Draft Glitch

Hey guys,

It came to my attention 2 weeks ago that you can get into all 3 galaxies without paying the price of Patron Fighter.

The 2 simple steps are as follows.

  1. Join Supernova and then either Milky Way or Balius.
  2. Ask someone from either Milky Way or Balius (the one you are not in) to send you a draft code (join it)

Do not try this, it is against the rules to use and abuse glitches and bugs.
Also if you do it by accident, you will not be able to join the next Supernova because it starts during the Balius/MW cycle.

The simple fix seems to be to check the number of already joined galaxies and if joined = 2, display error message (else let them join)

Thank you for the read,

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This has been fixed. Thanks for reporting it.

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