I Will Not Pay

By Shadow of The Machine

[Scene 1] Failed Diplomacy

His face turned red, veins bulging and his blood getting hotter. “I will not pay” screamed Cells at the demand for a tax. Shadow had demanded a 13.5% tax on his holdings for assured peace between the two empires and Cells was simply not having it.

“Vice Admiral Cells, this is a generous offer from us. We could have been like all the other empires and asked for 20% or more, but we do not wish to sink your nation entirely. Take the offer!” Shadow pleaded.

“It is tyranny and theft to ask such a price for peace!” Screamed Cells. “The idea that a popular leader such as me groveling to anyone else is beneath me and my pride would never let me pay! I would have my entire nation destroyed rather than bend the knee to you!”

“So be it.” Replied Shadow, “It shall be done.”

[Scene 2] Machines of War

Fighters screamed, transports swarmed as bombers careened through the air. The battle had finally begun in full and it would not be long before the fighting led to the ground and many more men would die for this war that could have been avoided. Innocent families and civilians would be caught in the crossfire. So many to die for the pride of one Vice Admiral Cells.

Transport H1337 struck the ground hard and Ravager Squadron poured from it, firing as they ran for cover. The city was bombed to hell and back and now them and the rest of the squadrons making it safely to the ground would begin the process of clearing the city of enemy soldiers. “Form up!” Shouted Captain Pyke. “We have a lot of ground to cover and I expect all of you to maintain discipline from this point forward. Kill anything that moves, watch your corners, cover fire and move fast. I want this city by nightfall.”

Hours later…

Ravager Squadron formed up on the parade deck. Captain Pyke, blood running down his arm, inspected the remaining men. Of the eighty men in his command sixty-five had survived and the fight had gone much better than one would have normally hoped for. “Atten Hut!” He shouted and his men quickly snapped to attention.

“One for victory!” He yelled.

“Rah” they shouted in return.

“One for the lost!”


“One for The Machine!”

“Rah…Rah…Rah” they chanted in unison.

The first planet had fallen, but many more would fall this day and for the duration of the war.

[Scene 3] Trials of War

The war had been going for months now. What many in The Machine thought would be over in days had now begun to see that Shadow had been right, it would take months to break and destroy this small upstart nation.

Planet after planet had been conquered, reconquered and conquered again. There seemed no end in sight but Shadow was confident in his slow approach. Their nation would grow while fighting this war and the outcome would be inevitable. This so-called great leader Cells was proving to be nothing more than an act put on to build his image, he was not living up to the legend he tried to portray across the stars.

Slowly, steadily the planets that had been so carefully fostered and built up with the machines of economy were being taken and all infrastructure reduced to ashes. This small nation was losing any ability to mount a defense one planet at a time and their only response seemed to be trying to take back the planets in a desperate attempt to hold on to what they seen slipping through their fingers.

“We should have just given in to their demands” stated Emperor Cashmere. “We would have lost a lot less and possibly recovered that from another nation.”

“You may be Emperor, but remember who has the power around here. I will never bend the knee even if it is the right decision to make. I would rather maintain my pride and lose everything!” Cells shouted at his Emperor.

Sol Invictus grinned. He was the puppet of Cells and there was nothing that the Emperor could do to stop them from sinking his nation. “You two make me sick. I am done being your puppet leader, take the title from me, I am leaving this nation for good. It is a sinking ship and I will not be a part of it any longer while it is run by two madmen.” Said Cashmere as he shook his head and walked towards his personal transport.

[Scene 4] War is Hell

“Sir, if we continue our bombardment of planets, at this point we will erase all evidence of life sir.” Stated General Glokta “Our weapons have become too powerful for the small empires in this nation.”

Emperor Shadow smiled “Yes, that is the idea my good man. We are going to destroy this nation and reduce them to as close to nothing as we possibly can. I know it will take a toll on the morale of the men to kill so many innocents in the process but we must weed out those loyal to these evil overlords and give future civilians a safe place to live under the freedom we can provide.”

Standing at the back of the room Colonel Taniel shifted from one foot to the other, his shoulders slumped. The men would not be pleased to hear this but they would follow orders. He had carried so many offers to the tiny nation of Pride and her they had consistently rebuffed any offers of peace. They truly did not care about the lives they had pledged to care for. Such a waste he thought.

