IC Mafia 2.1 - The return

Day Phase 4

The town was indecisive, frozen with apprehension. If they got this wrong, they were dead, but if they got it right they might survive after all. One voice was loudest, suggesting the ultimate hail Mary, let’s lynch two.

The town needed an extra hour to decide. They looked around but Luker and Ordos were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they’d ducked off together? The town went around to Luker’s house where they heard sounds coming from the bedroom. “How do you like that little Ordos? Ciaschiteddu knows how to treat his men. Take that little bird.”

The town snuck out of the house, barring the doors and windows. What a horrifying sight they’d beheld. They set fire to the house, burning Ordos and Luker alive together. The last thing they heard was Ordos yelling, “I’m innocent, I just wanted a good root!”

Luker aka Ciaschiteddu and Ordos the townie are both dead

It’s now night phase. All night roles have until 0800hrs GMT 6/5 to get their decisions to us.


Piddu was sitting in his wing back chair, sipping delicately at a glass of Sherry. Wearing nothing but his red velvet house robe, he felt like a king. “This town will soon be ours”. He said to no body in particular. The nights had grown colder, keeping the people of the town indoors by their fireplaces. Piddu stared into the flames of his fireplace, enjoying the quiet of winter. The flames begun to dance violently. He glanced around the room and saw the lace curtains waving in the breeze of an open window. Something was pulled over his head and tightened around his neck. roughly pulling him tight into the back of his favourite chair. He could barely breathe. He struggled against the cord to no avail. The killer stepped out from behind the chair. “You smell familiar”. Said the killer thoughtfully stroking his crotch. “ahh, we meet again, you, MTG_Daddy, were the who tried to kill me the other night”. MTG gasped, he knew this was going to be painful. It took some time but the killer was able to tie MTG’s hands and feet to the chair, restraining him completely. The killer took a candlestick from the mantle, stroking in tenderly. “if only I knew it was you, I would have tied you down face first. but no worries, if I can’t get to your ass from the back, I will just have to go in through the front”.

The killer opened MTG’s robe revealing an enormous ginger bush. “I guess the carpets match the curtains”. He chuckled. "Let’s die the carpet red. He used the candlestick to hack open MTG’s stomach. who was strangely quiet, “you have a high tolerance for pain”. The killer stated. “No”, replied MTG, “I love it”. The killer leaned in and kissed MTG deeply, biting his lips and tongue until they bled. He stood back and licked the blood from his lips. Admiring the blood running down MTG’s chin, adding to the mess already in his lap. “You are a mess Daddy, let me clean you up”. The killer pulled his dick from his pants and attempted to wash the blood off MTG with his piss. But I’m the cold, it had already begun to coagulate. MTG was falling in and out of consciousness. The killer decided to end it quickly. He pushed the candlestick into the opening in MTG’s stomach. who woke for a moment until the pain caused him to cum and pass out again. “Too bad”,the killer said, “we could have been beautiful together”. He jammed the candlestick with all his strength through MTG’s insides. Until he heard the candle spike tear into the seat of the chair. MTG still had some life in him. but his blood was flowing fast, his ginger bush now a dark red swamp and the carpet a red Sea beneath. The stench of shit always excited the killer.

The pope could taste victory. So close to his goal. But to ensure victory he need to end the town doctor. Most of the town having gone into hiding since the murders started made it harder to find them than he had hoped. But he had a pretty good idea. He kicked in the door to the house of the doctor, brandishing his revolver. Goddess_Of_The_Dead screamed and fell to the floor as she tried to run away. snapping her ankle as she fell. She tried to move but couldn’t hold her own weight up. “Lovely to meet you doctor, my name is Michele Greco, but most call me The Pope”. He smiled at the weeping woman on the floor. Gotd was stunned, the pope, in her home. She tried to tell him that she was not the doctor. But The Pope smashed her across the face with his revolver, shattering her jaw. Blood dripped from her useless mouth. “No my dear, I don’t want to listen to your bullshit, I just want you to die”. He dragged her by the leg through the front door of her home and sat her up against the door.

