Andromeda 52 is open!

Registration is open!

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Size Settings

  • 80x80 Map
  • 601 Systems
  • 3005 Planets
  • 8 Families of 5 starting spots
  • Full draft

Time Settings

  • Length: ~1 month
  • Starts Thu, December 02, 2021 @ 14:00 UTC
  • Ends Thu, December 30, 2021 @ 14:00 UTC
  • Offensive Action Delay: 2 days
  • Science Funding Delay: None
  • Market Delay: 2 days

Other Settings

  • :white_check_mark: Anonymous play is enabled
  • :white_check_mark: Family Aid is enabled
  • :white_check_mark: Market is enabled
  • 1 Evolution
  • 3 Defense Stations
  • 100x Starting Resources

Registration is open!

Join here.

Woop Woop @I_like_pie @Water you guys are awesome!!!


Hey anyone looking for an active noob?

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Full draft is a bad idea….
So the active players who have been playing for years and know each other can continue to be the dominant families

Yet you want players to return ? they will be with inactive people and get farmed by larger fams and leave again

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The Andromeda 52 Plan was open for anybody who wanted to vote on round settings, including draft spots.

Like you have said before tho, even if the majority wants something it doesn’t mean it will be that way so many don’t see a point in stating there “vote” or may not have had the opportunity to. We should not be so quick to dismiss criticism even if there was a "vote " we should be able to discuss it afterwards.

I’m curious to why we have been picking maps that promotes and encourages bor fights and wars.

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Fair point, votes aren’t binding. However, it’s important still to get a pulse from the community.

I’m not sure why some wait until after the vote to voice concern or preference for something different, it would be far more effective to make a case for that in the planning thread.

The planning thread is for discussion too, not just votes. There was also a separate map thread.

I’m not dismissing criticism, just pointing out that the planning for this round started 14 days ago. Players had plenty of time to add their input before decisions were made, and several players did just that.

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The options aren’t exactly what I would have chosen, but I think this time around the planning thread was open well ahead of time and people’s preferences expressed there were considered. Thanks for the work on that!


I didn’t vote when I knew asking for no draft wouldn’t happen
The long time players will vote it in to get the power families again
You need to remove draft and make rounds just luck where people land
Or maybe limit it to 1 draft spot

But you did dismiss him right away, he stated little criticism and you told him he could have voted, he should be able to discuss round setting after they have been chosen, the ability to vote does not remove the need for discussion afterwards. I’m not trying to give you a hard time just don’t think your “vote” comment was very relevant to his opinion and was more of an attempt to defend against the criticism.

That being said why I personally do not vote is i feel it is pointless we never go with the majority anyways and we never ever learn from our past mistakes we just wait a few months then repeat the process but that is my personal opinion and why I do not vote.

A separate map thread with 1000 maps added daily lmfao yes pick and vote from that :sweat_smile::rofl:

Yes a thread may have been up for 14 days and this is a good thing but still does not mean you cannot or should not give criticism on round settings or map after it was chosen. In the end how will you know your faults if you are not told.

It’s happened before, and likely would have happened this time if even just a few more people asked for it.

But that’s exact what we did here, we went with the majority.

I’m not sure what to tell you guys, it’s an open process that anybody can participate in. I’m not sure what else you want me to do here.

If the criticism is against full drafting, it is not dismissed. I understand the rationale against it, but I also understand the rationale for it. Both have their pros and cons, which is why it is an open item for discussion when we plan the rounds. It’s not a matter of “understanding my faults” it’s a matter of players wanting different things and us needing a process to handle that. I don’t even like full drafting, myself.

If you choose not to be part of that discussion, that’s fine, but it means your voice won’t be represented in the planning.

Is there something specific you want me to do differently here?

I’m not sure why you are so defensive and unwelcoming to criticism. You do not need to defend yourself against every comment pie. No one was attacking you. I do not wish to argue with you I had simply stated an opinion I have gotten from seeing you dismiss criticism in other threads lately as well.

You did dismiss the criticism by taking it off topic by suggesting there was a “vote”. You implied the discussion should not be happening because he had an opportunity to voice his opinion before hand.

There was not “vote” there was a page to express your opinion on the upcoming round but not one vote was in there. The map page was just b.s 1000 maps added and we were expected to follow it. There was no majority decision even if you say so lol there was one like on that map and there was no voting process for setting so unless you went through ever post and selected the most suggested settings it was not a majority.

“Is there something specific you want me to do differently here?”

Yes please stop being so defensive and dismissive of criticism, allow others to state there opinion without shutting them down with an argument against it.
Anyways I do not with to argue or fight with you I just simply stated an opinion because I seen you shut him down like many others have been before.

That’s exactly what I do though. I read the thread, open a text file, and manually tally the votes.

I don’t feel like anybody is attacking me btw, I’m just trying to point out that we have a process for this. I don’t think it’s being defensive to point out that these criticisms would be better suited for the round planning threads.

I never said any of these opinions are invalid, just that it would more useful when we actually plan the round.

So 1 is a majority?

For which setting?

Map, just curious to how it became a majority ruling as you said it was haha no voting process and only one like

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It’s not by likes, it’s by responses in the planning thread which I manually tally. For the map, the vote ended up being:

(2) random
(3) custom

3 players voted for a custom map instead of a random map.

Vote vote vote :sunglasses: If you don’t vote you are a No Count

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Fwiw I know the process being in the forums is not ideal, but I had no idea it was so confusing.

@Cells I think I understand the mixup: it seems like you’re talking about the custom map itself (player created thread) vs the choice between random map and custom map (round planning thread). The planning thread was for votes, but the thread will all the map pictures wasn’t.

So the decision to use a custom map (instead of random) was a majority vote in the official planning thread. The decision of which custom map specifically to use was not a majority vote because it was a player-created thread of suggestions, not an official vote on anything. We don’t typically use custom maps so our process here is not refined.

This is admittedly confusing, and @Soull and I have already been discussing longer term plans to move this process out of the forums entirely, along with creating a system for players to create and vote on maps directly from the game.

Of course, like everything, that require dev effort and there’s not even a rough ETA on that.

In the meantime, we can improve the process for custom map submissions, including making an official thread for submissions with a limit and a deadline so that players can more easily assess their options. I’ll see how we can do this for #andromeda-53.

For the drafting thing, the existing planning thread is there for those who want to use it. As discussed, I do read the conversations and manually tally the votes, so it’s up to the individual player to decide whether or not it’s worth participating in. I would question the idea that it’s pointless, given that these planning threads have determined the round setup for at least the last 10 rounds.

For the map, I’m taking this conversation here as a positive thing that we can learn from and improve upon. Thanks for your feedback. :+1:

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