Emergency MW61 Morale Update

Due to an urgent bug, we are changing the morale formula to use the classic empire-and-planet based formula.

It hasn’t yet been determined if this is a temporary or permanent fix.

When will it be in place? At the time of this post, or a soon to be determined time?

If I followed the other post, I’d have my answer.

The change has been made; MW is now running “Classic” morale. I’ll post again in a few days regarding what we do for the rest of the round.

Thanks for the feedback everybody.

My fam has been at war almost since SOR, and we have made decisions based on modern morale rules. Changing now, I think, changes the face of our fight and now have made our decisions sub optimal :frowning:

I struggled through that terrible morale problem for most of the round and here u go and make life easier for others… :stuck_out_tongue:

We can’t realistically wait for 100% of players to respond to an urgent situation. A quick decision was needed on this one, so I got what feedback I could given the timing.

Thanks for playing, we’ll be here if you decide to return.


As if the situation was any fair at all… I could do attacks on planets for 8% morale, yet CPFF’ing a portal would cost me 100% morale. The situation was ridiculous…

I think you made the right call, thanks for fixing the problem Pie :slight_smile: