Debating the obvious feature i want is stupid and a waste of time

Why is this even up for debate this is stupid and a waste of your time and ours even debating this.

Of course if someone stops logging into X accounts in Y galaxy they should be marked inactive!


It’s not a debate; it’s a way for us to see what is most needed. We have to prioritize the different work the game needs across our limited available dev time.

For even seemingly obvious features it’s less “do we want this?” and more “do we want this before other things on the list?”.

That’s up to each player to decide, and they can do so by voting.

What a weird title to make Shane.

I didn’t make it. Salty pie did lmfaoooo.

Dude doesn’t take being wrong very well hahaha

How am I wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhhh because you don’t need us to tell you what an obvious priority is lmfao

You complained about it being a debate, when it is not a debate.

  • Player makes incorrect statement.
  • I explain to player why their statement is incorrect.
  • Player tells me I don’t take being wrong very well.

Gotta love it lol.

If you put something up for a poll and ask for the community’s input, it is definitely a debate salty pie hahahaha

gotta love ppl that can’t admit when they’re wrong :joy::joy::joy:

that’s not what a debate is lol

i agree with you there :wink:

salty pie doesn’t sound too bad actually. like a savory meat pie. tasty!

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you are so fuckin weird lol

It wasn’t a debate right? It’s the way the whole idea/feature system currently works. You post an idea or a feature on the forums, and people get to cast their (limited) votes, to the ones they like best and want prioritized. If people think this should be implemented ASAP, then everybody should vote for it.
According to you, everybody wants it, yet, not so many people have voted for it…


Lmfao yeah well not everybody wants to waste a vote on something so stupid but of course you don’t think about that :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Aren’t empires automatically deleted after 7 days of no login? What would “marking them inactive” do?


Even if so, 7 days in a 60 day round is 12% of the round. Not so good.

The checks got expanded awhile back to include inactive/rogues and shorter windows, but the process isn’t fully automated yet.

Not fully automated?

Is it partially automated? LOL

you are BG in SN aren’t you?

Yes, it is partially automated. I’m not sure how that needed further clarifying, or why it’s funny. :man_shrugging:

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Note he ends every post laughing … Classic Troll behavior…

I assume he is BG in SN as well as he seems unable to control his laughter.

^I stopped playing for a week and log in to see this lol…


Yeah, sounds about right.