I finally saw this thread and have logged onto Ectroverse.
Unfortunately, the current round has ended and there is no word on when the next one will start.
My email address is
If anyone has any info, please contact me.

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Is it me your looking for.

Yah that’s all I know from that song :man_shrugging:t2:

And I couldn’t find anything about the game status, I looked. Sorry.

Undead do you remember xxit and troll alliance

Not really. Who was they? Other names?

I honestly dont remember other names that were used

Ectroverse was a lonnnnng time ago lmao

It ran sometime last year. I want to know when it will run again.

Don’t we all :frowning:

Hey, since some people wanna play it, I’ve reset the round. Will launch it on 10th of January.


Launched a 10-sec fast tick!

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Are you maintsing and ectroverse server🤔

Yeah its up and running

we also have a disord channel now