Family 53 vs 55 War

Press Release: Family 53 has war dec’d 55 over their desire for planets… The past 3-4 days they have been trying to get portalled in 55 systems with zero success, apparently, they like to ping pong planets with 55, as thats all they have done.

Since we really only have 3 weeks left until the end of the round, this war will likely end up being the last big war either will have. So i am sure both sides will have as much fun as they can. Jets has already vowed to fight to the end, echo-ing my claim, we will do the same…

Friends war, will be fun. No holds barred. Bragging rights til the next round on the line… and we know how that goes!! :beers:

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5 #7055: [13,87] 686 9,082,588 71,172,479

6 #7053: Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit [9,39] 669 13,127,217 80,418,109

Nai tried to sugercoat this and he talks like he knows what we been doing. 53 has tried to minimize 55 loses ,but as Nai stubbornness is getting the best of him. This will now become a bloodbath with 55 getting the worst of it. It didn’t have to come to this. I been honorable ,but Evil Jets is making his return and Nai 7055 has unleashed the monster within.

A 3 week war. Convenient. :bowing_man:

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You could declare on both us @HydroP

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live the beenie hat… mine are actually maize and blue for Michigan Wolverines… just saying.

What i might add, is, they are up a few planets, but no systems, its just a matter of us finish off our retakes. They are gonna waste so much trying to get so little… if anything for all this… so, only thing left for either of us, is to just have fun. We’ll op and we’ll retake, and we’ll reportal til the cows come home… we have no shares, thats pretty much all it will ever be.

Camaar 1,577,984 8 57,280

Abusing the morale feature by jumping the 8 planet empire. Flamed whiteshadow for doing this and then use it yourself. haha

Its cuz that how the rules are… i hate it… but its a tool… i posted a fix in the ideas section… take a read…

There is a fix. drop a player to 8 planets and clear him…

This whole war is over 4 systems lol I don’t know man I like that you guys are putting up a fight. ,but you will lose even more portals. Even more infra as the days go on. Is it worth it or is it better to cut your loses and stay intact. Live to fight another day.

Current update.

Time Family Name Planets NW
Start 2053 Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit 686 13,127,217
Now 2053 Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit 658 14,195,402
-28 1,068,185
Start 2055 686 9,082,588
Now 2055 697 10,956,110
+11 1,873,322

Not his style. Contrary to what some may think

The Slut loves a fair fight.

Me however :thinking::thinking::crazy_face:

Gluck to both sides. Friends in both! :love_you_gesture:

I really thoguht jets fam would do more with the round then just beat a fam who has clearly shown to be losers in every war and not even there leader wanted to play with them after infrawhoreing to first NW

Congrats on taking planets from our smallest player. Your first busted portals. Only took how many days.

we are reacting as fast as you act… so, meh… you want things to go faster… your the one setting the pace… hell we are still jumping out guys thru all this.

Nai when are we gonna end this fake war. I will settle for 680 planets as a fam make up the difference and we can have peace.

we can let you keep the 2 systems i mentioned in discord. Or - they are easy retakes for us, and we just keep ping ponging this war… otherwise… the status quo is our counter offer.

War over confirmed. Was fun

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Final War Update.

Time Family Name Planets NW
Start 2053 Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit 686 13,127,217
Midwar 2053 Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit 658 14,195,402
End 2053 Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit 660 15,386,765
FINAL -26 2,259,548
Start 2055 686 9,082,588
Midwar 2055 693 10,956,110
End 2055 694 10,860,925
FINAL +7 1,778,337

Obviousily here was some attention paid to 53 from outside parties… but the war in and of itself was fun… they got 1/2 their goal… 2 system with position and shares with other targets, and we gained a few planets from other systems, so we also gained a little spread.

Was a fun war, and we enjoyed it! Thanks 53 for being good sports!

Not 100% accurate because before war. Planet counts were different. Good war. Was fun.