April 2023 Dev Stream

Hello everyone,

It’s that time again: tomorrow at 7:30 PM Pacific time, I’ll be doing a 2 hour live stream where I discuss recent and planned Imperial Conflict work, player feedback, and have an open chat with all of you.

This will be on my Twitch channel:


As always, feel free to drop questions below. Current agenda/topics are:

Recent Work

  • auto-add spots

  • bugfixes

  • optimizing the roadmap

In-progress Work

Upcoming Work

  • revised join flow and invite system (playing with friends)

  • restructuring galaxies (revised schedule for official galaxies)

  • automated and recurring marketing (revive email sending, amongst other things)

I’m really excited about where IC is right now.

Numbers are still very low, but the last couple of months have seen a lot of really great things come out of the focus on roadmapping, and of course from encouragement (and testing!) from you all.

I feel like we’re at an inflection point, with very tangible and significant changes right around the corner.

See ya on the stream! :ic_happy: