Cowardly Expo Raids

I just want to inform all of IC that these cowardly expo raids because most attackers in IC are so fearful to face off against the Horde attackers where SKILL is required to win will be met with the idea of “No Retreat, No Surrender”. No Deals will ever be made when we are attacked in expo phase from now on.

We will do what we are doing to 04 right now.

When they started these cowardly expo raids the first week of the round they were number 1 in eco and as usual AW thought they would hit us ruin our round and then we would cave to their hundreds it seems like of offers for peace.

Well F*** your peace offers out them up your Arse and sit on them the rest of the round.

04 is now 4th in eco and will NOT recover because we will continue to attack even from our HS

We will NEVER again make peace after a cowardly expo phase raid.

We have no issues if after expo phase we get beat, we make deals and move on like we did last round with a couple fams including the fam that won the round.

So keep that in mind moving forward, go ahead and raid us in expo phase and you will see just like 04 is that we both will go down that round which I personally count as a WIN again 04 since no doubt they want to win this round.

You would THINK with AW and Orbit in their fam they would want to face the Horde in battle where skill is required BUT NOOOO they seem to be toooo fearfgul of the mighty WS the god of attacking to do that.

In fact, the reason they decided to raid us was WS was kicking their attackers ass and pushing them back so they cowardly decided since they cant beat WS where SKILL is involved lets attack bankers with our NO skill fleet.

So 04 you take your worthless CRAP offers and shove them up your ass and sit on them while we continue to take your fam DOWN in ranks.


The Horde will NOT hide our fam so we dont have cowards raid us, you will always know where we are, just count the cost because I prefer to be open where I am and see if they are any attackers left in the game that is not a COWARD to face me where skill is involved.

The last round this happened was MW62 and guess what. We won the round handily with ease.


I was under the impression that the horde alliance started this by aggressively clearing 04’s spread, and then had their ally 00 raid 04.

Lmao. Your doing nothing. Swagga is showing you up. You asked swagga to Raid us and his hit tick after our raid landed. Was already planned. You started the aggressive exploring into our core and clearing our spread.

Maybe you should think about what your doing next expo phase and lower your ego to your ability.

A smart legendary attacker should know the possible recourse to their actions. Aggressively clearing someone’s spread in explo phase does not take skill lmao.

I’m not SURE what I like MOST about your post… is it the random CAPITALS, or the bitching ABOUT the attacks on your -apparently not properly defended- PLANETS.

Anyways - yea, expo phase raids are always a bitch. I agree with that. But again, it is also part of the game, and you’re not all free of blame yourself either - doing attacks always gets a response. Action is reaction.

Good luck both :slight_smile:

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oh god… here comes Darrk

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The start of this round is a lot more exciting then last round, keep the drama coming!

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So just to be clear of the order of events here …

WS clears most of AWs spread

WS ally Swagga launch raid fleets on 04

Turns out 04 also had raid fleets headed to the Horde

Swagga triggers raid fleets about the same time 04 triggers raid fleets on the horde.

the horde gets crushed, calls 04 cheaters for “toggling pmode” and then cries to uni about explo raid?

Is this chain of events correct?


I was (-30%) attack cleared hiding airwing from a portal I had to claim from yet another multi.
It was farther away from his HS then mine.
Hell I thought it was Don.

Sure everyone was clearing AW’s spread from their obvious cores.
They set up their fam to be P-mode protected and started launcing raids.

We can’t raid back, they know it, said they knew it, proved it, and continued to hit us / not report the exploit.

Sooner or later Pie will do his investigation, and whatever come of it, come of it.

I mean 04, good luck ever having a portal to start whatever you think you are going to do in a cancle war this round.

Not if my ass is in uni.

WS I would suggest deleting this post, this is almost as embarrassing as you guys creating multi accounts and market aiding

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Are you denying the fact that they launched raidfleets altogether; or just the part it was planned as an act of the alliance?


WS didn’t (that I am aware of) - no clue what Swagga did.

I tried and failed 3x 1-trannie runs on Don’s actual empire ( Andromeda ), if that counts as a raid.
(Again, I am -30% attack, and have never had bombers this round).

However, their family set up to be pmoded pre their raids, and the order of events themselves are likely under investigation, so not really a topic I will go into any further.

Swagga, your ally had his raid fleets land the tic after 04 raided you … he has done the most damage to them from what I can see. Effectively a 2v1 until the spammersss got involved.

Spammers jumped WAY before all of this.
They more or less told us that 04 was goading them into attack / some other dumb shit, and started hitting our attackers with week two fleets before this started.

All of that is fine of course … I just find WS’ post hilarious given the order of events… crying in uni about explo raids after you have poked the bear is just really really funny to me.

I’ll be 100% honest. We didn’t setup to be pmoded at all. We was more suprised at the pmodes than you. Found it very funny.

If it was just your fam hitting us and not the 3 v 1 you had going for a while none of my fam would be in pmode at all still though :joy:

So. Much. Drama…

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Wahey! The excitement of alliances and wider coordination.

This round looks like it’s going to be brutual. Glad I’m barely active… :slight_smile: