IC Mafia 2.1 - The return

Welcome to the Mafia Reboot 2.1

The story

The town of Ciaculli had been in the grips of crime for as long as anyone could remember. Everyone spoke in hushed whispers but no one knew exactly who was committing the crimes. A business burnt down, the old Mayor gutted in the town square, the police station blown up. No one was safe. This morning started just like many days, Amok and Primo walking hand in hand through the streets, bathing in the aureate glow of their nocturnal activities the night before. Primo told Amok how much he loved him, then ducked into the shop. Amok waited outside when he heard pitiful screaming coming from inside. He walked inside to find Primo lying in a pool of his own blood with his manhood removed. “I had plans for that,” raged Amok. He didn’t see Ciaschiteddu, the little bird, coming up behind him. Ciaschiteddu pulled the garotte around Amok’s throat, choking the life from him. Amok let out one last gasp as he defecated himself. The little bird had served The Pope well, soon the town would know they belonged to the Greco family.

As the town gathered around the bodies accusations ran wild. Everyone had someone else to blame. One person was very quiet. They didn’t want to let on how excited they were by the blood and smell of feces. They wanted to know what it would feel like to exercise that sort of power over someone, power they’d never had in their life. It was time for them to kill, to show that power.

As the day drew to a close people slowly drifted off to their homes. Tonight no-one would sleep soundly


1 x Godfather (Michele “the pope” Greco)
4 x Mafia members (Giuseppe Greco aka “Piddu the lieutenant”, Ciaschiteddu Greco, Salvatore “The Senator” Greco and Pietro Greco)
2 x Cops
1 x Doctor
1 x Serial Killer
1 x Secret role
11 x Townies



Michele “the pope” Greco chooses who to kill each night phase, and which member of the family will complete the kill. If investigated The Pope will appear innocent. If targetted to be killed at night The Pope will survive the hit.

Mafia members

The Mafia members will work to take the town of Ciaculli for their own.


The local cops understand that something’s up. They’ve gone undercover to try and work out who the mafia members are. Each night phase the cops will choose one person to investigate. If they investigate The Pope or the SK then this role wil appear as a townie.


The doctor believes that all life is sacred. Each night the doctor will head out and attempt to save someone’s life. The doctor cannot heal the same person two nights in a row.

Serial Killer

The Serial Killer is a twisted psychopath who just enjoys killing. Each night the SK will target one person in an attempt to kill them. If the SK targets The Pope he will survive this attack. If investigated the SK will appear to be a town member, and if the target of a mafia hit the SK will survive. During the day the SK will attempt to sew mayhem and lynch mafia members and town members alike!

Secret Role

Is a secret! Their role will be revealed if/when activated.

Town Members

Each night the town members will be shaking in their boots, hoping that the Greco family doesn’t pay them a visit. During each day phase the town members will attempt to root out the members of the Greco Family and obtain vengence.

The Rules

- Your objective is to rule Ciaculli; to do this, you must eliminate your opposing faction.

- Mafia is allowed 1 kill each night; they will win if they kill all townies and the serial killer

- Town will win if they kill all Mafia members and kill the serial killer

- The serial killer is allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill everyone else and are the sole survivor

- Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game

- In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of dayphase, there will be an extended period of 1 hour for players to change their votes, should they wish to do so; if at the end of the extended period the tie still persists, BOTH players will be lynched; if a player missed the original voting deadline he will NOT be able to cast his vote during the extended period. During the extended voting period only those who were tied on can be voted on.

- You cannot miss two votings in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.

- The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 2000 GMT, this means that if you vote at 20:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed.

- You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text.

- Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do no talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

Order of events

- Heal
- SK Kill
- Mafia Kill
- Special role if active
- Investigation


0800 GMT - 2000 GMT = Day phase
2000 GMT - 0800 GMT = Night phase

These times may be subject to change due to work schedule, however announcements will be made if there are any changes.


Chat is here: https://discord.gg/ECVUuFe


Did you forget player list? I know it’s been awhile.

