\o/ All teh wars! \o/

I was when I hit ur iron

Now I’m just high


Heee might be a little…

I try to be on the side of truth. :v:t2:
I mean I would let you fingerbang me for like 1/2 a burrito. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Oh I’d do alot more than that to your sexy ass


^most of that is wrong… Swagga cancelled on TBO because most of TBO’s fam quit playing.

AW and I both cancelled on entire Swagga alliance at the exact same time, not going to watch our old ally get crushed.

Ploddy did NOT cancel on both AW and myself… they tricked AW into signing in game right after cancelling on me, so AW could not cancel back.

So my fight with the #2 fam could only be 1v1.

You jumping in to take away my 1v1 war with 94 had nothing to do with honor.

As in the words of the famous long haired dope head during the debates with Bill Clinton.

“Can’t we just all get along”


There’s no fun in that. I’m enjoying myself extremely watching the whining of the so called most powerful alliance in the galaxy.

Cheese for your whine?

Keep it going Dark and I want some burrito too


Nobody is “whineing” … if you want that, check out the author of this thread: Cowardly Expo Raids

The most embarrassing thing I have ever seen lol.

Didn’t know you could remember that long ago lol

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Who cares why?
It is a 48 Hour fucking nap, you only like them when they favor you.
Like 2 rounds ago when I sent you a big writeup how to fight back against @Airwing 's huge saved fam.
You are not used to people having any kind of advantage over you, and the fams your econ protects.

No reason justifies a 3v2.

Lol, actually that’s not how that part went down at all.
They even messaged Pie to fix the stupid bug of not being able to retract an offered In Game Nap.

Quoting the rest is kinda useless.
It is like dominos.

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Let’s just have fun

I mean as good as AW is his fam should beat all of us by themselves right?


I also remember you and Hellz getting blocked for creating dummy accounts and market aiding yourselves… lol you guys embarrass yourselves round after round, this is no different :slight_smile:

Yea it’s no different whatever

Go drink more pickle juice to help your brain know the difference

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Hey nothing wrong with not being able to grow facial hair :stuck_out_tongue: It is a bad pic and I am looking down… don’t show this one to your girl, don’t want her leaving you:



I think you need help man, sounds like you are falling in love with me.

Got u! :crazy_face::kissing_heart:

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Hes around…
Looking in the mirror to see if any growth is happening


There he is. Typing.


Nope we got him to stop. Dammit

Quick break and he be back with another