”

The soldier leads Red Skull into the court yard where a small group of S.H.I.E.L.D agents are on their knees and being held at gun point by HYDRA soldiers. Red Skull looks them up and down and addresses them.

Red Skull: “Who is in charge here?”

S.H.I.E.L.D Agents: “…”

Red Skull: “You. Why are you here?”

Torqez: “We won’t tell you anything.”

Red Skull: “Indeed you won’t. No matter. I only need one of you alive.”

Torqez: “Wait, what are you going to do?”

The Red Skull pulls a gun from his waist holster and points it between Torqez’s eyes.

Torqez: “You can’t. I can’t die here.”

Without any hesitation, Red Skull shoots Torqez. His brains splatter everywhere and his body falls limply to the side. Red Skull commands the soldiers to take one of the other six men into custody and kill the others.

HYDRA Soldiers: “Heil Hydra!”

The Red Skull walks away to the sounds of gunfire and screams.

Mr. Blonde - Townie (Hulk for Story Purposes) was killed by Thanos
Torqez - Townie was killed by The Red Skull



It was the end of another day. The Avengers had started to rally, and Thanos’ great plan wasn’t working as well as it intended. There was a positive vibe in the air and it looked like the side of good was going to win again…

The Avengers had arrested two local people in the connection of the ongoing events. Their interrogation techniques were tame, and could not get any useful information from them. Knowing they were close to victory, they pressed forward to try and break their detainees. Unfortunately, the power of the “superhero” is not to be trifled among the normal population. While trying to break the spirit of both people, Deadpool lost his patience and got too close with his katana’s. One quick slice, and both were decapitated.

SupCom had come to New York City with big dreams of being a writer and broadway aficionado. Unfortunately, his dreams would never be realized as it takes some thinking to be successful in that field, and that’s difficult when your head is no longer attached to your body…

Sushi was special. He always knew this to be true, from the moment his mother told him so while bestowing upon them their family ring. He wore this ring proudly until the moment of his death. Upon his last breath leaving his body…the ring burst. The solid orange stone floating into the air. The Avengers just stared in awe while the stone vanished quickly like it was never there…

Red Skull sat in the HYDRA headquarters gloating about their success. With Nick Fury dead, S.H.I.E.L.D had started to fall apart. Lack of coordination and leadership was to be their undoing. Bureaucratic fighting among governments and world leaders kept them from doing anything of real value. In this turmoil and chaos, HYDRA had put forth plans for more takeovers and infiltration schemes. The resulting success had increased their power and control on the Earth by such a large margin, it was doubtful anybody could stop them for much longer…

Citizen SupCom has been lynched.
Citizen Sushi, possessor of the Soul Stone has been lynched.

Starting in night phase 3, due to his unmatched influence, Red Skull will get 2 night kill targets per night phase.


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19:00 Hours, Titan (Homeworld of Thanos)

With few options at their disposal, Ironman and Doctor Strange visit the planet of Titan to launch a surprise attack on Thanos. They knew that the only way to defeat him would be to catch him off guard.

Sensing the presence of another stone, Thanos arrived to his home planet, a place that once had a thriving population, now reduced to ruin.

Immediately he is attacked by Ironman and Strange. They put up a good fight, but the mad titan proves too be too much of a match.

After defeating them and taking the Time Stone from Doctor Strange, Thanos left to find the remaining stones. Iron Man, barely clinging to life, crawled over to Strange and asked him if there was any way to defeat Thanos.

Not long after Thanos left Titan, a ship lands on Titan. The door opens and a figure walks towards both Stark and Strange.

Red Skull: “Where are the stones?”

Iron Man: “Thanos. We couldn’t beat him. Who sent you? Cap?”

Red Skull: “Oh you’re allies with Captain America? No, I’m no friend of his.”

Red Skull looks around and sees the battle wreckage

Red Skull: “I’ll just keep searching then.”

He pulls out a gun and shoots both Iron Man and Doctor Strange in the head. Determined to obtain the power that Thanos now has.

TBO - Ironman was Killed by Thanos/Red Skull
Metrex - Time Stone (Doctor Strange) was killed by Red Skull

Thanos now possess both the Space and Time Stones



The Collector was distraught. He kept sensing that infinity stones were being gathered, but he only had possession of the Soul stone. Who else was seeking that which he held so dear? His intense curiosity could not be held back. Normally not risking exposure until after sunset, he went out early this time. He MUST beat whoever else was out there to the next stone. It had to be his. He was the only worthy one who would take care of them like the stones deserved. Covet their power. Utilize it in the way they were designed…


In his haste to start his search, he did not realize the streets were not safe for his kind in this world. There were others who would think his plans treacherous, and attempt to not only prevent him from getting the stones, but remove him from the pursuit entirely. The Guardians of the Galaxy had made it back to earth finally. Reuniting the “Star Lord” with his home planet. Nothing looked the same, except one man walking down the walkway. The fight that ensued was disastrous for all those around. The Collector seemed like a harmless mad man to others, but he had powers beyond measure. Peter Quill, the least powerful was first to die. Soon followed Gamora and Drax. The Collector would win this fight easily…if not for Groot’s quick thinking. Utilizing the local fauna, he took advantage of a misstep and wrapped the Collector around a large tree. The distraction was all that was needed for Rocket Racoon to free the Soul stone from the Collectors waist, and use it against him. The Collector was immediately transported to the Quantam Realm, never to be seen from again. Unfortunate for Rocket and Groot, the sheer power from the stone leveled 9 city blocks, evaporating them in the process.

The only thing remaining in the center of this new flattened land, was a dust cloud and a bright orange stone hovering just above the ground. It grew in brightness, before disappearing in a flash. Across town, a local Citizen was taking a casual stroll by the waterfront. A bright orange light shown from the beach. Curiosity got the best of him, and he walked down to see what it was. He picked up this radiant jewel from the sand, looked around to make sure nobody was watching, and put in his pocket. If he had realized the power this stone contained, he would have thought twice before leaving in such a haste…

The Collector (Undeath) has been lynched. The Soul stone has been distributed to a non Black Order member at random.



18:42 hours, Planet Vormir, Deep Space

The Red Skull sits at what seems to be the edge of the world, deep in thought, contemplating his next move. Once upon a time, he thought he knew what he wanted and how to get it, but recent events have changed his mind. The pursuit of the stones has left him empty. Even now, as he possesses the divine knowledge to take another, he finds himself coming up short. Perhaps the pursuit isn’t the answer, but the result itself. After all, with Nick Fury out of the way, the Red Skull has the power to eliminate S.H.I.E.L.D once and for all and he can finally spread the tentacles of HYDRA without obstacle. Perhaps…he already has all of the power and influence that he needs.

Nearly on cue, the Titan Thanos arrives with his daughter Gamora. He travels up the walkway to the location of yet another stone. At the top of the walkway, he is surprised to meet the Red Skull.

Thanos: “I’ve come for the stone. Do you have it?”

Red Skull: “I don’t. I can’t. I can’t pay the price to acquire the stone. You see, the only way to acquire the stone is to give up the thing that you value most.”

Thanos: “Show me.”

The Red Skull leads Thanos to the location of the infinity stone. He shows him the cliff overlooking the end of the world. Thanos goes through feelings of confusion, anger, sadness and resolve. He faces Gamora who is laughing hysterically. At that very moment, a voice calls out.

Captain America: “STOP!”

Captain America, alongside Black Widow rushes to stop Thanos but Red Skull interferes. He and Captain America fight while Thanos grabs Gamora and throws her over the cliff. Black Widow is too slow to get to Thanos.

Red Skull manages to overpower them both. Widow is slammed face first against the cave walls and rendered bloody and lifeless. Captain America lies on the ground, ribs broken.

Captain America: “I’ll stop you. HYDRA will never be allowed to rule.”

*The Red Skull trained a gun on an immobile Captain America. Without hesitation he finishes off his enemy once and for all. *

Skull basks in the death of his long time rival and chances a glance back at Thanos. He sees Thanos fade away and enter the realm of the Soul Stone. The Red Skull takes the path down to his ship with a new goal in mind. To strengthen and spread the rule of HYDRA by taking down the Avengers and their allies one by one.

Thanos, now armed with the Soul Stone and filled with Grief sets his sights on the remaining stones. His mission is nearly complete. His destiny close to be fulfilled.

20:35 Hours, Woods of Wakanda,

A great battle is taking place. Thanos’s forces led by Proxima Midnight have launched an attack against Wakanda. The Avenger known as “Vision” is fleeing the scene, knowing full well that his presence endangers everyone. After all, his power is fueled by the Mind Stone, making protecting it more of a priority. Unfortunately, the mad titan, Thanos has arrived before Vision could get away. Stronger than ever, he easily defeats Vision in battle. Vision pleads with Thanos.

Vision: “This course of action that you’re taking, I understand it, but it is the wrong path. Please, I beg you to reconsider.”

Thanos: “There is no bargaining with destiny.”

