Morale is bugged in mw

This is what it shows when i check details on planet:

This is what i get when triggering same tick

Same applies to ops.

Yeh I’ve had the same happening. My fams about to go to war but with these kind of penalty’s what’s the point. One or two attacks and morale is nerfed

Thanks for posting, this is a pretty nasty one.

Unfortunately I’ve got classes today and full work tomorrow. We can either sit on this or change out to classic morale formula until it gets fixed.

If I were playing I’d prefer the second option, but I’m less effected so my opinion is a bit skewed. Let me know what you guys think:

  • Temporarily change morale to “Classic” formula (empire planet count based)
  • Don’t mess with it

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Either way I will fix it ASAP but likely won’t get to it until 2 days from now at the earliest.

Could it just be the new map is showing Classic and the rest of the game is showing Modern?.. Either way Modern morale sucks and it should be completely removed from the game :smiley:


Agreed, I think future rounds may lose this as an option. It seems to routinely cause more trouble than it’s worth, even when working correctly.

Well as I said my fam goes to war, in 24 hours, a cancellation war.
Can u at least puase the galaxy until you fix it, or will you do a rollback as this is going to really suck.

Change to classis is probably most easy fix

Yeah, pausing a single galaxy might cause other issues, and similarly rollbacks have to happen game-wide, which would goof up SN.

Given the urgency here, I’m gonna just go ahead and swap to Classic unless anybody had a very strong reason not to. I should be able to make that change in a few hours.


Classic suits me.

Only new map is bugged, everything works fine and correctly with old one, like always.
For new map being bugged, isnt a reason to change galaxy settings. Everyone just need to use old map.

If u send fleet with new map, u dont lose more morale than sending from old map.

In the middle of the round?


I’d say they can use old map if it isn’t an issue.

The old map isn’t officially supported, even if the new map has a bug that isn’t present with the old one.

Given that, having everyone use the old map isn’t an acceptable solution, and our position from a dev standpoint is that this is game-breaking and worthy of a galaxy-wide setting change at least in the short term but possibly for the long term as well.

Note this isn’t only a map bug, it’s also a morale bug. A possible and likely permanent fix here is just removing the modern morale option altogether.

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The change has been made; MW is now running “Classic” morale. I’ll post again in a few days regarding what we do for the rest of the round.

Thanks for the feedback everybody.

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