Conversation and debate went on for hours. Who should they target next, how far were they willing to take it, was there a stopping point in the future or would this continue until the enemy nation had been wiped out. In the end, the only thing anyone walked away with certainty of…war is hell.

[Scene 5] Cost of War

It was just the 2 of them left in the war room. Cells, the newly appointed Emperor, and his spineless General Sol. Cells stood there, a determined look on his face, at the head of the table and slammed his fists repeatedly in anger. Sol shuddered in fear and cowed his head.

“We must stay on the attack! We can break their will if we simply refuse to quit!” Screamed Cells angrily.

“Sir, they are already located in the Metis and Rewm systems!” Cried Sol “they could arrive here in the Baunus system. They could attack our home worlds!”

“Galactic Law mandates that home worlds are not to be attacked. Nobody, not even The Machine, are so daring as to violate that law and you know it.” Said Cells “we can always cower here on our home worlds safely away from those animals.”

Sol was becoming more bold and passionate. “Maybe so sir, bit we can not afford to pay our troops any longer and they are deserting by the hour. It will not belong and we will barely even exist. Surely now is the time to surrender!”

“NEVER!!!” Shouted Cells, his face turning bright red as he slammed his fists on the table again. “We will never bend the knee noatter how powerful and unstoppable they are. Yes, the cost of this war has been high, but I would pay so much more to show them just how I killable my spirit is.”

Sol shook his head in deference to his leader. He had clearly gone mad and all he could do was hold on to his pride with all his strength as even that slipped through his grasp. He left a raging Cells in the room alone, muttering to himself.


Did I hear anything about LEGEND :wink::muscle:

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Tell me you’ve played Andro Round 53 without telling me you’ve played Andro Round 53?

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What are you and your family crying about now?

Your story is the biggest fiction based story I’ve ever read in ic. I prefer non fiction myself so if you would like I could just show how your family got all upset and cried and moaned because we refused to pay. Your fictional story claims we are the ones who were upset yet your family is the one who turned to insults and heated conversations as I laughed at use.

Rather then spending your day crying to me Ingame mail and whining with made up stories In forum you should put that effort into something actually productive.

Hmm interesting. I would think that one might see some humor in descriptive writing. But alas, you can be upset. That was the point.

Honestly didn’t read your fictional non sense I had to stop after I realized not a single word of it remotely accurate and am I only wondering why your family is still crying and upset over me refuses to pay you? Clearly you are dramatically upset still if your going through the trouble of writing a novel.

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Clearly you’re upset if you’ve felt the need to respond in such a way.

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Loved the story. But maybe could have changed the names as to not make people butt hurt.

I would agree however let’s take a few things into consideration.
1.) This is a game of conflict, it’s in the name.
2.) Nobody liked the messages he sent to privately to us so this was our response.
3.) Part of the art of the game was coming with some crazy fun stories like this.

It’s 1 round guys, there will be another, and I’m sure he’ll hunt me down, and I couldn’t care less.

Can provide evidence its a fake story and 42 was and is the ones butt hurt.
Being told by a smaller family no is not a right to start making insults and be as immature as you guys were but not everyone gets that upset over a game or being told no like you guys do I guess.
You can pass the play your emotions off like they are somone else’s all you like but I was not the one who went to insults and I was not the one who ran to forum to make a false novel. Your actions speak for themselves.

Why it is that you were the one doing the insulting, not me?

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

Lol heard your to scared to fight bigger families.

Ceasar of Rome (#7742)

literally every family could send me that message right now…

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

You are only bigger because you jumped so much fleet today for such a weaker target then yourself. So yes as I said I heard you ate terrified of a real fight. I will have to bag you to have the balls to show your name at the end of the round so I can show you the same level of respect next round as you are showing this round.

Ceasar of Rome (#7742)

Firstly, you really should learn how to spell. I spend too much time trying to figure out exactly what it is you are saying and it is not worth my time honestly.

Secondly, just because my family is taking a few planets off of yours does not make it some crazy “we are farming you” or “we are scared to fight bigger families”. Everything has it’s time and place and your family serves a purpose in our overall plans for the round.

Thirdly, does that sort of language usually work for you? Does it actually get you what you want or does it just serve to make you feel better having said it? Really, I am curious about it because I am not in the slightest bothered by, angered or even tempted to give in to the “challenge” or whatever it is you think you have sent out. I assume that is why you worded it the way you did? So when I do not give you my name you can then fall back on the “oh you are so scared” argument? Really? If you are going to attempt to goad me into something, you need to figure out how to do it in a more subtle manner because that was so obvious it was painful just reading it.

