Feature: Family Groups in Forum

You can now access forum groups for your current family, along with any past families. These groups are private, meaning the only people who can see them are staff and the members of families themselves.

This feature will only work for the classic server, as family IDs are not unique across game servers, which means group names wouldn’t be either.

You can see a list of your groups below:


This is a requirement for family forums to work, but it has other uses as well:

  1. Group messages between your family members is now possible. You can message everybody in your family by going to your inbox, and starting a new message addressed to @1234 where 1234 is your family number.

  2. Related to the above, you can now have a group message with your family and the @moderators if necessary.

  3. You can now more easily stay in touch with former family members, and keep talking to your family after the round ends.

Regarding Anonymity

The way the empires and forum accounts link together removes any anonymity between family members. You will, however, remain anonymous to those outside of your family.

This is a technical restriction, not an intended behavior. It has been deemed a reasonable tradeoff and is also a requirement for family forums to work.



This is great! Thank you! Sometimes you want to still talk to the people from your old fam and this makes it easier .

Nice, I saw that yesterday and wondered if I’d break it if I posted… :joy:

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Your awesome pie

I actually ate some apple pie in your honor last night @I_like_pie


Sounds tasty! :pie:

Those “Pie fixes everything” signs are onto something…

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