Manthano is ending

As recently mentioned, #infinitum will soon be opening alongside #milky-way-69.

It is therefore time to say goodbye to our good friend, #manthano.

It’s been swell!

Manthano started a little over a year ago, in Jan 2018. It served an important purpose for new and retired players alike to play a more relaxing game, free from aggression, where players could hone their economic chops.

Unfortunately, while relaxing, it didn’t prove to be particularly useful as a training tool. It has since fallen mostly out of use.

The Short recurring econ-only galaxy will serve the need for econ training in a more direct way, for both new players and just any player who wants to practice.

So we bid you farewell, old pal! Thanks for the relaxation!

Final tick will be at Tuesday, April 2, 2019 @ 17:00 GMT. Same as #milky-way-68.