Early Inactive Removals

I’m testing something with MW58; if you have early inactives, mark them as inactive or rogue and they will be removed if they also:

  • haven’t logged in within the last 48 hours
  • only have 1 planet

Note: this is only for legitimate inactives. This won’t remove people who are truly rogue or people who have logged in but haven’t responded to messages.


I’m adding another case here, for unmarked inactives. These players will be removed if:

  • They haven’t logged in within the last 72 hours
  • They only have 1 planet
  • The galaxy is under 1 week old

The inactive/rogue tag is not required for these players to be removed, and unlike the first query, this process will stop after 1 week in.

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not sure where to write this, so i write it here.
for the (midround+) inactives, why cant the person who clears an inactiv get this persons ressources? in my case my (already weak) family invested alot in the little guys we got when we killed of the SOR inactives, after 2 weeks or so some of the new people went inactiv again, all our investment is lost, wouldnt it be fair to get at least their ressources??

This would be possible via this idea:

If that sounds good to you, please vote for it.