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  1. TheBigOne <-------- mafia (Salvatore) lynched day 5
  2. Lee <--------- mafia (The Pope) lynched day 6
  3. I_Like_Pie <--------- townie killed night 3 by mafia
  4. Genesis <----------- cop killed by sk night 2
  5. HydroP <----------- townie lynched day 3
  6. Goddess_of_the_dead <-------- townie killed night 6 by mafia
  7. Arby
  8. Rizz
  9. Jets <--------------- townie killed night 4 by mafia
  10. Xenon <----------- townie killed night 1 by sk
  11. You_fool
  12. Ordos234 <------- townie double lynched day 4
  13. MTG_Dad <-------- mafia (piddu) killed night 5 by sk
  14. Luker <-------- mafia (Ciaschiteddu) double lynched day 4
  15. panniknloozit
  16. Translucent <---------- cop killed by special role day 1 lynch
  17. TU <------------------ townie killed by mafia night 2
  18. Nolio
  19. Missy <----------- townie lynched day 2
  20. EvilRunt <-------------- Special role “wild card” lynched day 1
  21. Azmadi <--------- townie killed by sk night 3

It’s now night phase. All night roles have until 0800hrs gmt Thursday 2/5/19 to get their actions to both me and random

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JetsToday at 4:58 PM

has the mob boss @Genesis been on today?

GenesisToday at 4:58 PM


yes he has


The people of Ciaculli had spent 2 days in fear since the the last murders.
Fear and distrust kept them at arm’s length of each other. but the natural mentality of safety in numbers kept them together.
They walked everywhere in groups and all came together to eat in the great Hall in this night.
One of the townies had donated a cask of fine wine to help raise the people’s spirits.
The hour had turned late and the hall had almost emptied. By threes and fours they left until only a few remained. All deep in their cups, trying to forget the horrors of the recent murders.
But there was still in man in the hall whose eyes shone with clarity, with lust.
The recent murders had excited him, he wished to know how it felt. All except one of the drunken townsfolk had left for their beds. Drink eradicating the fear from his mind, he dozed with his head in his half empty plate.
The serial killer decided to do it fast, a mere taste of what he desired. There was still plenty of time to get creative another night.
He pulled a metal skewer from his pocket. approached the sleeping Xenon the townie and slid the skewer with slow precision into his ear.
A quiet gasping sound came from Xenon’s mouth, with a bit more pressure, the movement stopped.
It felt good, it was so simple.
The killer removed the skewer as slow as he had pushed it in, savoring the moment.
He then licked the skewer clean and placed it in Xenon’s empty cup. A small pool of blood welling in the ear the only sign of the deed.
He walked away with a spring in his step, strutting through what the late mayor had called the ballroom.
He caught a flash of light reflecting off metal as he felt the strike against the side of his head.
His head bounced against the wooden floor and he was out.

Piddu placed the candlestick on the floor and took the rope from his pack.
He whispered to himself, “that thing had some weight, no wonder there were so many damn cobwebs on it”.
Proceeding to strip the man naked and string him up like a human hammock.
“these candles could be some fun, smooth ribbed stem, hot wax”.
He whispered to the silence, shuddering as the idea came to fruit in his mind.
Piddu lit all the candles on a large candelabra in the corner. beginning the slow process of turning the man into a shrine to the beauty of wax.
Starting with his mouth to stifle any screams in case he woke during the process.
He filled every hole with it, mouth, ears and urethra.
Then dripped wax all over the man’s body until he became bored with it.
“OK, the crowning glory”. He grinned while inserting the candlestick up the mans asshole.
There was a twitch of discomfort from the man as bloody shit dripped down the candlestick. Piddu jerked his hand away before it dripped on his beautiful Italian leather gloves. Taking the last lit candle, he sealed the victims nose, cutting off his last link to life.
Standing back he admired his work.
“something different” he shrugged.
“I could get used to doing this, stupid town, they will learn”.
He then left the dark room for the people to find in all it’s glory in the morning.

The serial killer stirred, waking himself from his comatose state.
He had learned to put his body into hibernation. Having spent winter’s in the high snow capped mountains surrounding the town in his youth.
His body had done it as a defense mechanism in this case.
He didn’t panic from his blocked orifices. but began working the wax from his mouth with his tongue so that he could again take breath. That was the easy part. Escaping the restraints was the tedious part. Cutting the rope with a razor blade he kept inserted under his thumbnail.
When he fell to the floor the candlestick was driven even deeper into his ass. Shitty blood sprayed the floor that he landed upon.
Groaning in pain he removed the the candlestick from his anus and the wax from the rest of his body. found his clothes in a corner, dressed and waddled home.

“I knew those winters would come in handy and damn, I’ve never had something so big in my ass. I will definitely have to grab one of those candlesticks for home, and a tin of lube. Someone is definitely going to pay for not lubing me up, or they can all pay”.
He shrugged, excited for tomorrow night.
Thinking about pleasing himself in a puddle of his own blood and shit when he got home.
Piddu awoke to the sun through his bedroom window.
unaware that he had failed to fulfill the Pope’s orders.

