Virgo has returned!

Training, Mentors, Graduation… it’s all here once again!

For the Newbs

Awhile back we ran #manthano as a hybrid retirement/econ + training galaxy. Unfortunately, it became an alternate form of competition amongst oldbies who wanted to grow and work on their econ.

This compromised the experience for newbies as space became limited. Similarly, #infinitum has been widely and fairly criticized for its lack of growth opportunity for new players.

So, we’re taking it back to our roots with Virgo 2:

  • 1 Mentor per family, otherwise newbies-only
  • Attacks are allowed
  • After 10 planets, empires are once again automatically graduated/removed. This will “release” planets to be explored by the newbies that follow.

The map is smaller (50x50) to promote quick action/learning, and there are only a few planets per system so that new players can learn to explore outside of a single system.

Players must complete training before they can play in other galaxies, unless they’ve already completed a round. In that case, you’re clearly not a newb! Well, not technically anyway. :ic_laugh:

Mentors Wanted

We’re currently looking for 10 mentors. If you’re looking for a break but still want to play while also taking newbies under your wing, this is for you!

Please send a message here if you’re interested.


Woop woop!! Sign the king up!


@kingray you dont have to graduate again :), you allready have played a regular galaxy!

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Well seeing how, MW is getting stupid, boring, and the people ain’t changing, I’d rather try something else. @Noir

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I sent a msg but not sure it came through, sign me up as well !

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hmm i wonder why… :stuck_out_tongue:

Virgo was retired, we tried alot of shit and we move back to what worked … i am amazed! i applaud this, great move! Fantastic! :smiley:


It’s been cooking for a little while. :smiley: There’s some exciting stuff that made this possible with the new tick on the new backend, but I’ll leave those details for another time. :slight_smile:

Kudos to @RenegadeDamon for getting the convo started, and everybody who expressed their feedback and criticism.

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Any draft code for tutors in virgo? So I can train my new padwans? dont want them turning to the dark side

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Not yet. There are some things that need fixing before drafting will work in Virgo.

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Congrats on graduation first… GG Tutor

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He is still there @I_like_pie is it bugged?

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Yeah, a change wasn’t pushed up. Should be fixed now, though the removal isn’t immediate:

Virgo - you mean there is a galaxy I might be able to defend my home planet in :stuck_out_tongue:



Landed in Virgo, can someone graduate me or put me in a fam where I have a tutor? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Galaxy: Virgo 2
  • Leader: shaketit
  • Race: Quantam
  • Family: 7146
  • Networth: 1125
  • Population: 5000
  • Planets: 1

msg me ingame nick is Nightwish

I’ll get you started.

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cheers @Nightwish but can you just graduate me?

want to play MW, not Virgo lol

I cannot graduate you, nor can I put you in my family in Virgo. I can assist you though to graduate as fast as possible.

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