False core systems

btw i think there is something bugged with morale(core systems)

For an example, i sent fleet to a player, i checked, before sending it was 12% morale.
I sent fleet for 4 planets, once fleet was arrived, 2 of those planets, morale was 24%, on rest 2 fleet morale for still 12%

For some reason, game still thinks it is core system there, but when i cancel fleet, and re-send it, its back 12%

Were any war declarations involved during any of those checks?

Yes war declaration declared long time ago(effect kicked in)

Hmm…now if i compare that same system, old map vs new map.

Then new map shows 24% morale, old 12%, but it isnt a core system, hm

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That’s helpful, thanks. Will see what I can find.

Can u give me quick link where i can re-read how core systems work? Maybe i can see why it happens and help you out.
I tried to search but i didnt find what i need, lol

I dunno off hand, can’t find anything either. I added How do cores work? so others can help describe it.

I’ll PM you regarding your fleets so you don’t have to give details publicly. :+1:

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Thanks for the help in PM. There was a bug that was wrongly identifying certain systems as cores when they weren’t

It has been fixed.

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