Do you want a PvC this MW round?

Hey y’all, so I haven’t done a PvC this round yet cause…well it’s just not my thing. I did one last round because Jets didn’t, and no one else did and because I feel like it help keep some type of interest in the game, or give you a good little chuckle.
With no one once again, doing a PvC I’m guessing the king will have to step in again…but only if you want it.

  • Yes, PvC me baby!
  • No, no PvC

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Yeeeyyyy GO KING!

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Sounds great. Just don’t mention my horrific inactivity or body odour this time.


prefer it before EOR lol


Ha ha ha sorry y’all I’ma busy body…it’s coming

It’s coming?

Or your coming, and that’s why it’s late?


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he’s waiting for the round to finish so it’s just a recap :joy:

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I promise I’m not, just been real busy at work. Working all day shifts , have not had a day off in 3 weeks.

Quick pvc and im going to do it a little differently since its so late in the round and just point out key events of the round.

(Family 50) ran by drones, had a very bad map position and was hit early by strong families but have done well with all the inactives and have just stuck to them selves.

(Family 54) had a few different leaders and had a decent map start position. They were doing great but seriously lacked in defense and took a hit from many families. Unfortunately a certain player insulted someone very badly and there entire family paid for it.

( family 56) ran by swagga, they have done pretty good with all the conflict they have been involved in this round. Surprisingly did amazing against family 51 after 55 stoped the 2v1 on them until family 51 got there bearings together.

(Family 53) they were a strong family but seriously lacked in defenses and had some players delete on them and they never recovered.

(Family 59) lead by kingray, they have had many inactives and deletes this round and suffered greatly from it but gained a lot of planets from family 54 insults to there attacker

( family 52) lead by soul, they have had a very good round with only having 2-3 active players all round.

(Family 57) lead by scorp, i dont know much early information about this family. They we’re completely dead and had no organization but scorp has done a very good job at turning it around and now one of the stronger families

(Family 51) lead by hala, great fam and players but having family 55 as allies made them neglect defenses and checking map and received a very kind nap to keep there high planet count and strong place in the round. They did great early con jumps and was well organised but started to slack mid round.

(Family 55) lead by nightwish and at one point noir. They will win the round hands down with no contest. They did perfect con jumps and was very organized and very active. The only other family besides 51 to do con jumps and be active but unfortunately allied them.

(Family 58) lead by cells(myself) we had a very very slow start and only had 3 players the first week and a half of the round. We did a very good job at turning our family into the second strongest family. Have shown all families respect and gave very cheap if not free naps to every family while bot worrying about planet count or %.

(Round predictions) family 55 will win the round psize and nwth, family 57 will be second in psize and nwth.

(Round note) 55 and 51 were the only alliance 95% of the round


Think thats my first pvc ever :joy:

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Hhurrah hurrah

Thanks for the update @Cells, nice to know what is going on a bit. =)

No more slacking for us :smiley:

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Maybe drop your balls and drop those allies of yours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Negative Ghost Rider


I dropped my balls into your girls mouth the other night. Does that work?

Lol she wouldn’t be able to find them unless you brought your micro scope

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But if she’s used to your balls… then she must loved micro nuts? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guess were dropping them britches soon then

Lol ask you mom about my nuts shes all about these tennis balls bang off her old wrinkly chin