Early war: 7738 v 7741


Sugar & Spice (7741) has declared war on us.

3 #7741: Sugar & Spice [18,41] 776,210 275 1,459,407
8 #7738: Forever Young [1,60] 363,665 160 878,534

Political Map at T-115 (closest I got for pre-war declaration)

State of play:

7741 captures all 7738 early expos to north of 7738 Home System (1,60) claim “core cleaning.” 7738 do not settle for this and retake losses. Several days of ping pong later and a sneaky camaar expo into the heart of 7741 territory by 7738, 7741 declare war and raid 7738’s bankers


Rank Family Networth Planets Population
3 #7741: Sugar & Spice [18,41] 888,684 303 1,565,899
8 #7738: Forever Young [1,60] 322,080 131 749,835

Also for reference, the current political map

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Rank Family Networth Planets Population
1 #7741: Sugar & Spice [18,41] 1,007,002 327 1,791,058
8 #7738: Forever Young [1,60] 336,147 135 807,024

Family Captures   

38 planet(s) Family Captures #7741

Family Defeats   

66 planet(s) Family Defeats
3 planet(s) Defeats blown up #7741

7741 are up 31 Planets

This round is a playground bully paradise…

Let’s hope they get their arses kicked by the other top fams


I should provide an update as thus is still going on

Rank Family Networth Planets Population
3 #7741: Sugar & Spice [18,41] 1,503,557 468 2,629,099
8 #7738: Forever Young [1,60] 332,656 105 813,233

Family Captures   

53 planet(s) Family Captures #7741

Family Defeats   

93 planet(s) Family Defeats #7741

Defeats blown up   

17 planet(s) Defeats blown up #7741

7741 are up 61 planets

Only 5x the nw. Must be a thrilling fight

Has been super close the whole time…

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I really don’t understand this position you’re taking where you’re making out as if we are farming you ruthlessly, the story isn’t how you’re making it out to be.

The facts are this:

We made offers to sort out the core infringements and, as the nature of the game goes - you kinda have to accept the conditions of the bigger family such is life, or take the consequences - you’ve chosen the latter. We were very fair and offered the nap.

You then decided to explore our core so we decided stronger action was appropriate. P.s. tell your bankers to make lasers in a round with 0 attack delay.

Continuing on, we have made multiple attempts to end this and offered original existing terms of the NAP. Multiple. Times. Which you rejected. The final response we got from you was sarcastically asking for 200 planets for a nap.

So what choice do we have? Just stop and then allow you to save up and op us for the rest of the round in retaliation? No, we opt for continuing to attack until you come to your senses, agree to a perm nap and continue on with the round.

So let’s just drop this whole “Woe is me” attitude please, it’s of your own doing having been fair and offered multiple chances for this to all stop.

My one and only request was your “core” wasn’t tight next to our home system… you know giving us actual room and space to grow and play… attacking us in systems closer to us than you on t12 or whatever it was and putting us into pmode after the first wave of expos isn’t giving us a round… what do you expect us to do? Roll over and just give you planets?

Either way, you’re making out as if we’re farming you because we’re being unfair and unreasonable when that’s clearly not the case. We’ve tried multiple times to resolve this.

Unfortunately, if a bigger fam wants certain systems then unfortunately you yeild or fight; and then take the consequences. You chose the latter option and are now moaning about it in the forums. There’s plenty of round left for you to fight another day against someone else and even command better map position (in the early days of the fight). But no, you sarcastically replied to offers to resolve and are now OHing our bankers etc so again; I don’t know what YOU expect US to do in this situation other than continue?

The basis of the game is economy, explore, expand. Conquering happens, and why do people get so mad about being conquered. The round is literally 4 weeks long. Next one will start before you know it


Precisely. A lot of “you attacked us early on so we’re going to ruin the rest of your round” mentality going on… it’s just a game.

Not sure that is a fair representation of my statements… my one and only request is to not claim core right next to our home system… seems just a little bit reasonable… and sure, you can fight for it… and we can fight back… you bigger you win rhe systems… doesn’t mean we need to roll over for you… we can, if we choose, continue to retake, op and generally make ourselves a nuisance in the hope it takes your morale away and someone else can stop you winning… seems like you don’t understand half this game…

I’m not in any way stating that you can’t fight back, that’s basically what I said. But to come into the forums and post all this as if it’s this big one sided unfair fight is completely misrepresenting what is actually happening when you are actively choosing this outcome.

All I posted was the fact the war started… I know it isn’t fashionable anymore, but war posts are something I enjoyed about old IC so I try and bring them back when I can… you feeling a bit hurt in your reputation is not my problem… in fact you could have not posted here at all

Got absolutely nothing to do with my ‘reputation’ I couldn’t care less and fwiw I like these war posts. But the sarcastic comments about it being a close fight and others calling us a bully fam etc are uncalled for considering we’ve always offered to try and end this and the answer has always been no.

And again; we still want to find an end to it, there’s a long way left to go for this round for both fams with Pnaps on the table for a resolution.

Bullshit… you dropped the ‘this is our core, take it or be killed’ onto all smaller fams and took a small piss in every system in a wide arch. Your geed clouded your judgement

Smaller fams are welcome to grow quicker and clear us from the systems they deem to be their core or sign a nap agreement and grow to fight another day. What do you want us to do; simply concede the advantage our early economy growth has given us?

Actually just own the fact you choose to go super aggressive
And stop trying to pretend that means you are ok… public opinion appears to say otherwise :man_shrugging: