Christmas Round Ideas


Hey folks, taking into account that:

A: This round is on a smaller, quicker, higher action map.
B: That the round after this in December would be the Christmas Round.

Then I’m wondering what ideas or thoughts people would have about the Christmas round, for example:

What size of map you would like?
If a player could make a special map for Christmas?
What features you would like enabled or disabled?

I am assuming there is still a round in December.

Guess my main reason for saying this is because I think Christmas would be a really good time to invite people back to the game?

That generally in December the weather is cold and wet so lots of people stay indoors and some people at least end up with 2 or 3 weeks off work over Christmas, so perhaps its a good time to invite some old players back.

Think over the years most of us have got 3 or 4 people on Facebook that use to play IC years ago, so perhaps inviting them back for a special December round would be a good idea. In fact I know xMoDx has already invited several people back, so maybe a “Collective Effort” to invite people back for some kind of special Christmas round would be a good idea?

I’m not exactly sure what I mean when I say… Special Christmas Round.

Don’t know maybe more starting resources / custom map / lots of features people like enabled / maybe start each empire with some e-ships or something.

I only mention this now because if would perhaps give someone time to build a custom map or submit some ideas or whatever.

Well I know 3 or 4 old players and will happily invite them back for a round, however guess it sounds better saying…

“You want to come a join the special Christmas round on IC?”

I know a few people can make custom maps, Rawrr made a great map last round and I know xMoDx is looking into making a few as well. I’d suggest building some maps for the special occasions.

Halloween / Christmas / New Year / Fathers Day / ECT.

This way when inviting player back we can say:

Come and take part in the special Halloween round?
Come and take part in the special Christmas round?
Come and take part in the Fathers Day round?

With maps and features in place.

Halloween - Maybe a skull in the middle of the map.
Christmas - Maybe a Christmas tree in the middle of the map.
Fathers Day - Maybe a heart in the middle of the map.

Maybe I’m talking bullshit but if we had enough nice custom maps to fill up 4 or 5 years worth of special occasions then it just gives us even more reason to invite player back.

You want to play IC mate? No not really.

You want to play IC mate, during the extra special Christmas round with a custom map and advanced features and starting resources? Hhmmm yeah maybe I will join up.

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If the tiger @Rawrr wouldn’t mind working with me again I have a great idea for a Christmas map that we can do early and get to pie before hand…

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Say no more fam


That will be the shortest round in IC history.

Won’t even last a week. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It will if we put 50 planets per system

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What if we had home systems with like 500 planets each and an attack delay of like a week or more enough to fill home systems like stars above the Christmas tree then we fight over Christmas tree that would be fun. Nom

Have normal bonus for home systems .
But have the Tree with crazy massive bonuses ,( it is Christmas) but have it so you can’t attack home systems which go above tree like stars .
And whoever takes the tree wins .
I recommend an attack delay just long enough to fill home systems. That would be pretty epic Nom!

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Have the resource bonusses hidden ahead of time as to open presents from under the christmas tree.


Well for Christmas make it a peaceful round :stuck_out_tongue: 12 day infra contest. Would just need to put a 12 day attack delay on the round, shouldn’t need any extra coding.


Hell to the no to the nononono hell no!
Nom! :roll_eyes:

Santa’s cock and balls out riding the sleigh with a bottle of whiskey.
Epic map.
Fam start points split across groin area


My first attempt a map gen.


This is crazy cool.whats the specs? Map size, number of planets, and number is systems?

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Systems: 466
Map Size: 70x70
Families: 8

Not sure about number of planets haven’t figured that part out yet, I was hoping you could edit each system lol.


That is awesome!

Can sign a nap with santa’s left nipple lol.


Central Power


King of the Hill

Tick Wars

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