Hey I played this game 16 years ago I have questions

So I noticed first off the races have changed slightly and rounds are like 99 years long know on some servers crazzy. I also noticed some races have a build called the income control office what does this building do? I can not find any information on it at all. And to everyone here. Heres a shut out to all the old milky way, virgo, galaxy players that may still play. Also is cf/to or Lq/to still viable options in the game. It seems like there is alot more solo players out there then there was when I was playing all those years ago. I woulder if anyone form holly trinity is still going strong

The only galaxy with that sort of length is Infinitum. The idea is that it will be never ending.

Income control office is no longer in the game. It does still show up in race description.

Those cf/to and LQ/to are still used in basically the same ways they were back then.

And yeah, more solo and SS stuff popping up more now than before. But MW is still the same old fam based farming galaxy you knew!

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This guide is outdated but it may help a little:

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Outdated is an understatement :frowning:

I remember that family name Holy trinity

Pull up some old hall of fame ranks

Thanks for quick responses. I hope all of you guys have a great day.

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