“I will make this quick, I don’t enjoy your pain, I just enjoy the power”. He pointed his gun at her head while staring into her weeping eyes, savoring her fear. He was about to pull the trigger but remembered that his revolver was a piece of shit. “I really need to invest in a new one”. He shook his head in disgust.
He took a bag of gunpowder from his pocket, held Gotd’s head back and poured it into her mouth. She gagged and fought him causing the powder to go everywhere. Growing frustrated The Pope poured the remaining powder over her head. “You’re going to be a human match”. He grinned, pulling his flint lighter from his pocket. while holding her against the door with his foot. He lit a cigarette then lit her.
She went up like a firework, sparks flew from her head in every direction. She struggled against his foot on her chest for a moment but fell still. Her head smouldered from the blaze, leaving her unrecognizable. One of her hands lay palm up beside her, covered in calluses. The pope stooped over to take a closer look. “Shit, these aren’t the hands of a doctor”. Walking away in frustration and taking a long draw of his cigarette he mused, at least it was another townie. Tomorrow they would try again.

Hearing noises from the street the Doctor peered through his window. he saw Gotd laying in her doorway, burns covering her head and chest. He ran over to her and held his ear to her face, she was still breathing. He dragged her to his house. Beginning a long night of work to save the young woman’s life.

Night Phase has ended

MTG_Dad-Piddu the mob has been killed by the serial killer

Goddess_Of_The_Dead the townie has been killed by The Pope, but resurrected by the Doctor

Day phase ends at 2000 gmt 6th of May, use your Lynch votes wisely


Day Phase 5

A spirit of stupor had fallen over the town, it was silent but not bright. People swung towards TBO from the start, stating how much they hated his ginger hair. “He stole my soul,” someone was heard to call from the back of the crowd.

Suddenly a shift happened in the crowd. Lee, Lee needed to be lynched. The whisper became a roar, then the town decided to try for a double lynch. At the last minute the votes settled on TBO and Lee received a reprieve.

The town went looking for TBO. They found him sitting in his bedroom amongst his cabbage patch dolls, masturbating away. They dragged him outside stark naked and tied him to the back of two cars. They started driving in opposite directions, TBO’s last words echoed over the crowd, “I’ll see you soon Piddu, my brother.”

TBO aka Salvatore Greco is now dead.

It is now night phase. All roles have until 0800hrs GMT 7/5 to get their actions to us.


The serial killer roamed the streets in a haze. His mind fixated on MTG. if only things were different, they could have had a beautiful bloody life together. His kill this night would be opportunistic. his heart was not in it. he rounded the corner and spotted Nolio loading crates into the back of a flat bed Ute. Nolio was moving fast, looking around for watchers all the while. The killer knew he was up to something suspect. The killer moved under the awning of Ye Old Restaurant. it was a cloudy night, providing him with plenty of darkness to hide within. Nolio jogged back inside for another crate, leaving his load unsupervised. The killer took advantage to have a peek at what was inside. Before he got to look, Nolio exited the building and saw the killer in the darkness. He dropped the crate he was carrying. The crate crushed his toes. the bottles of wine inside smashed as it hit the ground, turning the snow beneath black in the night. The killer took one of the crates off the Ute and ran towards the man. Smashing the wooden crate over Nolios head before he could recover. Nolio crumpled to the ground, covered in broken wood, glass and soaked in wine.
He appeared to be dead the killer thought. He shrugged and strolled away. His mind again dwelling on MTG and his bush of fire.

The pope had heard that Goddess_Of_The_Dead had been saved by the town doctor. He had seen where she was being kept and he took the opportunity to take out the doctor. An earlier check of the building revealed only one way out.
The Pope came prepared, carrying a hammer and a timber board with nails halfway through each end. He knew he would have to move fast. Approaching the door in the darkness he prepared a Molotov to throw in through the barred windows.
He placed the bottle on the ground and held the board across the door. taking a deep breath. he lined up his hammer and struck the nails onto the building. blocking anyone inside from coming through. Before anyone could come to investigate the noise. he lit the cloth in Molotov with his flint lighter and threw it through the window. He fled the scene. From the hill upon which sat his house he could see the flames licking at the orange sky.

But the pope was unaware that the doctor had stumbled upon Nolio earlier. on his way back from the pub he had found him in a pile of broken glass, wood, wine and blood. The Doctor was now treating him there.
The pope had failed to get the doctor again. only finishing the job he started last night on Goddess_Of_The_Dead.

Night Phase has ended

The Serial Killer attempted to kill Nolio, who was saved by the Doc

Goddess_Of_The_Dead the townie has been killed by The Pope, b

Day phase ends at 2000 gmt 7th of May, use your Lynch votes wisely


Day Phase 6

Lee had been sitting in his study all day. Where had it all gone wrong? All he’d ever wanted was to be feared and respected. He was The Pope after all. He looked sadly down at the pictures on his desk. Only one member of his family would still be alive after today.

Lee pulled his revolver out of his top draw and waited. As the town rushed in he placed the revolver against his temple. “I do this for my family,” Lee exclaimed. Lee pulled the trigger, but it clicked and nothing happened. Fucking revolver.

The town dragged Lee out to the gantry, making sure that the rope was too short to break his neck. Lee flipped around like a fish as he slowly suffocated to death. At the last minute Lee lost control of his bowel, crapping himself. The SK smiled, that was a nice treat at the end.

Lee aka Michele “The Pope” Greco is dead.

It is now night phase, all roles have until 0800hrs GMT 8/5 to get their decisions to us.


The serial killer knew where they stood now. They were going to be the sole survivor. The town deserved what they were getting, and it felt good. Seeing Lee crap himself has left the serial killer with an insatiable lust and he would take it out on Rizzy tonight.

Rizzy was sitting at home cross stitching as he did every Wednesday night. He loved it it made him feel useful for once. Someone knocked at the door and Rizzy let them in, inviting them for a cup of tea. The serial killer walked into the kitchen behind Rizzy, grabbing a knife off the sink and gutting Rizzy before his very eyes. The serial killer smiled as he saw the life drift out of Rizzy’s eyes. Not long now and it would just be him. The serial killer grabbed Rizzy’s cross stitch, using the needle to stitch shut Rizzy’s eyes and anus. No candlesticks for Rizzy, he wasn’t worthy.

Meanwhile Pietro was despondent. What did he have left to live for without his family. He sat smoking cigars, falling asleep whist drinking a scotch. The town were safe from him this night.

Rizzy the townie is now dead.

It is now day phase. All roles have until 2200hrs GMT 8/5 to vote. Use your vote wisely.


Final Day Phase

The town of Ciaculli had a good run, but in the end the four that were left didn’t know how to go on. Nolio, aka Pietro, invited everyone around for an orgy. You Fool the doctor decided he’d bring pills with him to keep the party going all night. Arby the townie brought a jar of lube to share around and Suicidal the serial killer brought his favourite candle stick holder.

Fool passed around the pills and bent Arby over the table, disregarding his lube and his requests to stop. Fool enjoyed fucking townies. Nolio and Suicidal went at it in a corner, few knew they’d been banging since the start. Nolio logged feces too.

As the night progressed people went back for more pills, not knowing that fool had laced the second round with cyanide. Arby was heard to say, “Can someone smell almonds?” They all started to drop off, foaming at the mouths. Everyone was dead and no-one would Owen Ciaculli.

Arby the townie, Fool the doctor, Nolio aka Pietro Greco and Suicidal the Serial Killer are all dead. No one wins!

Final result - No winner


I mean… Best ending for all :slight_smile:

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Thx for the stories and the game @Random and @Gwynedd


Yeah the stories were great guys I really enjoyed them even tho I feel like @Random went kinda weak with my death


Enjoyed the stories as well