You now have the ability to change your race mid-round. This is available to test now for those in #infinitum, and will be available for #milky-way-68.

This is in addition to the pre-round and post-48-hr-from-creation race changes that are already available.


When eligible, you will find the following option on your empire settings page:

Evolutions will show up in fam and personal news.


Milky Way 67 Review

Thanks pie @I_like_pie


U know the 48 hour race change thing u implemented last round? Will that be gone now? And replaced with this?

Like a last minute joiner can they change there race twice including both those options?


Nevermind i read the " conditions "

Explains clearly



Fwiw, I’m also trying to get a fix in to curb repeat post-SoR changes in that 48 hour window. It will likely be in the form of a single-use limit for free (non-evo) race changes after the round starts.

So an extra race change would still be possible for late pre-round joiners, but only once. This is a reasonable tradeoff for the disadvantage and risk of joining pre-round late.

A more long term solution will be to have post-round non-evo race changes also reset the empire entirely, but that’s more complicated and won’t be ready by #milky-way-68.

How are race changes handled in the first 48 hours of the round?

Most dope thing to happen to the game since the introduction of Camar and Reva, and the most impactive impactful since CF’s went from 6 to 8.

Unlike the CF thing, more than one person will use it for 6 rounds.

Very well done OverPie.


This has been added and we are now Limiting non-evolution race changes after the round starts.