Don't play IC until they fix things

Dont bother playing untill they solve how to stop the top fams from starting an unprovoked war with the bottom fam and raping them untill the hole fam is inactive this game will never reach the highs it once had.

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People remember IC’s height through rose-tinted glasses. Farming was a problem then too.

If you have specific suggestions, you’re welcome to post them in #features.


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Farming was always a problem, as was so called honour, or lack thereof, but still it has gotten to silly levels lately. Mostly made worse by no protections, so big fams can take all the small fams planets… at least in the old days they would mostly stop when they started blowing them up

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There is no incentive to attack families of your own size. Planet gains will be minimal and you will just grind each other down while other families outgrow you. Best strategy to win size is to take them from lower families, too bad honor isn’t a ranking.

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Yes, I have said elsewhere that the current state of things is a direct reflection of the fact that size is seen as the main stat for a round win. It is not a simple fix though, as what do you use to rank fams? NW leads to infra-whoring, no one paid attention to the ranking system when it was around… and as you say honour is not a ranking; but even if it was, how would it be determined and how does that set win conditions?

Size and NW make the most sense as a ranking tool, as well as some way to combine the two, so who ever has the best size and nw over the round is top of the ranks. However, that doesn’t stop farming and infra-whoring. Really, the whole ruin small fams and new players rounds via farming is a community thing to fix… or we continue along with 50ish players, and play first to farm all round…

it is very unfortunate but the fam nw protection and individual nw protection were very important tools to keep farming at minimal, sure a big fam can still farm a smaller fam but now they can do it so easily if 1 big fam dont do it the other one will.

Stop farming in SS fam gal :slight_smile:
show honor :o

if you guys would let us have some of your nice core we wouldnt need to farm!

U are a fat old fart parrot go back to your friends in 74 and talk your shit there. Bunch of retards. Some i did not expect to have that low iq. We all make mistakes

These discussions were in the forum aswell when i played in 2004, i never engaged lol.
This game is a war game! There are allways losers!

The first week of a round allready defines who will be farmed and who will not, mostly the most active fams will have such a big lead of non active fams.

So why would you complain that you are getting farmed if the activity in your fam is so low that you almost decay all the resources that you are making each tick?

Well, Pie tries to stay away from IC for a while, so give him a break and meanwhile use the chance for an in depth discussion of what needs and can be done.

Protection against farming is only one side of it, the other is certainly incentive to attack somehow equally strong families and/or players. And this, please, without long rants about honour except in a way that it is hardcoded into the game. It should be also fun to play.

There are lots of ideas already out there, none of it seems to be THE solution, though, otherwise everybody would point to it all the time and demanding its coding.

So, heat up your brain cells, after all most of you are playing this game for an eternity so you know the in and outs of the game and there are also quite many who can code and give input about wether ideas are feasible to code or not.

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Im sure most people feel sorry for Pie.

No protection from farming the smaller guys is crazy. Everyone keeps saying they are inactive, not always the case a lot are trying to understand the game growth is slow therefore seem inactive, but after a raping from one of the top fams becoming inactive is a certainty and will they try again in another galaxy probably not.

This is a great game just need to even the playing field, I have no idea about coding or how this game is built so im sure its a big task but imagine if you could only attack within a close NW range to yourself or your family shit people would actually have to have some skill. Those that are new would only have to compete with the other “inactive” families.

Honer is something from centuries ago. Long lost to greed.