Black Eye 2 P VS C

Before i start i want to say good luck to everyone, and for the love of god no one fucking ally this round. there’s only 8 fucking fams. Thanks now i will get to the main event, what you all were waiting for.

Disclaimer everything in this thread is for entertainment purpose only. Do not take anything said to serious, and someone always does.

#7239: ® Ordos Holland masterrace

Ordos,Rivan, dronze, kratom, Luker, bocephus. On paper they really don’t look like much. Some decent names no one that screams i don’t want to mess with these guys. Sources say they are getting the other fam leaders drunk and then seducing them till they nap.
Econ- 4
attacking 3
diplo 5

Contenders for first ,but only because of good diplo

#7240: Corn People

TBO,Jets,Kingray,orion,manos,ICD- What a mess of a fam here. The saving grace may be TBO cannot be seduced by Ordos because he doesn’t really drink. A true ragtag bunch that will play hard and most likely go inactive. They are a strong group of vets though.
econ- 4

Contenders for top 3

#7237: Bier!
Whoflungdung,mrblonde,thirdrock,oldcogder,Schnipel, xllSINNERllx- The couple wildcards that i don’t know much about will drag their scores down. If this was a drinking contest i may hand them the trophy already. This is imperial conflict though so i do think they can do well ,but they may get top 3 by default.

Pretenders for the win.


Pickle,daylight,RA,dukey,flipmode,retorica This fam is stacked top to bottom. My preround favorites to win the round. The golden state warriors of a couple years ago in IC. They can only beat themselves.

Contenders for the win

#7238: SS make it real!

Nightwish,mtgdad,james,shell,bluegizmo- NW is an ss god ,but can he protect his whole fam. If this was hc ss i wouldn’t put it past him ,but since it isn’t. I am gonna say they will finish in the bottom half of fams.
contenders for top 4

#7241: We R Spoongebebs

Orbit,daffy,swagga,vic, funeral- I think funeral is a telling sign of where this fam will end up. I just don’t see how they hold it all together. I could see have the fam having the other half of the fam blocked in fam chat. I don’t see how orbit can will himself to victory here.
Pretenders for top half

#7235: No introductions needed

Blue,mountaindew,The_unknown,werk,exceed- my darkhorse to finish in the top 4. Alone they may not look like much ,but together they form something great,something incredible.

#7242: Black Flag

Soul,Pitbull,Darkhelmet,Purifier,AA- Not a bad fam at all. They could be a top 4 fam ,but I feel they would need some things to go their way.
Contenders for top 4


Nice read!

Good stuff nerd

Nice read

Thx guys just getting my feet wet in doing these again.

Nothing wrong with Funeral :sob:


was a pun on your name :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a good one Jets, i laughed when i saw it

Haha I know I know. I’d try and prove you wrong but we are the only 5 player fam and we do all hate each other so, yolo

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yeh hard to rate a fam high when any member could delete or stop playing at any time

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How about a weekly update? :grin:

Lookin’ Outstanding:

Tick 80 @ 8:45pm 201906


Jets new pvc plzz

Yeah the competition is tight this round- an update pvc would be coool

2:58pm est 202306 Tick 170

Tick 476 @ 0811Zulu 200706

T565 @ 0143Zulu 200710

How is your family doing now @Swagga lol

On average I’d say very well


@Lord_Pickle Your fam got the upper hand on us early in the center core & pushed us out. I see Bubbles had 1 planet there about 9 ticks before EOR was announced to happen. I was sitting on 10M gc & 1M iron at that time.
@Ordos234 Your fam had the upper hand on us at first… And then we came back & I destroyed 1 of your Defense Stations. It was the key in Our Victory Vs Worthy Opponents. Well done.
@Soull What made you guys think you had a chance Vs My Fam?? Seriously- where did the notion come from?
Nice try, but even after saving all round to best us, you all failed! Amen!
@everyone Bombers beat Laser Traps/ Figs beat Bombers/ Droids take planets…
So plz keep building expensive laser traps- I love that ish :sunglasses:!!!

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Yeah orbit did well.

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