The night phase has now ended!

Xenon the townie has died at the hands of the Serial Killer
The serial killer has eluded the plight of the mob!

Day phase ends at 2000 gmt 2nd of May, use your Lynch votes wisely


RIP @Xenon1122 the townie :frowning:

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Hi everyone, for the sake of making this easier for random and I please vote in the designated voting channel on discord. Be aware everything will be logged and editing or deleting posts may look suspicious


That is fine ,but say I can’t get to discord and tried to vote on forums. Would that be a no vote day. By all means I want to make it easier for you 2 and have access to discord usually., but just wondering if I have to make early votes just in case I don’t get back on discord even though I still can access the ic forums. Thanks and great job so far.

Mob knows who sk is
We lost a friend. Xenon you might not of been the smartest, but you were brave.

I will vote on discord once I get off work.


You can get discord on you phone @Jets :wink:
No reason for no vote

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Day phase 1

The town had decided, they were going to get rid of EvilRunt. He seemed like a likely lad, little bit of a loner with no real friends. He hadn’t even turned up for the vote or to defend himself. Everyone looked around, “Anyone seen him?” Translucent didn’t tell anyone but he’d been lovers with EvilRunt when they were younger. He snuck off to try and find him.

As Translucent walked into EvilRunt’s room he saw him lying there, dead on the bed with a sheet wrapped around his own neck. Looked like he’d been into some autoerotic asphyxiation again but gone too far. He’d always been a bit of a wild card (special role). Translucent pulled out his cigarettes and lit up, as all good detectives do after solving a case. No more sex for him; at least not from EvilRunt. Translucent had failed to notice the gas cylinder sitting open in the corner. The town heard an almighty explosion and saw EvilRunt’s house blow up. When they got there they could only find little ribbons of EvilRunt, and Translucent’s head blown away from his body with the cigarette still smoking in his mouth and his badge stuck in his forehead.

EvilRunt the Wild Card special role is dead and took Translucent the cop with him.

It is now night phase. All roles with night actions have until 0800hrs GMT Friday 3/5 to get their decisions to Random and me


lol Damn, just when i log into do stuff - i get killed off. and side note - i didn’t have any mail notifying me of a role - i just assumed i was a townie.

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Roles were sent on discord

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guess my lack of knowledge with discord was my downfall lol. I actually tried to engage in this :open_mouth:

Good luck town! Crush em

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Hard lines Evilrunt, roles were sent out in private messages on discord. Im guessing your on mobile which means you need to swipe in from side to see the pms etc.

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If I die by the mob it was Rizz.

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Genesis had grown tired of sitting idle, so he decided to spend the night Patrolling the town.

He walked the streets investigating any suspect behavior. Looking for something that could lead him to find the person behind the gruesome murders tearing the town apart.

It was past midnight and the moon hid behind dark clouds.

He noticed a dull light coming from one of the more derelict homes on the outskirts of the town. He approached the rear of the house to get a glimpse through the filthy windows. but as he was about to peer into the window there was an audible crack, he had stepped on a dead stick.

He froze, waiting to see if he had alerted the occupant of the home. The back door creaked open and light shed upon him. “You right there?”. Asked a familiar voice. But genesis could not make out the face from the light coming from behind the man.

Genesis took a step toward him, the man took his hand from behind the door frame. Hitting genesis over the head with a candlestick, the killer caught him before he hit the ground.

What luck thought the serial killer, gazing in anticipation at Genesis. tied to the door of the old barn by the graveyard.

Genesis awoke. unable to move and gagged with dry cow shit jammed in his mouth under a tartan rag tied around his head.

He struggled to no avail. The cold breeze stung his bared chest. A familiar voice spoke from a chair in a dark corner. It was the man from the house. “Someone has to pay for what happened to me last night, lucky you, lucky me, it’s meant to be”.

The killer stood in front of the struggling Genesis. He reached into the back of his pants taking a handful of the bloody shit that would not stop leaking from his ass. he smeared it down Gen’s face and chest. “Do you like that? Because I do”. he smiled.

Genesis shivered from fear, no longer feeling the cold.

The killer took a small blade from his pocket, “let’s get this party started”. He sliced across Genesis’ stomach. exposing his innards. then taking his intestines from the wound he wrapped them around his neck. cutting small slices along them so the the shit and blood dripped all around Genesis’ quivering body.

The smell caused the killer to become aroused, “let’s end this, my body decided it has other needs”. He pulled the intestines tight around his victims neck, taking the last spark of life left in him.

