Also - @Prince_of_the_Galaxy Thank you for jumping in and saving the round, what you and @Pwvet did this round was stuff of legend imho.

^^ yw, although I did nothing this round besides ranting @ Cells and following his lead…occasionally =P

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@Airwing hey mate. It’s been a minute hasn’t it. Yeah we had some cracking rounds didn’t we :heart:

I want to play. But I’m not sure I’m feeling this illegal alliance stuff that I’m just reading up on. Dafuq is that about?..made IA legal and renamed it UA to make it look pretty LOL

And people are here moaning about honour and naps. With UA there is no honour left. So nap breaking or voiding is pretty irrelevant considering lol

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Na, it’s there.
Like I said, playing anonymous is gone after this round, the last half of this thread is just scapegoating.

Old concepts of honor doesn’t matter after this.

Which is actually fine - it is just out in the open now.

Quite a few of us believe that is why so many people are leaving - they can’t hide anymore.
That will make UA (agreed it is a stupid name for it, because it is now reality - pie says it is “here to stay”) a shit ton more difficult to pull off.

We all go into next round with clean slates.

We sure had some good rounds @Leeeeee :smiley:

The battle formula bugs + the whole UA thing is making me take break untill Pie finds some solutions… not worth it atm imo.

Everyone is talking about honor and is point fingers :stuck_out_tongue: but keep forgetting all the shady shit themself pulled this round:

@Darrk I had an independant NAP with you - You broker it not us. :stuck_out_tongue:

@WhiteShadow i had an independant NAP with your fam (PNAP) - you broke it not us. :stuck_out_tongue:

the only fams we had an allaince nap with was 92 and and 02/94.

The nap with 02/94 we broke, becouse of the bullshit their so called allaince guys were pulling in the background. like avoiding to sign ingame +++

Evidence here:

this round was a shitshow :stuck_out_tongue: we were all part of the show. get over it! :smiley:

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Yeh I mean i fully feel ur point of view. if I was in ur position @Airwing and a fam was refusing to sign ingame with me Dam right I would void that shit first before they do it. I would just be to paranoid otherwise :joy:

By the looks of it AW is right. This round was a complete mess by the looks of it. You all was a part of that. Get over it move on. It’s no ones fault but it’s happened nonetheless. Everyone’s pointing fingers but this whole concept is flawed and that is that.

@Darrk I don’t get what anon playing has anything to do with it. UA/IA the outcome of this new policy is the same wether someone plays anonymously or not. It’s juat shady and it’s broken.

@I_like_pie I really think you should remove this feature/rule. No IAs is what made IC unique. It’s the main rule in which everything else was built around. You take that out of the equation and your left with this, this situation. MW should not have it. Custom galaxies yes. MW nope :slight_smile:
You are removing the fundamental part which made IC fair. Level grounded.

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Think about it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

It doesn’t, it is gone for good.

Read up.

There is more to be sure.

I’m a firm believer that the old original galaxies like MW should just have original rules man. It just seems to complicated and broken at the moment.

Save the new rules for custom galaxies. Test galaxies and what not.

My opinion.

It has already been permanently changed.

In this thread:

Pie explained even he became a huge douche because he was hiding.

Gotta read it tho!

It is reality.

Too many changes for me to compute. I’m still reading up on them all to be fair.

My main point is you should all stop arguing. You’re all good dudes. A lot of the people on this thread flaming each other I had good relationships with I’ve played with and against you all.

I think MW should just be old school. No changes. Just originality.

Have other galaxies for all this other new stuff.

Diversity is the key here.

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Lol, you think those are big changes?

Wait till you see this crazy pile of awesome. :sunglasses:

Mate they are all well and good.

But as I say you should have at least one original galaxy with original standard rules.

Then ur new freaky weird stuff in new galaxies. (Weird to me as I’ve been gone years and years)

That way people have the option. Rather then being forced to play with how there not comfortable with. Ya kno?

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Only changes to MW are:

  1. No anonymous play.
  2. No IA (basically pie is fucking sick of policing it).
  3. Evolution. (Which he made because he isn’t investigating IA.

Pie is doing all kinds of cool shit on test with the rest.

Surprised pie has stuck it out with you all tbf. Anyone else would have run a mile. Guy deserves a medal or something to be fair. Legend in his own right but sometimes he’s too nice and tries to cater to much for the masses. Not a bad attribute to have tho.

Pie is stubborn as hell.

Howevers, Pielosophy is always a fun, and for the most part pretty fucking fair.

Welcome back @Leeeeee can’t wait for the next round to start.

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Glad to see things are cooling down a bit here. :slight_smile:

@Leeeeee there’s a bit of backstory on the UA thing, but in a nutshell the issue is that IC itself is inherently broken, and Stefan never got around to fixing underlying issues because the rule against IAs were a shield to hide behind.

It’s an easy scapegoat to say that the removal of the rule is causing problems, but really IC itself is the problem. The good news is, now that we are able to see this, we can start the good work to fix it. About 18 years too late, but better late than never. :slight_smile:

The other, more practical issue, is that it’s impossible to moderate fairly as people just dodge the rule by coordinating with external tools. No proof of communication = no block = smart cheaters get an advantage = the game is unfair and we can’t do anything about it.

The rule, while well-intended, has always been a band-aid that actually makes the game worse. With the rule gone, we are experiencing a period of acclimation that is painful but ultimately will benefit the game.

@RenegadeDamon the NAP-limit has some backstory too. At the time it was introduced, MW rounds would sometimes be stalled to the point where people would call for an early end weeks before the scheduled end. Complete with the same “IC is dead” but just different reasoning.

It’s the opposite problem we have now; if all this volatility makes us look bad now, back then the forums were pretty much dead which also made us look bad. It’s all a matter of balancing.

I will take the blame though, as any changes to features always bubble up to me. However, I think that feature worked pretty well before the UA change. My biggest mistake imo is not realizing sooner that NAP warning + break history would need to be a bigger priority. It is now though. :slight_smile:

There is also an item for Improved NAP terms, which is similar to what you describe.

As for people not changing, I am more optimistic about that. We have a huge challenge ahead of us but I know a lot of people here are good people and just get caught up in the heat of battle. I’ve done it myself.

Ideally, we can be friendly competitors without feeling that rage that IC can induce. IC needs to do its part to facilitate that behavior, which is indeed on me. I do believe we’ll get there. :slight_smile:

Speaking of good behavior, nobody was manually removed from the Think Tank. I don’t manage that, you guys do via flagging. It’s not a permanent thing either, players can get back into it after awhile, it just takes some time.


Dark, plz repost the list of Nap Breakers so we keep them fresh in my mind because I am old and might be getting old timers remembering disease.

So far as I can tell the list has already caused some of the nap breakers to leave the game which is a GOOD thing, means we already accomplished 1 part of the goal of policing nap breakers.

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@WhiteShadow -

Tho I personally think you are often hilarious.
It is prolly time to let this go. :heartbeat:

We got a whole new round starting soon, and sure we lost a few, and their might be truth to your words, but just like you or I - most will be back.

“The thirst always wins”



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In war, there is always love @SunTzu


SunTzu of Milkyway (#6504)

I was worried something had happened :slight_smile:


Mouse of Keyboard (#6491)

Yah, weekend sleep is important to me :slight_smile:

But thanks, I really do appreciate it, and no hard feelings back at ya.

PS: ask AW about me and pax :stuck_out_tongue:


SunTzu of Milkyway (#6504)

TBO never played with you before but you have been a pain in the ass. I mean that as a compliment not an insult. I always thought Paxes rocked and all other races were dirty in comparison. If I had to offer advise. You sleep in too much and miss a few hours of OH in the euro morning.

No hard feelings I hold no ill will towards your fam. Good job and dont let Paxes down.


WS, you broke a nap this round. You are also a nap breaker. On top of that you made multi accounts and cheated.

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