Fourthly, keep in mind what I told Swagga. I only want to take 30 planets from your family and then I am willing to offer a NAP. However, your families willingness to accept that NAP or your actions/language during the fight will dictate if I decide to stop at 30 or if I do end up beating your fam down. I do not want to do it to you, but I am also willing to do it without a second thought if I am forced to. Your words will have consequences in-game rather than me sitting here whining and yelling at you in a message system.

Best of luck with the rest of your round and may you do better next round to get your revenge!

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

Firstly, you really need to learn the difference in Grammer and spelling if you are going to try and speak down on someone for the way they talk and it is not my fault you lack the intelligence to decipher simple text.

Secondly, you asked for more then you should have and are to scared to fight top families as you said yourself just in different terms.

Thirdly, this sort of language does me just fine and seems you can understand it more then you claim and I cannot see you having the balls to put your name out there at the end of the round.

Forth since fourthly is not a word so maybe you need to spelling check. As I said please have the balls to show your cowardly name so next round when your bagging me for a mercy or free nap again like last round I will not honor it this time around.

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

Tell you what, all retakes and 30p ill give you a nap

Ceasar of Rome (#7742)

it is “too scared” not “to scared”

it is “begging” not “bagging”

Ceasar of Rome (#7742)

but since you don’t seem to care, we will just take more than 30. since your words do have consequences

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

I do want to apologize for sounding upset because I’m honestly not, just annoyed with the top families acting so weak and the way you mailed my leader was not very honorable in my eyes since you should never ask for more then 10% in a war and we are not even at war yet you are asking for more then 10%.
I do stand by everything I said though and hope to find out who is asking so much from a weaker target.

Ceasar of Rome (#7742)

I am barely asking over 10%. This is not old IC, this is modern day IC lol

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

Just because your English is poor as well does not give you the right to talk about others. Again this is not spelling this is grammar but maybe you do not know the difference.

Ceasar of Rome (#7742)

it is “too scared” not “to scared”

it is “begging” not "bagging

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

Your welcome to pay me my 30 when you choose though

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

Yes modern day ic so you should be asking for less then 10% but cowards will be cowards right?

Ceasar of Rome (#7742)

Cool, you said your piece…I said mine

Now the results of everything gets to play out.

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

I guess it shall but playing woth no honor or respect never gets you the last laugh so I guess we will see how well you do by eor I’m sure I’ll stall you more then you can gain in a reasonable time. No respect gets you no respect remember that. Over 10% this day and age from a smaller family when you are top is just pathetic especially when not even at war at the time of the message.
So please just have the balls to show your name.

Slinky of Slinky (#7735)

I do want to apologize our little discussion went so sour last night. Unfortunately we are not able to just pay over 10% of our planets. We are interested in returning all planets on each side and ceasing fire if you wish. Other then that we will fend your family off.

My all powerful legendary godness tells me 7740 made a very very bad boo boo and will find out this tick

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Pretty sure this is against guidelines otherwise I would share hellz mails to me but I am not 100% sure so will ask around and find out since I am not sure and do not want to be.

This also just proves my point that I had poked fun and you had went straight to insults. I was not the one who went out side of the game and made it about someone’s grammar and spelling that was you.
Thank you for showing evidence and if able I will share the other attackers random immature mails to me.

Pretty sure 42 is the only one taking this seriously most of us just make fun of you guys while we are having fun :wink:

Do you realize we’re laughing the hardest at your idiocy?
Our fam chats are amazing.

Again why are you so upset :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

In no way shape or form are we upset. Your antics of the round have been so pathetic it’s hilarious. Look at your messages, clearly you’ve got some anger to sort out. Also, I’ve sent 0 ingame messages to anyone this round because Pie and I have a different view on harassment. So if you think I’m the one you’re talking to you’re dead wrong. I just posted a funny story, that’s all.


Yes look at my messages compared to your families, the fact you spent hours out of your day to write a false novel alone proves my point. You and your family keep and continuing to make insults yet I have the anger issue’s :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
The fact you can’t see how funny we all think this is really makes the cherry on top.

Hours? Minutes kiddo :slight_smile: your reputation speaks for itself, this forum is littered with your childish antics and pathetic whining.

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I’m good, I stocked up on enough triple layer TP during the plandamic for my ironclad bunghole. It’s toight like a tiger! :joy: