Have any of you guys played Ectroverse (the open-source spin-off from IC)? Its like IC but faster, ticks are 10min instead of 1hour, and some other changes too ofc.

Looks like its hosted again:

What are you doing trying to end this game. Spam. Delete spam

Malo’s game! <3

i’ve only just came back here, no chance i’m trying to play another one of these, my supervisor is suspicious enough about my computer activity :grin:
funny how one of the races in that game is called foohon though is @I_like_pie aware of this copyright infringement?

lol this game was out a long time ago also Willie. We all pretty much tried it out. some loved the fast ticks.

@I_like_pie helped develop Electroverse, like 18 years ago.

Not a surprise at all that whoever is running it now (Malorean?) would give a shout out to 'ole ilpy.

Ectro is open source anyone can own it now. A old buddy of mine reopened it a few months back and is testing the waters. Pie and everyone is aware of it, its old school and has been around for years on and off since the origanal owner past away

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RIP Mal.

I do recall testing it a bit, but I don’t believe I wrote any code. Still though, was and still is a great concept. :+1:

I always saw it as more of an honor! :smiley:

Btw @Jets we did fast ticks here last year too, they were a blast! 1-min ticks in particular, phew! What a game.

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@I_like_pie - Mal passed away? :cry::cry:


No i cant remember his ic name tbh or ectro name but hes on my fb since 2014 so we use to play a lot together haha

Vladimir is his name this is the running fb group

Haha wow i went looking for my old log info and found either my original ic account or my ectro account. I forgot i use to go by blastomia

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I used to go under names Thor and Twilight World in Ectroverse. In IC I played like 15 years ago :slight_smile: And yeah it’s me hosting EV now. Wanted to learn/practise the C language, so thought why not run EV again, its been down for like 5 years now.

Last people who ran it were Necrologan and Eva. During 2013-2014?
And it years 2007-2010 it was by Helliens, and Blue d?
Before that - not sure.

If you guys could step by and play a bit, that’d be cool. Its a fun game, but needs some players to be fun.

Always thought that IC needs to be faster than 1 hour :slight_smile:
Btw, the first 2 test round we had 10 second ticks, lol :smiley:
Might have that again some time…


That’s awesome @thor11, thanks for taking the initiative to bring it back. :+1:

IC did run faster ticks last year, but I had to retire those servers. It’ll come back when we Split the Tick on a single server, but like everything else it will take time.

I can’t play EV myself, I barely have time to play IC and dev too, but if you ever wanna chat about any aspects of running a game please feel free to get in touch. :slight_smile:

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@thor11 Did you go by “President Thor” ? back in the day in IC?

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Aww thats how i know you haha you were my teacher of ectro, well you and groundation

Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW, what happened to “Stefan” he was the mysterious prorgammer behind this game 15 years ago. Is that you, or the game changed admins, or was he never existing? :slight_smile:

Nah, that’s someone else.

Yeah, forgot your ev nickname as well :stuck_out_tongue: Groundation, yea, that rings a bell.

Stefan is real. :slight_smile: Ownership changed hands a few years ago.

There are some details about it here. :+1:

@I_like_pie u may like to know that my allegiance is only to you and I have never played this other game. This is indeed important news for all to know

@Translucent, a pie for your loyalty! :pie:

@thor11, I added a wiki entry for Ectroverse, feel free to build that page out a bit.

It would be nice to get more info on that extension of our community, and a nice looking wiki page might get you some more players too. :slight_smile: