Completed Virgo but can't join other galaxies

i got 10 planets, stil cant join MW…

I need to be manually confirmed to join the game?


Congratulations! You’ve reached 10 planets, completing your training in this galaxy. Your empire will be removed in 23 hours to make way for new players.

Please feel free to thank your family members and say your goodbyes before you move onto your next challenge. :slight_smile:

Stil cant join MW,

You have to wait those 23 hours or so an the game will automatically delete you from Virgo, from there you will be able to join MW. Sorry for the wait


We have alot of issues with people joining main Galaxies an going inactive, Virgo coming back is new, opened in the last 2 weeks or so. We are trying to Teach new players the fundamentals of the game before throwing them in a Galaxy. I understand this can be frustrating to players that wanted to Join a active Galaxy right when it starts. I believe there is a work around but that requires Pie to do manually Flagging you as a graduate or any player that wants it, an that requires his input which is not fair :smiley:

Alright, please graduate me so i can join MW @I_like_pie ?


An option:

Or choose to go to a different galaxy right away

would be helpful, I guess.

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@I_like_pie Are you there? Can u graduate me? :slight_smile:

@Altruist yep, it’s supposed to be doing that already, but was bugged.

@PickleRick, you should be able to join #milky-way-73 now as you did complete the training. Let me know if that’s not the case.


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