Dev Updates for June 2020

What we’ve done

Ever since IC became nearly unplayable in May/June we’ve stopped nearly all other work and have focused our efforts on performance issues.

Since then:

  • We’ve improved our worst performing pages to be over 90% faster.
  • We’ve identified and removed unneeded pages and requests.
  • We’ve set up a diagnostic tool to help us maintain these gains and to improve further.

What we still have to do

While this is great news, our average page speeds are still well behind industry standards. We are going to therefore stay focused on this effort. This will happen in 3 parts, with clear metrics and goals:

  1. We are going to perform a game-wide audit to complete our assessment of features and functionality that can be safely (and temporarily) removed without disrupting core gameplay.

  2. We are going to upgrade our tech stack to ensure that our technical dependencies are stable and secure.

  3. We are going to optimize our code until website interactions can be completed in under 1 second on average.

This will remain our primary focus, which means all changes to game functionality are still on hold while we continue to work on web functionality.

Thank You

Thank you to everybody who has helped. In particular, @Soull for helping me manage the work, any players who were on the Release Team or who were Mentors, and anybody who has been reporting bugs and site issues.

Lastly, thank you for playing Imperial Conflict and being patient while we work to improve our game and community.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you.