Elsewhere in town The_Unknown found himself tied to a chair in the cellar of the pub. He screamed out for help. But the cellar was deep and the need for temperature control had made it soundproof. He screamed himself hoarse, his mouth dry and throat burning. Footsteps on the stairs heralded the approach of someone sinister. The pope, Michele Greco, the godfather, had this night decided to perform the hit himself.

He strode towards the bound The_Unknown, who had begun to weep. nonsensical gibberish came spilling out of his mouth.

“Shut up!”. The pope screamed. Pulling a revolver from his overcoat and smashing the teeth from The_Unknown’s mouth. Blood and teeth spilled into his piss soaked lap.

The pope held the barrel of the gun against TU’s forehead and pulled the trigger. but the gun didn’t fire, he pulled the trigger again, and again nothing.

TU moaned with relief. but in a fit of rage the pope took hold of the pistol by the barrel and smashed it across TUs face. Over and over he clubbed TUs head with the handle of the revolver. Blood dripped from every surface of the room. Chunks of brain a stark white contrast against the dark red blood turned black in the dim light of the cellar.

The pope wiped the blood from his face on the back of his sleeve. looked at what remained of TU"s face and left the building.

Night Phase has ended.

Genesis the cop has been killed by the serial killer.

The_Unknown the townie has been killed by the mob

Day phase ends at 2200 gmt 3rd of May, use your Lynch votes wisely


Day Phase 2

The town were panicked, they’d lost both their cops and were looking down the barrel of losing to the mafia. No-one knew who to vote for. It was bedlam. The voting swayed one way then another. It looked like curtains for Jets.

Jets walked quietly forwards through the crowd, the sun was about to set and he knew he was a goner. Suddenly a couple of voices from within the crowd said to stop and lynch Missy instead. A chauvinist was heard to yell, “I hate women.” Of course everyone in the crowd knew he was secretly gay. Finally, one last person with milliseconds to go threw missy up to be lynched and it was all over.

Missy walked to the podium to be lynched. “Just remember HydroP, I’m sending you cow shit. I’m gonna haunt you all.” As the trap door opened and her neck snapped all anyone heard was, “My daughter, she was a good girl, poor innocent thing.” Missy the townie is dead.

It’s now night phase. All roles with night actions have until 0800hrs GMT Saturday 4/5 to get their decisions to Random and me. Be aware GMT and BST are NOT THE SAME.


The killers hunger for Gore had grown.
Endless ideas ran through his head. keeping him awake since having the pleasure of Genesis. Tonight was going to be fun he thought, the excitement had his skin tingling. Snow had begun to fall for the first time in years. A beautiful backdrop for tonight’s event. Azmadi’s hands and feet were tied to the railroad tracks. A blanket of snow would stop the train from seeing them this night. The killer waited a few metres away. watching Azmadi struggle against the ropes, screaming for help.
This was new for the killer, a different kind of rush to killing a person in silence. The screams were thrilling.
They both turned their heads as the sound of the train came within earshot. Azmadi’s screams escalated to a fervent pitch, thrilling the killer even more.
The train sped over Azmadi without ever noticing.
After it had passed, the screams turned to sobbing moans of pain. Azmadi’s hands and feet had been completely severed. Leaving the limbs to spray blood all around the site as they flailed around.
Eventually growing still.
The killer stood over the body. His hands in his pants. Unaware he was stroking himself as he watched the last of the blood paint the blinding white snow.
His pleasure was high, the kill exciting, but he wished for more. He took his knife from his pocket, knelt by the body and began to cut, exploring the fascinating corpse.

Ciaschiteddu, great nephew to the pope, had been tasked with tonight’s hit.
The sound of the train distracted him for a moment from the man he was following.
I_Like_Pie was sneaking through the darkness to the back door of Ye Old Restaurant. He waited in the darkness of the doorway, peering around to make sure there was nobody following him.
It was a risk, but he had a craving for an asparagus and pine nuts quiche. Nothing would keep from a quiche once he had the craving. Once pie was inside, Ciaschiteddu followed, picking up a lead pipe from a pile of scrap outside the door of the building.
Silently he opened the door. He heard Pie whistling from the kitchen.
Ciaschiteddu inched his way in, step by step he approached the doorway until he could peer in. Pies back was to the door, whistling as he fried up his asparagus on the gas stove. He stopped whistling and whirled around to see Ciaschiteddu, standing across the kitchen in the doorway holding the pipe in his hands.
“No, no, please, let me at least eat my last quiche”.
But Ciaschiteddu ran towards him. Pie grabbed a pineapple off the fruit rack beside him and threw it at Ciaschiteddu in an attempt to make his escape. Forgetting about the range above his head Pie smashed the pineapple above himself. It exploded all over Pie and the juice dripped down Into his eyes. stinging his eyes. With pie blinded by the fruit Ciaschiteddu seized the moment and clubbed Pie across the back of the head. The sound was almost as sickening as the one when Pies head struck the slate floor. He was dead instantly. The blood creating a Halo around him on the cold floor.