Thanos now possesses the Space Stone, Time Stone, Soul Stone and Mind Stone.
He obtained the Soul Stone after it was passed to Lethal randomly. (Gamora for story purposes)

Lethal - Captain America (Soul Stone) - Was killed by The Red Skull
Luker - Black Widow - Was killed by The Red Skull
Hydro P - Mind Stone (Vision for Story Purposes) - Was Killed by Thanos


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Melvin and You_Fool were enjoying a beautiful stroll in central park. The day they had spent together was perfection embodied. As the sun started to set, they could feel the electricity in the air between them. They decided to sit on a bench, and get to know one another more closely. They were soon interrupted by a wandering homeless man.

“Got sum change?! I need a drinks!” he bellowed at them, almost incoherently.

Before they could tell him to bugger off…the man’s eyes grew wide, and his mouth was agape. Within a split second his body went limp and he collapsed to the ground. Floating in the space previously occupied by the man was a small stone. Purple in color it was bright with sheer power and strength. Before Melvin or You_Fool could reach out to grab it, it vanished…

Thanos had felt things were getting serious, and would not be taking chances today. Using the power of the newly acquired Mind stone, he had clenched his gauntlet with pure determination. The yellow stone shone brightly as a star for just a split second, and then went dark…

Another bumbling homeless man was sitting in the shade of his makeshift home in the alleyway across the city. Out of nowhere, and small purple jewel fell into his lap. He picked it up, admiring the beauty of it. He quickly placed it into his pocket, making sure nobody else saw him do it. He rose with haste and went to find the nearest pawn shop to see how much his new trinket would be worth. Strange how one of the most powerful stones in the universe would find such a feeble individual…

Genesis, possessor of the Power stone, has been lynched by use of the Mind stone. The Power stone has been distributed to a non Black Order Member at random.


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No one was safe anymore. That much had become apparent. The Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes, had been decimated. The growing strength of Hydra….the overwhelming force that is Thanos…what could anyone do? It was a long night filled with bloodshed. The war of the infinity stones left more and more fatalities. Beginning with…

Thor: “Odin, help me. My friends have fallen and the mad titan grows more powerful each day.”

Thor, armed with a new weapon, “Stormbreaker,” forged by the last remaining Dwarf of Nowhere. He knows that he is the last thing standing between Thanos and half of the entire universe’s population being annihilated.

Thor flies down to Wakanda where he senses a battle raging. Thanos’s forces are battling the Wakandans and what remains of S.H.I.E.L.D. He does what he can to lend a hand. Meanwhile on the battlefield…

S.H.I.E.L.D Agent: “Get me air support! Take out that squadron over that ridge!”

*One of S.H.I.E.L.D’s captains was leading the ground forces against the Thanos invasion. He wasn’t very well loved but he was a survivor. He had been through many wars and this was no different. The air support that he called in had come. It was War Machine. He helped to clear out some of the enemy waves and cut down a path to victory.

On the other end of the battlefield, Proxima Maximus had been laying waste to anyone who opposed her. She had no equal in battle, hence why she rose to the ranks of Thanos’s right hand. She refused to fail this day. She engaged S.H.I.E.L.D’s captain, a skilled hand to hand fighter, but he was no match for Proxima. He had survived many wars, many battles, but today would be the exception. Proxima drove her blade into his chest and moved on to find her next prey. Captain Melvin, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D would not be missed, but he will be remembered.

With the battle of Wakanda all but won, Proxima departed back to her ship. She knew this day would bring Thanos one step closer to his goal. Pleased that she finally had something good to report, she was anxious for what would come next. She arrived at the location of her ship but something was wrong. There was an intruder stalking her. She knew that he hid in the shadows, but that would not be enough. She turned and threw her spear at him.

He was more powerful than she had realized. The Red Skull, no longer seeking stones, only death, had turned his sights on Thanos. Red Skull knew that the best path to his goals would be through ALL of his enemies. Proxima fought to no Avail. Red Skull had outmaneuvered her through every step of the way. He was a mastermind and too skilled of a fighter. He had also been enhanced by the super soldier serum, making him a deadlier foe. With her own weapon, Proxima was killed. Impaled by the spear that she had slain so many with.

Leaving her lifeless body for the rats, The Red Skull walked away, but turned back when he heard a noise. Thinking to himself that it was an ally of Proxima, perhaps Thanos himself, he quickly jumped into attack mode. To his surprise, it was neither Thanos, nor an ally. It was not even an enemy. Tishxo, an innocent bystander had been watching from the shadows. She had tried her best not to be noticed, but mistakenly bumped into a crate when she attempted to get away.

Tishxo: “Please, don’t hurt me.”

The Red Skull would not be merciful this day. No, there would be no reason to be. He walked towards her and pulled a blade from his pocket. He placed a finger on her lips and told her to quiet herself. He plunged the blade into her stomach and left her to bleed out.

