Forum votes lack representation

I like pie, I follow your thinking about you saying I was doing what players fb was but if only a small part of the players voted, that isn’t really representative. There are days I don’t visit forum, no time, no energy, no …

A vote with less than 50% of the players voting should be void…

Hi @Drooms, we’re aware of the representation issue and have plans to integrate polls into the game directly.

Until then, some player feedback is better than none. Players are welcome and encouraged to share the polls here with their family members as well.



to give more then 2 options to vote sometimes leads to a result where a minority of the total votes won…

thats why in democratic elections often follows a run-off vote to make sure the majority wins

That might also be a good idea, with a vote keep top idea’s and revote until there is a clear winner (70% majority with at least 50% representation?)

I see what you’re saying here, however if people don’t want to vote, and we implement rules such as “50 % of players have to have voted”, then there is a danger that we may never get anywhere.

Much like in politics, if people want to shape their future, then they have to participate.

Have an option with I have no opinion about this?

I mainly don’t always vote because don’t have time to read up on everything or don’t want to really think about it at that time, … Sometimes I see the poll way too late as I don’t have any time

in my opinion people love to vote, if u make it easy for them. if a poll would pop up when u login nearly everybody would vote