Feature: Family Forums are back!

Family Forums have made their return!

This time around, their management is fully automated. There’s no need to message staff to be added or anything like that. It should just work. :slight_smile:

You should see a new link in your empire nav for “Family Forums”:


Here you can discuss in private anything and everything that pertains to your team.

Some notes

  1. This will only work for the classic server.

  2. After the round is over, your family forum will be moved to an archive to keep your category list clean.

    • This is just for organizational purposes, you will still be able to use it if you want.
  3. If any of your family members haven’t yet verified their email to use the forums, they won’t be able to access it until they do.

That’s it! Enjoy!


Side note;

If you have a forum ban you are also banned from family forums until it is lifted.