Attack bonus calculation

Battle Report

The battle starts…

Your units fight at 126% power.

But my science is only 21%

Shouldn’t that be 121%?

No race bonus attack

Are you Fleet Admiral by any chance?

I am. Good call.


I raided it to 22% science and got this

The battle starts…

Your units fight at 127% power.

So FA adds 5%

Sounds like it should :rofl::joy:

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Yeah we need to break it down for display.

100% = default
22% = sci
5% = FA

Seems right?

That is correct

No bug, nothing to see here… :joy:

Changes race

50% attack
23% science
5% FA

Should be. 177%

The battle starts…

Your units fight at 189.5% power.

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Any war declaration?


Just declared and am boosting science will update in a few

Ah, it’s the order. Science is factored before the race multiplier.

((100 + 23) * 1.5) + 5 = 189.5

26 science with war declared

The battle starts…

Your units fight at 214% power.

Looks good so far. :+1:

((100 + 26) * 1.5) + 5 + 20

((default + science) * race bonus) + FA + war

This is great testing btw. Good stuff. :muscle:

Long as you understand it :grin:

In that case, we’re screwed!

Why is science multiplied by race? Wouldn’t that make a Wardancer with high science pretty much unstoppable? And a race with with no or negative race bonus pretty much worthless with no point in even getting science bonus?

I guess in my eyes the bonuses should just all stack … Default + science + race + FA + war

That predates any of the recent work, I have no idea how long it’s been that way or the rationale behind it.

We can change it in long term, but we need to test the current changes first.

The base multiplier is 1, so although 0 race attack bonus will be neutral and negative race attack bonus will be a penalty, science bonuses will still add benefit to those empires.

We can and should have players test this though. Please help us test if you can.

I’m glad my confusion can spark a discussion :grin: