Game is moving extremely slow

Extremely long load times, confirmed others are having the same problem

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Yeah I noticed that too - just thought it was me working from home but glad someone else spotted it!

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45+ second load times … this is horrendous

same here :frowning:

it seems like this is an issue every war … how is this game going to support 1000’s of players when it crashes when 15 people are actively playing.

It is clear the fleet sender is causing the issues … maybe make a 5 second wait time in between clicks… this problem has been going on far too long to not have been addressed.

Ic picked the wrong time to be fucked up when wars are going on

the wars are causing the slowdowns

There are like 6 of us actively partaking… The game shouldn’t grind to a standstill over it.

@Lord_Pickle we turned the fleet senders off and it made no difference, the usage on them is also logged and it is borderline insignificant. You guys aren’t sending 1000s of fleets a second, you’re sending double digits at best. Thats the equivalent of clicking the family page 10/20 times in a row.

That’s not to say there isn’t something in the pipeline of registering an attack server side that is far more expensive than it should be, or when the attack button is clicked whatever goes on in the background is carrying a large burden on the server, the requests for attacks are queued and it grinds everything to a halt. Just pure guesswork for all of us though, but we did what we could to check it wasn’t the fleet senders.

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need to test it some more, but if you use fleet sender, if you try to cover up infil, if you load things too many times, you will be flagged as trying to DDOS or Direct Denial of Service to the server by Cloudflare, and will be Temporary IP banned for 10-20 minutes at a time. My worry is Pie switched the game to a Free Tier =)

The game is still moving extremely slow 4 days later … we aren’t even actively sending a bunch of fleets anymore.

Any word from S̶t̶e̶f̶a̶n̶ Pie? This seems beyond server overuse.

Round will continue as is until the end, for better for worse.

How about complaining to your server provider that you are paying too much?


When the page 404’s it always show the problem is coming from the host (Pie). I dunno but this seems like the end of Imperial Conflict. Whatever momentum the game gained from all of these newbies is surely gone with the game being unplayable for almost 2 weeks now. Just shut the game down.

I kinda feel the same to be honest. Now there’s even a security error :confused:

Its running great again.

Thanks for resolving :slight_smile:

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