Thanos: “Some people deserve to die. This is why the universe must be cleansed. To remove the weak, so the strong may thrive and build a population that will never fall to sickness, famine or poverty. That is my dream”

*Sextans lie lifeless at Thanos’s feet. No longer in possession of the reality stone. Once an arrogant rich man from the planet Veurona, he bragged about his prized gem. The rare precious stone that no one could have. Thanos rid him of his prize easily. He pulled his hand from the chest of Sextans and set out to obtain the final stone *

*Melvin - Town - Was killed by Thanos
Sextans - Reality Stone Holder - Was killed by Thanos
Gwynedd - Proxima Midnight - Was killed by the Red Skull
Tishxo - Town - Was killed by the Red Skull

Thanos now possesses all but the Power Stone


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During the battle between Sextans and Thanos…a warrior of great strength appeared.

Fighting off Thanos by sheer luck and surprise, The Hulk gave Sextans weak and feeble self time to escape to safety. Sextans will not be killed so easily this night.

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The sun was setting, and things were getting near to the end. There was little resistance left on this world. Nai, so full of hope and life just the day before now felt nothing but pure fear and exhaustion. He felt as though the weight of the world was crushing his mind, body, and soul. In desperation, he ran out into the street looking for salvation. What met him, would grant his timely release…

Red Skull had taken control over most of the earth’s wayward population. With S.H.I.E.L.D out of the picture, and what was left of the Avengers distracted with this Thanos threat, he was free to do whatever he wished. Nobody would bat an eye at the deranged looking man walking down the road in broad daylight. All of a sudden some mere puny mortal rushed out into the street and straight into him. In a fit of rage, Red Skull pulled his trusty revolver from his side and pointed it straight into the man’s chest, pulling the trigger. Unfortunately, he was not aware of what was hiding in the breast pocket of that man’s jacket.

The Power stone swelled with energy and light, and disintegrated the lower half of Manhattan. The shock wave was so strong that the earth itself tilted on it’s axis, slowing the daily rotation cycle by 2 seconds. Nothing stood upon the ground. Only dust and an aura of energy remained. There was no flash of light, no disappearing jewel this time. The power stone was no more…

Nai, Citizen in possession of the Power stone, has been lynched.
TU, Red Skull, has been lynched.


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Thanos, momentarily weakened and surprised by the reemergence of the one known as Hulk, was determined to finish what he began. Utilizing the full powers of the infinity stones, he killed Sextans and the Hulk once and for all.

The mad Titan, unstoppable in power, unrelenting in his quest, decided to do something he hadn’t considered before. He used the power of his newly acquired infinity stone to bring one of the Earthlings to his side. After all, he had traveled the galaxy and fought many battles. It was time he had some capable help for once.

Sextans - Reality Stone - Was Killed by Thanos
Player 1 - The Hulk/Bruce Banner - Was Killed by Thanos
Thanos has activated the powers of the Reality Stone



U told us Arby he could not use my stone…and since when did he get two kills…u have been playing us all day yesterday…u should not have been aloud in our chat ya cheat

Thor was lost. Seeing his failures at protecting his fellow Avengers and the earth fall into ruin over the past week had drove him to madness. Was he feeble minded? Or did this reality stone cause him to change his allegiance to the side of death instead of protecting the weak. In the grand scheme, it didn’t matter.

The remaining heroes could not let the god of thunder so easily be manipulated, and risk him turning into another true enemy. They banded what remained together, and confronted the once mighty Thor. Using their combined strengths, they were able to get stormbreak from his grasp and shatter the mighty weapon. Distraught in his loss, Thor was distracted long enough for the Scarlet Witch to subdue him and crush what was left of his mind into the size of a pea. The god of thunder was now the god of silence…

Rizzy - Thor Odinson, tainted by the Reality stone, has been lynched.



Wars are won by heroes. Ordos knew this. It didn’t matter if he had the strength of the hulk or the ingenuity of Iron Man. He was determined to make his last stand against the mad Titan. He rallied what was left of Earth’s forces and made his last stand against Thanos.

He was not alone. Fortunately, before S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Fury passed, he called in his trump card. Goddess was some light years away, but vowed to protect Earth if ever she was needed. And so she did answer the call and a massive battled ensued.

*The forces of Thanos were thinned out from the previous battles, but they were led by the mad Titan who seemed to be completely invincible. Goddess and Ordos went all out regardless of the odds against them.

In the end, though they fought valiantly, the Mad Titan proved why he is the most feared being in the universe. His raw power is second to none and as long as he wields the infinity stones, he is…a god.

Ordos - Town and Goddess - Town were killed by Thanos


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