Black Eye 2 P VS C

Lol saved all round…not quite. Good job though. In the end you got ate by orbit


Lol orbit must have been jealous of his family , swagga did 1000 times better then orbit. Anyone can remove players from there own family especially with a rogue tag.

Swagga vs orbit in a 1v1 and swagga wins everytime


Yep swagga forsure beats orbit


So what were the round stats?? who won the round??
@OrBit You’ve shot your Self in the foot, Mate.
Well played.
Check Mate!
[email protected]

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I’ve never heard so much nonsense from a guy Swagga. We never had a chance in the middle because apart from me our Econ was trash. Within a week I was making almost as much as the whole family combined. The war Vs Ordos you were barely Involved. Destroying their DS was not the key to victory, removing Luker was, which definitely wasn’t done by you. Then during the war Vs Pitbull, again you were barely involved, I pinned down their entire family on my own and saved your asses yet again. You talk a great forum game, but facts are facts

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The fact is we stayed in the top ranks the majority of the round except a few hours in the very beginning where we were at the bottom. It was a team effort- you didn’t do everything all by yourself except kill your own fam in the end- which is extremely funny. Thanks for the laughs.

Team Swagga!

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I think this is why people like you swagga, because you have a good way with people, your happy to throw down some white lies to please people.
Sadly I am not like that,
Daffy declared himself leader and performed like a cow with its head stuck in a fence. He didn’t move DS when we cancelled a nap which almost cost us. He shortly went inactive. 1/10

Vicious declared himself top 20 best attacker in IC and made maximum 5 attacks all round. He spouted non stop vile shit in the chat about having sex with peoples partners. He is a scumbag who has the mental capacity of a vegetable. 0/10

Cxris tries but he is too stupid for his own good. He opped people randomly for no reason, his Econ game was terrible and he can’t seem to work out which way is up without someone telling him. 2/10

And you swaggass you come with a big reputation and although you are better then the 3 amigos mentioned above, you were never in a strong enough position to help. You jumped on the middle and 36 when you had 0% chance of success, ruined your Econ and ruined your own round…this is sounding familiar in your IC history. Someone needs to come out and be honest and declare that you are indeed a joke. 3/10

Funeral was the only guy who tried, although his ss skills were pretty crappy, he started well then fell away. In war he did some key Sabs and made retakes even though his speed was rubbish. Effort 5/10


Of course you remember Daffy was leader in the beginning so you know that I did what he told me to- even though I did not fully agree. But I did it, yesss.
You played smart and did nice when you finally joined in during the war with Ordos’s fam. We won.
You can thank TBO for suppressing me with OH before and during the war with Soul’s fam 42- which we also still won.

TBO OH me too swagga, let’s not make excuses. Don’t blame daffy for your dumb decisions. You evolved and jump fleet to attack 36 5 ticks away where they had stacks of portals, pickle had about 20 portals covering 4 systems, and you think your little noob fleet was going to go there and do what.

I reiterate…you are a joke.

Swagga nuked me 20 times for no reason which I actually forgot about till now. Guess I owe you one.

Can’t argue with that assessment of myself. Started well and RL meant I couldn’t spend as much time on the game as I had hoped thanks to various meetings/zoom chats etc.

No qualms with the SS comment - my first ever proper round as SS especially without market - I did alright in the beginning but then eventually wrongly prioritised rez over cash so regularly ended up with too little. Evolved wrong too. But yeah, I did my bit where I could.

Cxris was like a child, he came on and started preparing for war, portal sabbing etc 2 ticks before a Nap ended; as if the countdown timer in HQ was a mystical foreign language. The vile sex shit was just really quite weird and uncomfortable from Cxris and Vic.

Swag, for all my abrasion with you last round; I was actually quite looking forward to seeing you actually perform after all the big talk and “trash talk” you so wildly promote. I must say, Orbit’s assessment is entirely accurate and I cannot say I have seen anything practically to change my mind.


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Bier! :smiley:


No worries Orbit- No one in 41 except perhaps Lee will ever play with you again.
Daffy wanted you out of the fam as soon as he saw you & was going to take you out until you managed to charm him into keeping you around.
He gave you the benefit of doubt and you betrayed us all- lol.
Nice job Harlequin- you made yourself the clown in your narrative & your actions prove it.
I still say you did a nice job though. Take it how you want it.
I’m sure your next fam will trust & love you less then you do yourself as well.

@MEMEGA I nuked you in revenge for your fam pushing 41 out the center.
I also intended to slow you down so you would not be as effective vs us.
I see you guys stopped your advance on us at the center core.
Nice game- well played.
I don’t hold grudges so if you feel you owe me outside of this round- that’s on you.
I’ve already moved on- lol Orbit made sure of that.

@Funeral I fully intended to take this round off. You can believe all the Hype & Stereotypes about me that you wish.
Honestly I was expecting more from you. You follow(ed) Orbits lead. That’s cool.

The hype and stereotypes about you came from your mouth mate. Last round with Pitbull was my first back after 6/7 years or so, so before last round I had no idea who you were.

Expect what you want from me, self confessed not great at SS, especially in my second round back :joy:

I know I am rusty, said it all along; but im just playing to have fun not to prove anything to anyone :smiley:

The truth is nobody cares who won the round- you just want a good drama of trash talking.
You still have little idea who I am- One round proves nothing.
I’m just glad you all saved the dumb shizz for after the round is over.

I did, I won the round


There was a round ???