Darrk surrenders! To: PA, AW, Munder, TBO, Orbit, ICD, Hala, Easyway, and about 15 more players!

:star2: Greetings all! :star2:

As the leader Aurora Novum I need enough time to clear the inactives left over in my family, so they can be free to play IC as they see fit.

Considering these players wished to “never, ever! fu*king delete”, I am offering the following diplomatic solution to buy me enough time to safely remove them. Deletions are a permanent mark on on a player’s record.

48 hour nap with 3x of the following top 5 families:

Rank Family Networth Planets
1 #6498: Sesame Street [32,49] 1,370,415 362
4 #6504: Galactic Failures [58,11] 941,048 341
5 #6491: Spammerssssss [9,29] 846,084 330

And an additional 72 hour nap with:
9 #6496: Italian restaurant [81,12] 660,273 260

For this brief pause in this TITANIC struggle - #6503: Aurora Novum offers the following compensation:

1. Every single planet in my family except the following three systems. In the “sprit” of the round setup I am suggesting “3 Cores”. (Whatever the hell they are, if I figure it out, I will share this information with all.)

   A.  86,35 (Our Home System). -3 planets swap out.
   B.  81,27 A system I am in alone. -0 planet swap out.
   C.  79,27 A system I am in alone. -0 planet swap out.

I will take the planets from the members of the family that wish to pursue other paths for play, and explore the rest for you noble warriors personally.

That should (by the now understood contemporary use of the term “Swap-out”) net your three families:

  • 3 planets from “swapping out” our 3 “Cores” Two of which you are not in.
    +40p or so from my family’s current planet list.
    +35 or so for whatever Exploration ships that remain.

+72 (ish) planets for a NAP for 3 “Swapouts” & to stop declaring war on me.

This is the best offer I can possibly make at this time.
I suppose I could build a few more Eships in the coming days if this is not high enough.

I would like to retain this much sprawling territory incase an actual new player come alone to replace well known players and patrons we have lost over this epic struggle, worthy of a CF break - it gets close sometimes gentleman, fear and lust are powerful motivators. I will be able to at least show a new person some of the intricacies of family play.

I have been told that is “good for the game”, and been judged “bad for the game” I humbly defer to the experts in such matters in the aforementioned families as they are set up as both arbiters and extolers of such wisdom.

To whit:

@Picklearmy @Airwing
I, never being put in this situation, (lor anything even close to it) have never seen the term “Swapout” used this way. Perspective takes many forms in this game. This tactic (procedure?) as it is commonly known now would have never been an acceptable demand in any situation of which I have ever been a part of. It would have been simply known as “demanding planet compensation”. Sure you might “get your core back”, but in the end you are paying planets to stop a war.

In the first 1-20 (ish) MW rounds, the community would have torn apart any family within our power that whipped a family as bad as we were whipped, and demanded a damn thing other than peace.

Statistics Thank you @TIF :

If you prefer families:


A bit of fun:

What I think a lot of this may have been about, and to put this issue to rest:

If 72p for 3p isn’t enough of an offer for you guys coupled with the retirement of The Horde brand, I retain the right to become an insane pain your asses for the remainder of the round.

With dignity,

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I am unable to offer ingame naps at this time due to the limit of 2 already having been reach.
There are two smaller fam I am napped to, because I will not farm a small family.

Reserving this spot to post any acceptance offers.
There was a CF violation, I will only honor NAP conformation in the open air of our public forum.

Families that have agreed to the terms in the preceding post:

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why 72 hr for us :frowning:

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I now know Lethal is in that family.
Should the need arise to fight your family again, I would give you as much lead time as the contemporary game allows.

As it is my humble opinion, @Lethal’s honor (and considerable skill) warrants such respect.



I did not lead The Horde.

…yet you bow to kiss the ring as the new horde commander yes?


I am the leader of this family --> 15 #6503: Aurora Novum [86,35] 91,018 42

I am requesting these naps to have enough time to clear players so they are not forced to delete, and can continue playing IC as they see fit.

realy!?! :stuck_out_tongue: I was not aware :smiley:

i am not forcing anyone to delete, on the contrary i encurage players to stay and play!


They cannot leave the family for a week (for one reason or another).
They have asked me to remove them.
I am asking your TRI (for the payment of 72 planets) for enough time to do that.

If this is not enough, I suppose I could market aid you once they are out, and I might be able to pull off more ships in that time.

Name your price.

O sweet thats fair enough :smiley: but lethal isn’t in this family is he ? :open_mouth:

I do not know what family you are in.

I couldn’t possibly comment lol :stuck_out_tongue:

We didn’t demand a thing. We were in your core, if you want us out of it, trade out planets. Otherwise we keep our planets and stay in your core.

As for now … I don’t negotiate in public. Your fam is of no significance for me to waste a thought on it. I will defer to AW.

AW defers to ICD, he caused all this in the first place…

  1. The requirements were (as you have assiduously explained over the last day or so) 'Swapouts" or no nap. No one ever a single time offered anything different. Using the word “Swapouts” to mean we give your tri a shit ton of planets - is, ostensibly giving your Tri a shit ton of planets.
  2. This is not a negotiation, this is a surrender.

I literally can offer no more, other than the 3p for 72p “Swapout”, using your own definition of the term.

If that is not enough for you, then you can as a grown man say “No, I want more”.

Or, you can say “No, I want you at one planet all round”.

100% up to you.

Whatever is best for the game, my honorable friend.

We weren’t asking for additional planets. If you guys didn’t want to do swapouts you could have said so and we would have just kept the planets inside your core.

What would be the point of just giving you back all of our gains?

Either way I don’t negotiate naps in public, I will defer to AW, I have little to no stake in this, and only got involved when the Horde promised there would be no peace.

Loll, why y’all being so difficult :joy::joy::joy: just NAP and move on

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I believe the leader of the Horde was very clear they were never going to explo planets for your tri.
I personally asked for more time to calm down the Horde, as I also personally clearly espoused I was trying to calm them down and agree. However we were given a 20 min deadline to the CF, and 13 mins later the CF was violated by the players you choose to ally with.

It is simple truth that in that 7 mins I may have been able to prevent this by persuading The Horde to agree to the terms where we, already down 75% of our planets, would pay compensation to your Tri.

I will address this a single time, this option was never presented.
To me, this would have made sense.
I was not leading.

As you wish, his will and actions are yours.

A good question indeed!
This is not about napping.

This is about allowing people to see everyone for who they are.