Cooling down complaints from xenon - counter points from zan

TBO - ElfToday at 12:56 AM

Imperial Conflict

MW75 suggestion: fix construction jumps

Oooh! An actual fix! So far this is the best solution to the issue I have seen. @I_like_pie is that possible? If the market and the attacks can be real time, can sci be calculated in real time without re-inventing the wheel?

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@xenon - frosty

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This is just sad

TBO - ElfToday at 1:04 AM

We all had this feeling

xenon - frostyToday at 1:04 AM

I was wondering why we didn’t have a start strat

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It’s pretty pointless

xenon - frostyToday at 1:04 AM

But there is no strat anymore

TBO - ElfToday at 1:04 AM

Welcome to ic 2020

xenon - frostyToday at 1:04 AM


TBO - ElfToday at 1:04 AM

To be fair

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An active family would get so far ahead it would be pointless

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If nobody attacked because of infra

xenon - frostyToday at 1:08 AM

It was fine when at least two fams did it

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I mean we even had a good round in 2018 against orions fam lol

[ 1:08 AM ]

And we both did tonsss of con builds

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@everyone we are going Christmas theme! Please change your names accordingly.

LoneWolf is here.Today at 3:29 AM

xenon - frostyToday at 3:30 AM

Howdy zan

ZanharimToday at 3:35 AM

hi, I was one of the guys who wrecked your con jumps, although those can still be done, but not as effective as it used to be, it was not good for the game as it unleveled the playing field and made playing miserable and hopeless for half the galaxy, players left(edited)

xenon - frostyToday at 3:36 AM

Players left

[ 3:36 AM ]

Look at what is here

[ 3:36 AM ]

40 people who don’t want to play, con jumps didn’t do that friend

ZanharimToday at 3:37 AM

I came back, because there was finally a change for the better

[ 3:37 AM ]

con jumps were part of the problem, not the whole problem

xenon - frostyToday at 3:37 AM

Con jumps were a way for people who liked the game to play strategically. It made every tick count, one step out of line ruined weeks of planning and days of action

ZanharimToday at 3:38 AM

it is infrawhoring only

xenon - frostyToday at 3:38 AM

“infrawhoring” was always 50% of the game

[ 3:39 AM ]

That was always what I enjoyed

ZanharimToday at 3:39 AM

a way to get better economy than rivals, just so one can fight them without worrying about having a fair fight

xenon - frostyToday at 3:39 AM

And was good at

[ 3:39 AM ]

Not my fault people stopped wanting to attack and attackers got shitty

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[ 3:40 AM ]

Why are we having this convo in fam chat

[ 3:40 AM ]

Go to ic general

ZanharimToday at 3:40 AM

did you bring this subject up in there too?

xenon - frostyToday at 3:41 AM


ZanharimToday at 3:41 AM

oh, did not notice

xenon - frostyToday at 3:41 AM

Ya, it’s great discourse for all ic

ZanharimToday at 3:41 AM

I hardly ever hang around in there, too much distraction

xenon - frostyToday at 3:42 AM

Not just our fam. It’s good for everyone to see both sides of the argument :slight_smile:

[ 3:42 AM ]

Hey, I came back like 3 weeks ago

[ 3:42 AM ]

I’m just getting back into the swing of things

[ 3:42 AM ]

Heck I guess it’s prolly been 6 weeks, time is weird

ZanharimToday at 3:43 AM

can’t get in IC chat from work computer, can’t use registered acco

[ 3:44 AM ]

maybe better that way, should work

xenon - frostyToday at 3:44 AM


[ 3:44 AM ]

I’ll post this chat to general if u don’t mind

[ 3:44 AM ]

Just to show the discussion

ZanharimToday at 3:44 AM

go ahead

[ 3:44 AM ]


xenon - frostyToday at 3:45 AM

Great, I saw u joined, but u can’t chat there cuz of work comp?

ZanharimToday at 3:45 AM


[ 3:45 AM ]

can’t see chat either

xenon - frostyToday at 3:45 AM

Lame haha

[ 3:46 AM ]

Okay I’ll discuss it with u here then tho

[ 3:46 AM ]

So a con jump takes so much planning, especially to be done at all efficiently

[ 3:47 AM ]

You call it infrawhoring, but we (people who focused on econ) have done it from the start of ic (I’ve been doing it since 2007)

[ 3:48 AM ]

2007 is not the start of ic, but that’s when I joined and got interested - specifically with econ strats

ZanharimToday at 3:51 AM

yes, old vets and active fams can do it, others do not know about it, can not do it, and you end up having unlevel playing field, those who benefit from it usually would have the skill to fight fair wars, but they end up just bashing smaller families and essentially farming everyone, that is teh ultimate demotivation and it led to otherwise active and good players going inactive from the start of the round, if they did not land on a fam that had a chance, thus making it even more one-sided round

[ 3:52 AM ]

quite boring results IMO

[ 3:52 AM ]

I hated being in both sides of the fence

xenon - frostyToday at 3:52 AM

Keep in mind we are currently talking about a round where there are just two families

ZanharimToday at 3:52 AM

they are not going to change a feature for one round, I guess

xenon - frostyToday at 3:53 AM

If there aren’t enough people who understand how the construction bonus works then… that is no bueno

[ 3:53 AM ]

It is actually a feature that can be turned on and off pie said

[ 3:53 AM ]

Which is nice

[ 3:53 AM ]

It has just been turned off since February

[ 3:53 AM ]

I just came back

[ 3:54 AM ]

And was making last minute sor strat help

[ 3:54 AM ]

And learned this… lol

ZanharimToday at 3:57 AM

however, if we are now talking about only this round and have 2 fams, which both should know about con jumps and could execute it, we would just theoretically end up having powerful economies before we start to fight, now, without con jumps we just would have less powerful economies and differences would be smaller and fams have to work more to get an edge over another fam, that means more interestning war to me, where skill has a bit more to do than mere numbers

xenon - frostyToday at 3:58 AM

econ skill is skill tho!!!

[ 3:58 AM ]

a strong econ is an incredible skill!

ZanharimToday at 3:59 AM

yes and con jumps are still possible, but harder, use your skills and guide our family to win

xenon - frostyToday at 3:59 AM

and balancing attackers (especially attackers who ask a lot [looking at u @SW4GGAN3WYE4R ] ) is incredibly taxing for a good sor strat

[ 4:00 AM ]

i havent crunched the numbers, but con bonuses are not nearly as worth it now

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I will say if the idea is to just make the game easier i guess this ‘feature’ does that. Any econ strats are out the window for a 4 wk no con jump round, just depends who is online when at this point. 0 strat. glhf

I agree with zana. Con jumps forced you to use 60-80% of your fam as nothing but eship builders for the first 2 weeks + of you want to play efficiently.

The game didn’t get any easier, con jumps were super brain dead and easy to plan.

Now you’re forced to get all fam members involved if you want to play efficiently.

I think that’s clearly better.


Also, you can still plan your eco, have SOR strats, but now it is the actual old school way… get everyone to build, not just your 1-2 con bonus builders