Milky Way 67 Review



@Darrk Like i said ur either with us next round or we are going to illegally ally for life next round!!!


Why not just regular Ally?
Is that like not a thing anymore?


@Darrk were too cool for that legal shit bro


whatcha mean 150% it went up after he lost that planet
if i want to do an op on your man it costs me 215% :joy::rofl:


Shumi I think that’s called capitalism at its best haha


I think maybe your whole fam should just hand us the planets
Then your whole fam is safe from attacks cuz noone can afford to attack you anymore


Now that sounds like socialism.

Do you work for Bernie Sanders or that ignorant wet behind the ears young bimbo Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lol


I have no idea who that are
But im dutch so it must be the VOC mentality :stuck_out_tongue:


for me

-4 week round
-no cancel naps only 2 perm naps max


Terrible idea. The best wars are always cancellation wars and you want to get rid of them lol


yes would like to see what a round of not napping everyone who takes a portal from you or hits a banker would look like. estage use to be the most fun part of the round. now people nap build 20M fleets and fight. thats not much skill and either is building infra until your one war of the round.


Your definition of skill is quite rigid. It takes a lot more skill to plan and fight a cancel war than a tick war does. And infra building is a skill game as well which is why you see certain fams catch up at different stages of the round.

No, tick wars mean less planets gained/lost which leads to boring wars and boring rounds. Long wars also lead to falling behind in eco while other fams are building and result in your fam getting tanked on by a fam who managed to avoid fighting.

Naps are necessary and fun


Agreed. ^^^^^^^

We begged 63 and other fams for a nap without cores for good cancel wars but they were afraid of our fams attackers and said no.


@I_like_pie bro can we get an idea of what the settings will be for next round.

It would make things easier to organize people if there are drafts slots etc. Otherwise we gotta wait till last minute and some players who wanna play wont be back in time etc etc. Just easier is all. Whenever you get a chance, that would be great!

Stay in family?
Estimated sor?



/me votes up dat @HellRaizeR post ^^^


Rough plan for now:

  • keep fam size and draft count the same
  • no stay in fam (this isn’t supported anymore for technical reasons)
  • sor ideally 3 days after MW67 ends
  • 1 Evolution per empire
  • UA fully legal




Thanks @I_like_pie :love_you_gesture:


Thank you all for your feedback!

The plan right now is to open #milky-way-68 in about a day.

In the meantime, while you wait, it would be awesome if you could do one or more the following:

  1. Respond to @HydroP’s thread about your family’s experience this round: Milky Way 67 Historical Review (By the Players).

    • This is from your point of view. All the juicy details, be them good bad or ugly. Opinions very welcome.
  2. Add to your family’s page in #ic-wiki. If it doesn’t exist, feel free to create it!

    • Similar to above, but more objective and non-opinionated, something we can all look back on later as a snapshot of events this round that we can all agree happened, even if we disagree about what they meant.
  3. Check out and add info to the wiki page for Milky Way 67.

    • This is for any details you’d like to add about the round in general, or other families besides your own.

Thanks, and see you soon for MW68!

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