Ciaschiteddu didn’t have the stomach that the rest of his family did, but he knew how to get the job done.
With his work finished. He took the pan of asparagus and onion from the stove. now also filled with chunks of pineapple, “this is going to be an interesting quiche now”. He murmured, picking up the recipe where Pie left off.

Night Phase has ended
Azmadi the townie has been killed by the serial killer.
I_Like_Pie the townie has been killed by the mob

Day phase ends at 2200 gmt 4th of May, use your Lynch votes wisely


Day Phase 3

The town were going back and forth all day. HydroP could see the writing on the wall, trying to ensure that everyone knew he was innocent. But the more he plead his innocence the more everyone was convinced if his guilt. At the last minute HydroP tried to get the rest of the town to side with him but alas too late.

The townies grabbed HydroP and started marching him towards the front. HydroP suddenly kicked out and ran away. The town started chasing him so HydroP ran into The Giants Flour Mill. As he ran through the mill he tripped, landing against the mill stones. The town watched on, glad that HydroP was gone. They’d ground his bones to make their bread.

HydroP the townie is now dead.

It is now night phase. All roles have until 0800hrs GMT 5/5 to get their decisions to us.


The moon shone off the powdery white snow, illuminating the town. The killer walked the streets of Ciaculli as if he owned them. His appetite had grown, this night would be something special.
There were no lights on inside the two story stone house on the hillside.
The killer crawled in through a side window. Looking around he took in the lavish interior, just what he was hoping for. “Rich asshat, sitting on his hillside whilst the rest of us play in the mud, bet he squeels like a pig”.
The killer made his way to the occupants bedroom. He used the point of his knife to push open the heavy door, it squeeked loudly before the handle bashed against the wall.

The Pope jumped from his bed, grabbing the revolver from his bedside table. Moonlight shone a silhoute behind the killer in his bedroom doorway. He took aim and pulled the trigger, but it misfired again, “fucking thing”, the pope screamed, throwing the gun at the killer who had launched towards him.
The killer laughed maniacally, slashing at the man.
“You think you can kill the pope”.
The killer paused In shock, “the what”, the killer asked, giving the pope time to grab the baton he kept on his dresser.
They were at a standstill, both men armed, both unwilling to make the first move.
The killer backed slowly out of the room. He was not prepared to die.
The Pope followed him every step until he reached the front door.
The Pope stood in his doorway, watching the killer walk away.
They had seen each other’s faces, but who would they tell.

Jets was taking a piss in the corner of the hall. Drinking wine all night had has tiny bladder emptying every 10 minutes.
Pietro, younger brother of Piddu, had been watching from the rafters, waiting for the right moment to reveal himself. This looked like as good a time as any he thought.
He landed on the billiard table in the middle of the room. The sound spun Jets around, pissing all over himself, “waaaaheeeaaaaahhhh”, Jets screamed as a billiard ball struck him in the face. He curled in a ball on the floor, rolling in piss, doing his best to avoid the hail of balls raining on him.
Pietro hurled the balls with all his strength, every one hitting Jets until he lay still on the floor. Splatters of blood decorated Jets white clothes.
Pietro took the knife from his belt, twirling it delicately between his fingers. The blood spots on Jets like targets all over his body. One by one Pietro sunk his knife Into each of the red targets, causing them to grow, until Jets was no more than a red meat puddle.
Pietro felt strange, he looked at his hands and arms. Soaking with blood. Jets body in pieces on the floor, the billiard balls stuffed into the meat pockets of the remains of jets body. Which was barely recogniseable as a person.
Walking out of the hall in a state of shock Pietro made his way home, slowly regaining his senses after going into the blood rage. It didn’t happen often, but sometimes the look of people’s faces just sent him over the edge.
“Stupid Jets”, he sighed.

Night Phase has ended

The Pope escaped the attempted murder of the Serial Killer
Jets the townie has been killed by the mob

Day phase ends at 2200 gmt 5th of May, use your Lynch votes wisely