HydroP's ideas for the Map

Ok so here is my idea for an updated map that I believe will solve a lot of the current problems and add some more depth to the game in the overall scheme of things.

  1. Look

I think the look is fine for now. If and when you can make it interesting like a 3d version then great even better. But the look of the new map isn’t terrible and the functions can work just fine in it.

  1. Yama/Other families/Enemies

Get rid of it entirely. Later in this post I will discuss a replacement for these items.

  1. Unexplored

This is fine and I do not see why it should change honestly.

  1. Cores

The leader should have an option in their leadership panel that allows them to input as many systems as they like for their core. When done, the core will show up in every family members map.

  1. Families Systems List (not your family)

This can only be done by an op. Once the op is cast on a specific family, the list for that family will appear in the map. The op is detailed further in this topic

  1. Plists

When a plist is done on a player, the list will automatically be sent to the map. There should be a dropdown menu which lists EVERY player in the galaxy with it ordered by family number. At first each of these plists should be empty and will populate when a plist is done. They will update each time a new plist op is successful on the same player. The person doing the plist can share with everyone in their family through a “Share Plist” button.

  1. Find Family Systems Op

Wizard op that generates a system list to your map and can be shared with your entire family. The cost for this op should be expensive and not easy to do (such as nukes). Cost of 50 morale per attempt and maybe 5x the normal octarine expenditure. If people want a yama, make them work for it!

  1. Create Planet List tool

In tools add an option to create a plist. Just paste in the list that you want and name it then populate it to the map in a dropdown menu.

Each specific list in the map should be able to be turned on/off through a command button on the map screen as well as a change color option.

Ok that is all that I can come up with for now. Overall I do think these changes would add more fluidity to the game. As well, I do not think that anything should be free in regards to information on other families. If you want a plist or system list it needs to cost you in some form to a varying degree based on the information being gathered.

Think of it this way. If I wanted to get information on a person in my city it would cost a lot less resources than if I wanted to get information on an entire company’s employees. The amount of time and effort to gather than information would be much higher. Same thing should apply to this. If your wizards are expected to search the entire galaxy and find information on an entire family it needs to be costly.


Your ideas revolve around the central idea of placing an importance on intelligence gathering (read: time) while removing implementations that have made some aspects of intelligence easier, perhaps too much easier.

While the idea of having to manually check systems, or using ops to do so, can give one family an advantage over another through planning and diligence; I don’t think that it represents the direction of the game. Pie has repeatedly stated that the move has been towards making tedious tasks simple which can allow players to focus more on overall strategy and gameplay. This step has been taken with the mass exploration feature, and mass attacking has been brought up numerous times.

Ultimately I think time spent (as a synonym for activity), while a valid method, is not the principal method for the game to let skill flow through and separate players.

As an aside from my own point of view and not necessarily a macro view of the game as above: I still have to check my map with ‘other families’ ticked and either use saved pictures or memory to see if other families have explored and where; or I still have to use excel to reference old family system lists against new ones. Though the time/activity required has been reduced, it is still existent.

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Actually I believe that my suggestions are not based around time at all. In fact, by having the map populate your ops for you I am saving you time in the overall scheme of things. As well, I am not asking for people to check every system for families. I am saying they can still see a list of family systems but have to pay an ingame price for the right to do so. I do not see how that is any different than getting a plist on a specific player?

No, I think you completely missed the mark on the basis for my idea. My idea streamlines all of the things that many players want (and some don’t of course) while only adding a cost to doing so. If every other action in the game requires some form of monetary cost, why shouldn’t a yama?

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are you important enough to put your name down :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what, you’re right.

I like his ideas now actually. It will add some skill or diligence to an otherwise simple function.
I think it could be perfected beyond what’s been written, of course, and eventually be a unique aspect.

Still not more important than fixing morale and attack bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

hyrdop smells :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the ideas as they reduce the advantage of very active players.

When the effort is registered, all in-game, for subsequent used, it levels playing field.

Active people, with free time, can use Map Analyzer external tool (does it still exist?), send a number of fleets, post them in forum for rest of family to utilize, etc… all “brute force”, less skills than brains.

Another thing, the automated recording and showing of PLists reduces need for players to save plists in software, text, spreadsheets. Saves time, helps sharing with family.


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I like a lot of this. @HydroP why not post it in the Ideas forum for voting?