Update: Disabled Toplists

This has been completed, with plans to eventually re-introduce them in more specific scenarios.

I don’t think that toplist gave any useable information so I don’t really care it being gone but it was one of the changes I thought were actually good for new players. New players don’t need training galaxies or other idea’s that get thrown around a lot.

New players would simply need some transperancy to learn to understand the workings of the game and it does make me a little sad that the one change i saw into that direction gets killed off.

I believe that taking feedback from the remaining players, including myself, is an example of survivorship bias and is most likely not usefull to make the game better.

Bringing this back or not it really doesn’t matter to me but I just wanted to say something to advocate for the accessibility of the game.

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I agree. I think this was likely pretty useful in Manthano. If we can bring it back as a galaxy setting that will be the best of both worlds imo. I wouldn’t say it’s getting “killed off”, more than it’s being disabled until we can properly configure it.

For the moment though, I think having it gone everywhere is better than having it show everywhere. After all, there’s only 1 training galaxy but there are several competitive ones, so on the whole this feature was doing more to limit strategic depth than it was to help new players.

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yap Toplist was nice, as banker I kept cheking it daily, when nothin else todo.

being on list was kindof achievement

did people even vote on this, or just one old timer didn’t like it :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was our most voted on idea by quite a large margin.

If you want it back as a galaxy setting, remember to vote for it. :slight_smile:


nice very nice, pie. and to bring it back for midround and eor awards is ok, but overall its nice to have it removed, will bring back surprises and undercover strategies, many thx :slight_smile:

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