Drywahl Returns

Just started playing again… find for the newbies there is really no family interaction and everyone just does their own thing… Although it’s only been about 100 ticks in MW, have a feeling it’s just gonna be a smokeshow for the top 1-3 fams. Cheers all and have fun. sucks to hear about the family forums disappearing it was a good way to communicate between members.

Welcome back, @Drywahl!

There’s a vote here to bring back the fam forums. We definitely plan to do it, but if more players vote for it, the higher it lands on our list of priorities.

That aside, how long ago was it that you played? Do you remember any players or families in particular?

Glad to see ya return! :slight_smile:

Not my OG name played around 2004 or 2005 in a fam with a bunch of belgians that’s all i remember … too long ago.