Family #6151 has been assimilated!

Here’s how it worked

The empires within #6151 were migrated depending on their (networth) rank within their family. Their #1 empire went to the new bottom ranked family, their #2 empire went to the family above that, and so on, looping back around until all the empires found their new homes.

In other words:

  • the top family received a smaller empire
  • the new bottom ranked family received the biggest boost
  • smaller families received 2 new empires
  • top families received 1 new empire + 1 open spot

Race Changes

Given the new family makeups, we are accepting race change requests for the newly migrated empires for the next 48 hours.

If you are one of those players and want to do this, please send us a message here:

Defense Stations

The old defense stations are still there, but are now “orphaned”. They still belong to the now disbanded family, and cannot be controlled or moved. However, they are still protecting their systems.

Further Assimilations

We are not currently planning to assimilate the next bottom family, but this may change. We are actively monitoring the situation to gauge the impact of this update.

Your feedback is welcome, but please keep it constructive.

Thank you, and good luck everybody.

This should get interesting, tbh I would like to see assimilation keep going to the point the top fam 50 actually has a rival…

Yeah, #6150 is running away with it at this point. Assimilating the next 2 bottom fams could give the other top 4 fams a collective boost to pose a new threat.

but u know family structure builds up over time? this rounds bottom fam might be the next rounds top-3 family when its proper managed and people trust eachother etc

Yep, we’re aware of that. This isn’t a game-wide change, just something we’re doing in MW64 right now, as the players voted for. Next steps are to be determined based on what happens as the round continues.

why it always has to be the bottom fam? assimilate the top fam!!! that would give lots of shared systems and fun play. dont go for the littles only, i want vote for assimilation of 6150, then we dont have that one OP family, good players get distributed to ALL fams and we all have fun again :grinning:!!!

ah, u love democracy so make a poll, i am sure all players will vote for this (except 6150)

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50 full of gays. U sure u want them in ur fam?

Good idea!

This feature was a total flop.

You gave us a big player, ressie, who is now far away from rest of the family. As an attacker, I have no chance to defend him. Closest planets are 17 ticks away. Now attackers who are usually not the biggest empires in the fam (ressies and bankers are usually the big ones), ended up in other fams and are tearing apart the big guy you moved to our small fam. We can’t help him enough to fight of those attackers. He is quitting now.

You gave us small fams only target empires for enemies.
This feature helps only those mid-ranked fams who get the attackers from assimilated family.
You also make big bankers and ressies only targets for attackers. That is like backstabbing them and they may even leave the game for good for that.

I am disappointed. Thanks for nothing. :frowning:

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hey Zanharim, long time no see!

he has a valid point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for your feedback @Zanharim. Let’s keep this constructive:

Do you think it would help if there was a post-migration protection window? Perhaps 48 hours to allow for adjustments? Do you feel like Attack-Free Planet Passing would help?

Let’s remember the overall point too: people in the bottom ranked families often say specifically that they’re going to quit because they see no point, or worse; don’t say anything at all and just go inactive. This is evident in that the inactive script deletes far more empires in the bottom families than elsewhere.

Some people who quit as a result of this may have quit anyway. How can we attain the benefits of this feature while negating the issues you describe? Do you think this idea at its core, announced mid-round or otherwise, is without merit?


48hr protection or attack-free planet passing means big families get into assimilated fam’s core with portals and after that, big fams just take over the area and small fams stay small

Giving assimilated fam’s active attackers to the smallest fams would allow them to take over assimilated fam’s ex-core area more easily. Ressies and bankers could have a chance to defend until cavalry arrives, but in worst case, if their ex-attackers would just farm them to nothing, at least they would have a new family, which should appreciate their possible activeness and maybe pass some planets to them for cheaper infra compared to already big empires.

Was my thought as well when I heard about the assimilation plans with bigger guys going to smaller fams, I thought great we need an attacker but probably not will end up with an attacker.

Don’t see how assimilation can really work out well even with extra’s the only thing I can quickly come up with is with drastic stuff like: 48hr protection, during this time give them a chance to race change, delete all infrastructure on the planets (what are you with banking buildings if you need to go attacker for you family, and you are less likely to change if you are fully built, allow a certain% of planets to attack free planet pass in the family… Something like that might make things interesting but economy of the big families are going to end up making them the winners. Assimilation can’t really work out in any good way the way I see it

that wont work. my opinion is that bankers can only be assimilated from neighbouring families otherwise they are doomed. we also got a banker and it worked well. but how to assimilate successfully someone who is 20 ticks away?

Yeah the outcome was as expected for a random distribution, unless they are protected by naps in the family they arrive in they will just get torn apart by there former attackers who have shares with them.

They would need at least 72 hours protection to trade and portal, even that might not be enough depending on travel times.
They also need protection from the time of the announcement as well, as other wise people try to clear them before a random family ends up on your doorstep.

Still i suspect that some of the players are happy with their move, was it overall net positive or negative?

Another idea i had was just merge the bottom two fams each week maybe once you hit the midway point of the round. That shouldn’t require a new feature to be developed?

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New nasty side-effect: Now everyone wants to have portals right in the smallest fam’s core. Just to wait for assimilation to happen. Hunting season is open. You just made smallest fam even juicier target for big fams. Of course they could get a NAP after enemy has secured good spread over the core, but the process to get there is not nice. It includes a lot of bending over…


That gives your family free spread 20 ticks away. Assuming it naped to most like most fams are you can then transfer spread to fam members and now have spread on other familys while protecting the new player

yes ok, but that doesnt solve the problem that a big banker is less worth then an attacker who share systems with this big banker. but now the big banker is going to the little fam and the attacker going to the bigger fam. so who got the grand prize now???

Let’s clear this up:

It’s getting a bit old. I get that some people didn’t want this change, but clearly more did. I myself moved with what the majority wanted.

So no, I didn’t just make anybody a juicier target. Your fellow players did, because that’s what the majority wanted. You have valid points but they would be more clearly expressed without the scapegoating.


I meant that as you, the community. I am aware of the vote. Of course you, the owner, made the final decision. I didn’t mention you by the name there for a reason.

I also brought up new info about the feature and how it affects gameplay. That is my opinion of it anyway. If it is not valuable, then ignore it. Now you’re shooting the messanger too.