Expo Ship Limit Increase


Hi folks.

The simple question is…

Do you think the number of expo ships we can build per day should be increased dramatically?

My thinking here is…

If you could build a lot more expo ships per day.

Then that would mean a small number of players could fill a huge map quicker.

That basically means a small number of players could play on huge maps with loads of systems and planets, but explore them quick enough.

This in turn leads to…

More planets / more income / more population / bigger fleets / bigger wars / bigger empires.

Can 40 players fill a HUGE MAP in a month?

They can if they can build a lot more expo ships.

The general idea being it allows the smaller number of players to play at bigger levels.

In the old days a family could have 2,3,4,5 bankers piling cash into the family, now a family maybe has 1 or 2 bankers if that. Like its really hard for 1 banker to replace 3 or 4 bankers from the olden days, so if we can build more expo ships we can build that 1 banker bigger.

That if 1 banker needs to do the work of 3 or 4 bankers from the olden days then that 1 banker needs to be twice the size or whatever.

Guess I like the really big maps. The more planets the bankers and recourse guys can get the bigger the battles / bigger the stakes / bigger the fun.

Maybe I’m wrong but in my eyes been able to build more e-ships would just allow a smaller number of players to play on much bigger maps and have bigger battles.

What do you think, should the daily e-ship amount be changed?

Allowing us to play on much bigger maps / bigger battles, ECT.

I agree with this and other posts regarding decreasing build times/costs - we need to do more to reduce the explo phase of the round.

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The map isn’t always huge. Round before last there were a solid 4 weeks left after explo phase.

I think the issue with last round is that we didn’t fill the galaxy and had a lot of inactives. If the galaxy was full last round and everyone built their 8 a day, expo phase would have ended way sooner.

I think a better alternative is changing the explo building limit to a family limit instead of empire limit. This allows fams with less players to still be able to keep up. So if there are 8 slots in the fam but only 4 members, each empire should be able to build 16 eships instead of 8 for example.


ooooo Pickle this is a good idea. It would also allow bankers to build more expo’s and not need to rely on their attackers from expo’ing for them. Role is attacker not colonizer. If there is a family limit then fams can dictate how many each person can build in a day. The other option could be a galactic event that increases the number of daily expo built during that time.

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I recall seeing this idea floated before, though I can’t remember if it was the forums or the Discord. Either way, I like the idea of making it a fam limit, too.

Families with fewer players still have to contend with having fewer initial starting resources, so hitting expo cap may still be a challenge, but it gives them a chance to keep up on size and production once their infra is in order.

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We played a few rounds once with no expo cap, many explored to fast but it was a nice change. Maybe just do something like that again if you run a larger map

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We tried this in MW 74

Expo phase was very quick, wars were fought, then we had 3 more weeks of the round left.

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Seems like Andro 51 may be similar :rofl:

Instead of making expo player or specifically fam dependent, why not blend this idea. This will avoid small players mass exploring cheap for the bigger players while still enabling fams to all have the same number of exploration ships per day.

So something to govern the amount of expo ships per person based on the max number of players and current number in fam. So if 4 players get 48 max a day which is 12 each, if a fam has 2 members, they get 48 a day which is 24 each.

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